Friday, October 31, 2003


Man, it's cold out. No scratch that... it's FUCKING cold out. This morning I am dressed in layers, one pair pants, a v-neck, a fleece and my columbia ski jacket complete with scarf and gloves and I WAS STILL COLD. Heh, my costume is nanook of the north. Even though it's freezing here, the hookers I go to school with are still wearing their fitted tees under their tiny ass jean jackets that are also fitted, still baring their midriffs. Gag me.

So... Halloween. My plans involve handing out candy to the masses and this year when a 16 year old knocks on my door with a bit of face paint and some street clothes I'm not giving them candy. I bought candy for the KIDS... not anyone taller than me. (except of course for the random 6' 10 yr old of course.)

for the record I think today's friday five is lame, so I'll basically answer their questions my own way. I don't remember what my first costume was... mom? Email me if you can remember..., In the past I have been... (as a child) Raggedy Ann, a witch, a prairie girl--think Laura Ingalls Wilder, a vampire, a clown, I think I may have been a bum one year, and ... that's about all I remember... oh yeah, I was wonder woman when I was about 3. As an adult I have been Jenny from forrest gump, or rather, a hippie. I have been sandra dee, as well as rizzo from grease, and of course who can forget the year we went as gothic whores? Good times. We (Tatum and I) were obsessed with the movie 'The Craft' at the time, and that's where we got the idea. My favorite costume that Tatum ever wore though, hands down was 'Pat Riley' from the saturday night live sketches. she spray painted a wig from her grandma's black, but it didn't turn out, so we used a wig that I had and cut it short. It was fricken hilarious. I am cursing myself today, because had I thought ahead, I would have scanned some pictures in from Halloween's past, so I could share them here. DAMMIT! Of course I don't even have a scanner, though it's on my Christmas list.... but I could have used my mom's. Arg.

When I was probably 8 or 9 my mom got an idea out of one of her magazine's to make 'authentic looking witch skin'. She mixed elmers glue...GLUE! and green food coloring, and painted my face with it. It was great for about 6 minutes, then the itching and the pain started. I could barely move my mouth, and by the end of the night mom helped me wash my face, there were little crack marks all over my face where the glue had cracked. I hated halloween that year. I have given my mom countless years of grief over that, and the year I was raggedy ann and she ruined my red pom-poms. So I will just say if I ever meet the person who's idea it was to torture me like that, I will punch them square in the throat. (charming aren't I?)

I watched about half of e.r. last night before falling asleep, and I have to say the woman on fire was probably one of the most disturbing things I've ever seen on tv in a long time. My God. I'll watch the rest of it tonight, along with friends as I taped both. I did see about half of Survivor as well, and let me just tell you I think it is fucking brilliant they brought the losers back as a third tribe. I am all about the drama. I would be pissed too though if I was one of the two groups who had managed to stay there without getting voted off. I think I saw the outcast group win a mission too, I wasn't paying attention but if they dad man... how sweet that must feel.

My favorite guy besides rupert, is that dude who wears a suitcoat and boxers(?) for some reason it just kills me to see him hanging out shirtless with a tattered suitcoat and those shorts.

ok, enough for today, HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!

Jessica and Andrew

Aaron performs computer cpr


Thursday, October 30, 2003


Yay, Thursday is almost over. Though all day yesterday I kept thinking it was Thursday and had to curse myself each time for getting my hopes up that the week would be ending that soon.

I had a great workout last night; focused mainly on cardio, and did some weight lifting with the arms. Will work on the legs tonight... hardcore, since I won't be working out tomorrow. At least I'll be sore! I also decided to be a big fat hypocrite and weigh myself, even after I decided I wouldn't do it much anymore. I was prepared though, and turns out I haven't gained any weight really. Maybe a half pound which basically I consider water retention. So I am a happy girl.

How did I celebrate you ask? I went to Target and bought a shit load, no ... I mean a SHIT LOAD of halloween candy to pass out on Friday. Since this is the first time in my own place and all, I want to have plenty on hand. Target was selling most of their bags of the good candy no less, at a buck and a half a pop, so I bought like 5 bags. I didn't open any of the bags either till I got home... then I had two mini snickers. But you know what, I don't give a shit because I haven't had honest to goodness candy in FOREVER. And like last year, when it comes time for Thanksgiving, and Christmas ... baking all of the goodies, I am not going to prohibit myself. I won't go buck wild either, but I'll be damned if I am going to make my famous sugar cookies and fudge for other people without sampling some myself.

