Wednesday, October 08, 2003


Man, I can't seem to warm up; I'm frrrreeeeeezzzzziiiiinnnnnnggggg! And my little portable heater bit the dust... well, not completely; but it blows out lukewarm air rather than actual warm air.

Math test on Monday; did ok, passed with a B+, am pulling a steady B+... man, you miss anything on those quizzes and it just drags you down. I am pulling 100% in all the areas of classwork, but on my quizzes and the test it's been mostly B's, and it drags down the grade so much. I hate that!

Satchel has been an increasing pain in my ass, but since I've been being nicer to him I don't get as mad. Ugggh. Just reading that sentence makes my stomach hurt. I have been nicer, because you know what? I don't like the feeling I get from hating him. I'm better than that. So, I've decided I just won't 'hate' him. I'll dislike him a whole hell of a lot, but hating is not necessary and it doesn't kill me to be civil. At least it hasn't yet. Though I have been noticing a pain in my right kidney ever since this change occurred... probably unrelated. :-)

I was in bed and asleep at 10 last night... would've been 9:30 but I missed last week's real world so I had to watch that. I taped the new one and the new episode of Newlyweds. Was sad to hear that there is only one more episode of Newlyweds until season 2. Bah. I love that show. Stuff like that entertains me like nothing else. I have to say, while speaking of the Real World, my favorite person on the Paris cast is Leah. Christina I can't stand... mainly because she has wierd hair and wierd features, and she reminds me so much of Holly's psycho ex-roomate. I know I've metnioned it before, and though the two look nothing alike I swear to God it's like watching her on tv. Though Christina does not appear to be psycho or suffering from an enamel deficiency. Which is bad in itself, but I will say I giggled when tatum referred to psycho as snaggletooth. Well what can I say, you reap what you sow, and if that's true my teeth will be falling out soon just because of that comment. But seriously she's a bad seed, and I feel bad for her in a way but overall the chick's a dick and I'm not going to waste any more time on her. Back to the original topic, I sometimes get the urge to slap Mallory... she doesn't even bother me, she's just kind of ... dim. I just want to slap her, that's all. I can't stand Adam... dude, cut that nasty mop of shit you have on top of your nasty head and quit with the hats. You can't pull it off, nor can you pull off the rap sessions in the confessional. I get embarassed for him. ugh. Ace... eh, C.T. you are a dick and you have the worst hair of anyone I've ever seen. Do they sell a kind of rogaine that works in reverse so maybe he could smear it on his forehead? I swear dude's hairline begins about a half inch above his eyebrows. And it resembles a bouffant half the time. Simon... eh, he's ok. So Leah is my favorite. She has such good hair too, I am really jealous.

ok... enough blather, I'm sure I'm boring you to tears. Remember what I said I'd post today?.......


yeah, I figure I'm about two steps from a certain feline going medeival on my ass. The look of disdain is so apparent... or is it disgust? Probably both. Don't judge me.


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