Tuesday, October 21, 2003


So, I went to the gym last night, braving the torrential downpours. I pulled up next to a car at first that I thought had a flat tire. I open my door to get out and step into ankle deep water. Luckily I was quick and my shoe wasn't completely soaked. I realized the tire on the other car wasn't flat, it was just submerged. So I found a new parking spot and though I ran from the car to the gym, I was soaked through by the time I walked through their front doors. Yikes. Apparently it was the wettest day in history. That's kinda crazy!

So I went home after the gym, made some dinner and did some homework, you know the usual boring shit. I didn't watch much tv as I wanted to be in bed at a decent hour. I got into bed around 9:15 or so, and the cats had been acting kinda wierd all night. Well now they were ripping around the apartment like crazy, and usually they are content to just snuggle up to me at that time. I happen to look down on the floor and see Asa and Ben both concentrating on something. I couldn't tell what it was, because only my reading light was on. I was squinting and trying to figure out what it was, when all of a sudden it jumped. I just about shit my pants, the cats were on it like ... well for lack of a better term flies on shit. I jumped out of bed and turned the light on, and the damn thing jumped again... and again. By now I'm kinda freaking out and I'm yelling at the cats "GET. AWAY! RIGHT NOW!" I couldn't see what the damn thing was because it would jump and they would move. My first thought was that it was a nasty grasshopper or cricket or some shit, and to be frank Homey don't play that. The last fucking thing I wanted to deal with was a long legged, antannae having nasty fucking insect.

I finally got the cats to move and lo and behold it was a frickin frog. I was surprised because we don't live near water... at all. The frog was about the size of quarter I would guess... pretty small. I frantically grabbed a votive holder from the dresser, dumped out the candle and set to the task of trapping the little bugger. He kept jumping and the cats kept interfering. At one point I yelled "ASA! MOVE YOUR FAT ASS OUT OF THE WAY BEFORE HE GOES UNDER THE BED!!!" Like he even knew what I was saying anyway. I finally trapped the frog, and used a piece of cardboard and the votive holder to relocate him to the kitchen counter where I stood and stared at him for a few minutes.

Where the hell did he come from? I mean I know it was raining awfully bad out there, but we didn't have any windows or doors open... hell the windows even have screens in them. I called my mom and told her what I found, then I called Aaron. As I was walking back to the bedroom to put on my shoes (as I was going to take the frog out and release it), I saw something near the front door jump. I flipped on the light and there was another one. I screamed, and Asa came running. I put my shoes on really fast and looked for another votive holder. Aaron, meanwhile is trying to figure out the problem and I said "WE ARE INFESTED!!!!" (Ok, so maybe two frogs isn't an infestation. But when you go from an existence with none to two in one night... it's a bit jarring.) I grabbed the votive holder and went to trap this one too and realized I lost him. He was gone. I started to freak out... and when I say freak out I mean I started to FREAK THE FUCK OUT.

Visions of me stepping on a cold hard frog carcass with my bare toesies were flashing in my mind. Same as the thought that the little fucker would jump on me some night while I was just sitting there doing homework or watching tv. I was not having any of it. I told Aaron I had to let him go, and I think he sensed the panic in my voice and said he was on his way home to help. I searched the area I had last seen the bugger and no luck. I finally found him just underneath the loveseat. MARVELOUS. Luckily he kept jumping and once he jumped out towards me and I caught him.

What the hell man? I found the flashlight and Aaron and I searched the rest of the apartment and the outdoor walkway and there were no others... don't gross and disgusting things happen in 3s? We figure they must have come in under the front door, as there is a good 3/4" gap between the door frame and the door. After the little nasties were let go (thanks Aaron!) we blocked the bottom of the door with a towel, and when Aaron goes to work today he'll block the outside of the door ... I don't want to come home to that shit again. Gives me the willies just thinking about it.



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