Onto other things... I was going to write about halloween here... but I guess I'll wait until tomorrow. I have a feeling the friday five will be Halloween oriented so we'll wait and see.

I got my progress report in math and it looks like I'm pulling an A- right now. Not too shabby. Of course that's with all the points included, she makes a few drops before final grades (lower scores etc) so who knows what the final product will be.

well, I've bored you enough. I promise I'll try to be interesting tomorrow.

She's so damn cute

A pic of the group of us who went to brunch for Troy's birthday. My 6 year old godson took the picture and he did a good job. :-) That's me in the front in the pink sweater, behind me is Aaron, then Michael, then Troy-the birthday boy, then Lori who is next to me, and in the back is Jessica.


Wednesday, October 29, 2003


I don't know why that commercial is stuck in my head, but it is. The guys at work listen to fricken talk radio ALL DAY LONG, and sometimes the asinine commercials they insist on playing over and over and freakin over get stuck in the noggin.

Anyhoo, I am so happy!!! I sent my former choir teacher from high school an email, I was unsure if it was still his email or not because I've had the address in my possession for like 3 years maybe? God has it been that long? Anyway, it was the right one, and I am just so happy that I haven't lost contact with him. Seriously, he was the coolest teacher I ever had. I was lucky enough to be in his choir class for four years, I also had him as my US History teacher, I had a bit part in a play he helped with, and I was a football manager when he was a coach. Most of his students though were like that, we all enjoyed his classes immensely, even though when I go back and listen to the tapes from choir class I occasionally made, it sounds as though we are a bunch of assholes who wouldn't listen. He had to constantly rope us back in and get us on task. Not an easy job. His first year there, we had two guys in choir, by my senior year it was quite a bit more, and most of them were players from his football and rugby teams. Pretty impressive I'd say.

I watched the finale of Joe Schmoe last night, and man that guy cries a lot. In his defense though, in a matter of minutes he had a lot of shit thrown at him, and beyond finding out that all of these people you bonded with were actors, and you were the subject of this twisted new reality series... then you get all this money and a ton of cool prizes, AND these people say such wonderful things about you... I can understand the tears. He had to be so completely overwhelmed.

Erin posted yet another awesome entry yesterday about her plateau in weight loss. Man I so feel her pain. I also can really relate to what she says about no matter how many compliments she gets, she still feels like the fattest girl in the room. I deal with that constantly. I have always been a lot heavier than my sister, and now I am close to her size (she's still a size or two smaller than me dammit!), but I still feel like two ton tessie around her... isn't that wierd? she tried on a pair of my pants that fit her, but were just a little big and I was floored. It's so wierd how my image of myself is that twisted. Hopefully I'll get over it someday.

The other thing I was thinking about when I was reading Erin's entry was that when I was losing weight I was looking forward to the day I would feel confident enough to put myself out on the dating market. (And boy did I hit the jackpot!) I would get (and still get) so many compliments on the way I was looking, and many by some of the guys I associated with. Someone once asked me (before I met Aaron) if I would ever date someone who I had known before I lost the weight. My answer was a resounding "HELL NO". I am very adamant that I am still the same person I was then on the inside, and though I was the QUEEN of crushes for a long ass time, and many of those crushes included guys who I was friends with or worked with or whatever. If they couldn't be bothered to date me before I lost the weight then fuck em. That's how I felt and still feel now. All that's changed is the exterior. What do I want with someone who is that superficial anyway? man I'm getting all riled up about something that isn't even an issue anymore! But anyway, it's food for thought is my only point here. :-)

Kylie spent a better part of the time at my parent's house being absolutely intrigued with these lamps. They have metal cords that if you pull them, the light comes off. She thought that was the coolest thing ever.

uh-uh, oh helllll no... (I wouldn't want to mess with him in a dark alley, that finger could get you right in the eye!)


