Tuesday, October 28, 2003


That's right, 59 more days man. That means that Christmas is 58 days away and 2004 is 65 days away. Good lord. Break it down a bit more, and Christmas is 4 paydays away for me. PANIC!!! Actually, I am not even going to start Christmas shopping until after Thanksgiving. Why bother? There are so many good sales around then, and personally; I love shopping around Christmas time. Aaron and I don't have too many people to buy for anyway. I think we made a list and there's like 15 people or so, which may sound like a lot, but that's combined. I used to shop for that many on my own, until one year I said screw it, no more. I will give out cards and glad tidings but I'll be damned if I am going to go bankrupt because of Christmas! Ever since then I don't exchange gifts with most of my friends, and only my immediate family. Too damn much money. Anyway, enough of that little tangent...

So I'm mostly done with my Anthropology test. I have until midnight tomorrow night I think to submit it. I will finish it tonight though, no sense in putting it off until later. I also have a paper to write for sociology, ugh. Usually it's one paper per week. This week it's two papers. Double Ugh.

Last night Aaron came home early and we were watching tv, and a commercial with two cats came on, they were dressed as Axl Rose and Slash and were singing some Guns n' Roses song. It was kind of funny, what was funnier was Aaron said "Hey! We should dress the cats up like that! Make Ben into Axl and Asa could be Slash!" I just giggled, and said "I wonder where I could get a black curly wig for asa?" I am so glad he's a nerd like me :-) I wonder though if we could find an edible cigarette to hang out of Asa's mouth when we dress them up? heh...

I went back to the gym last night, and didn't cough once. I even made myself go into the weight room (I hate it in there! Intimidating!) and though I think I kind of rushed through my workout on that end, I did it. And that's a start. I am a little sore today, I employed some of the techniques the trainer showed me, I just didn't do them all in one day. I didn't weigh myself either... first time I have ever gone to the gym and not weighed myself. I know I gained a good 3-5 pounds and varifying it on the scale will only piss me off and send me into an abyss of perpetual self hate, and I am tired of that. I am wearing jeans today that I rarely wear because they are snug in the waist, and they fit the same way they always do, so I'm not too terribly worried about it.

I just finished reading Fast Food Nation For my anthropology class, and man... it will be a cold day in hell before I eat a burger or chicken nugget again. Meat in general man... I have started eating chicken and fish, and I think I'm going to hold firm on the no beef stance for a while. I just can't see supporting those big meat packing houses... I could go on and on, but basically they treat their workers like shit, and there really is little to no legislation that governs them in terms of recalling old or tainted meat. They act out of fear of bad press. Read the book ... it's pretty good.

Also, did you know that chicken nuggets have twice the fat per ounce as hamburgers? FUCKING GROSS!

I'll step off my soapbox now...

My dad gave Kylie a few rides around the living room on the back of his Wheelchair. She was scared at first, but enjoyed another ride before we left.

Lori's self portrait of her and the birthday boy at our Sunday Brunch.


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