Tuesday, October 28, 2003


That's right, 59 more days man. That means that Christmas is 58 days away and 2004 is 65 days away. Good lord. Break it down a bit more, and Christmas is 4 paydays away for me. PANIC!!! Actually, I am not even going to start Christmas shopping until after Thanksgiving. Why bother? There are so many good sales around then, and personally; I love shopping around Christmas time. Aaron and I don't have too many people to buy for anyway. I think we made a list and there's like 15 people or so, which may sound like a lot, but that's combined. I used to shop for that many on my own, until one year I said screw it, no more. I will give out cards and glad tidings but I'll be damned if I am going to go bankrupt because of Christmas! Ever since then I don't exchange gifts with most of my friends, and only my immediate family. Too damn much money. Anyway, enough of that little tangent...

So I'm mostly done with my Anthropology test. I have until midnight tomorrow night I think to submit it. I will finish it tonight though, no sense in putting it off until later. I also have a paper to write for sociology, ugh. Usually it's one paper per week. This week it's two papers. Double Ugh.

Last night Aaron came home early and we were watching tv, and a commercial with two cats came on, they were dressed as Axl Rose and Slash and were singing some Guns n' Roses song. It was kind of funny, what was funnier was Aaron said "Hey! We should dress the cats up like that! Make Ben into Axl and Asa could be Slash!" I just giggled, and said "I wonder where I could get a black curly wig for asa?" I am so glad he's a nerd like me :-) I wonder though if we could find an edible cigarette to hang out of Asa's mouth when we dress them up? heh...

I went back to the gym last night, and didn't cough once. I even made myself go into the weight room (I hate it in there! Intimidating!) and though I think I kind of rushed through my workout on that end, I did it. And that's a start. I am a little sore today, I employed some of the techniques the trainer showed me, I just didn't do them all in one day. I didn't weigh myself either... first time I have ever gone to the gym and not weighed myself. I know I gained a good 3-5 pounds and varifying it on the scale will only piss me off and send me into an abyss of perpetual self hate, and I am tired of that. I am wearing jeans today that I rarely wear because they are snug in the waist, and they fit the same way they always do, so I'm not too terribly worried about it.

I just finished reading Fast Food Nation For my anthropology class, and man... it will be a cold day in hell before I eat a burger or chicken nugget again. Meat in general man... I have started eating chicken and fish, and I think I'm going to hold firm on the no beef stance for a while. I just can't see supporting those big meat packing houses... I could go on and on, but basically they treat their workers like shit, and there really is little to no legislation that governs them in terms of recalling old or tainted meat. They act out of fear of bad press. Read the book ... it's pretty good.

Also, did you know that chicken nuggets have twice the fat per ounce as hamburgers? FUCKING GROSS!

I'll step off my soapbox now...

My dad gave Kylie a few rides around the living room on the back of his Wheelchair. She was scared at first, but enjoyed another ride before we left.

Lori's self portrait of her and the birthday boy at our Sunday Brunch.


Monday, October 27, 2003


You might want to mark this on the calendar... I feel rested today! I woke up refreshed and not wishing I could hit the snooze! (Ok, I wanted to for like a second, but the urge went away.) Seriously, this is a red letter day. :-)

Let's see... weekend recap... Friday night my sister came over and I made dinner for us. We watched Thursday's ER episode, and then ended up vegging out and watching Survivor and the Katie Couric special on the Smarts. My mom says their wierd... they creep her out. She says it's something about the way they look in general. Ed smart creeps me out a bit. I can see where she's coming from. He always has that sort of half smile on with vacant eyes. More than that, it's the 6 toe-headed children that creep me out. I hate to stereotype, but when I was in Utah working a couple years ago, in Provo and Orem, I was ASTOUNDED at how many blonde children there were.

I'm serious, and young families too. People my age (at the time I was 23) with like 2 and 3 kids already, and no matter the parent's haircolor, the kids were blonder than blonde. It was just wierd to me. That's all. (no real point or easy segue, so ....)

Then on Saturday, Aaron and I got up early and picked Kylie up. We hung out for a bit with Kelly, looking at the professional wedding pictures; then left and went to Fry's Electronics , and man that place is HUGE! We only saw a tiny bit of it, as Kylie was getting antsy. She is newly potty trained and about every 8 and half minutes it was "I hafta go potty." So we got a tour of the bathrooms at Fry's, at Target and at the mall. :-) We ran a few errands and ended up back home where Aaron promptly crashed on the couch and Kylie kept busy by following the cats around and watching our fish. Poor Aaron has been battling a cold for over a week, and wasn't faring well on Saturday. Luckily he's feeling better now.

I made dinner for Matt and Kelly and my sister that night, and we watched the wedding video I took. It was nice seeing them, we don't hang out nearly enough. Sunday morning was spent with me frantically calling Lori, Troy and Jessica. We were to meet at 11 for brunch, for Troy's birthday and I had no idea it was daylight savings time. A few years ago we didn't know, well a couple of us knew and a couple didn't. It messed everything all up. So, luckily I was the only dumbshit who didn't know, and everything worked out fine. I ate my weight in pancakes... well, no I didn't but that's what it felt like! I had the international Burrito, and it comes with pancakes. I ate about 95% of it, and damn that's a lot of food. I hate it when I eat fast, because it's hard to tell that I'm getting full, and then I spend the rest of the afternoon lolling about, moaning about being too full.

After brunch (which was highly enjoyable... even though our waittress was kind of a dipshit.) we ventured down south to Tacoma to Willie's house. Aaron is storing his fiero there, or rather was. We moved it over to his mom's and had a nice visit with her and his sister Brandi as well.

We ended up coming home, laying around (read: avoiding homework), and ended up having dinner at my mom's, and she even made dessert! So now, after a weekend of eating decadently, and stupidly I am sure I have gained a few pounds. I am going to go to the gym tonight though, and get back on track. This cold has been hell as far as coughing. I am a little worried that once I start to work up a sweat I'll start hacking and need to blow my nose. Arg.

And lastly, all you computer savvy people... I need a recommendation for a good computer program. I want something I can design my own wedding invitations on, and maybe do other cards and newsletters etc. Any ideas? Leave them in the comments. thanks!

Here I am looking oafish and beefy in my favorite new fleece. It's my favorite on the hanger, on me I develop this need to pull it down and check myself out in anything that gives a reflection. I feel HUUUGGGGEEE in it.

Lori flips Kylie upside down here, and Kylie loves it. What does Lori get in return? A fart in her face. True story. As soon as I took the picture Lori put her down and said "YOU FARTED!" Kylie giggled and said "yeah"


Friday, October 24, 2003


I was almost in an accident this morning and the fucker in the grey utility van better watch out if I ever see his ugly ass on the road again. He starts merging into my lane WHILE I am still occupying the spot he wants. I started to freak out a little bit, and honk my non-existent horn (that worked real well), then I start yelling like the asshole can hear me. So I start to speed up a bit, turning around to make sure I'm clearing the grey van, and when I look in front of me, I notice that traffic has come to a stop and slam on my brakes. I came within an inch or two of the guy in front of me. Traffic picked up shortly thereafter and the fucker who couldn't wait to be in my lane passed me, I tried to catch up because I had to deliver an obscene gesture or two, but I didn't make it. ARG!!!!!! I wanted to punch that guy right in the face. People wonder why there's road rage.

I am famous for getting the lyrics to songs wrong. Of course I only usually find this out whilst confidently belting them out; usually someone will start laughing and correct me. I used to find this highly embarassing, but now, I generally find it pretty funny. I was thinking about that this morning as I was listening to the Coldplay cd. I love that song 'Clocks', and man... I have no frickin idea what the hell he saying! Usually I can fake it, but these lyrics sound like complete gibberish. For example:

"Lights go out and I can be saved,
tides that I try to swim against
brought me down upon my knees
Oh I beg, I beg him please
singin' come out of things I said
shouldn't I pull off my head (that doesn't sound right...)
and uh, trouble that can be named
and tiger's waiting to be tamed (perhaps a premonition about our friend Roy?
singing 'yooooooooouuuuuu ahhhhhhhhh yooooouyuuuu ahhhhh'
confusion, never stops
closing walls and tickin clocks
come on, come back a t. k. home (wtf?)
I could not stop a chew naw moans (this is where I really doubt my understanding of the lyrics)
singing come out upon my seas
curse me stop a chew not ease (perhaps he's singing in portuguese? heh, I rhymed!)
am I a part of the cure, or am I part of the disease
singing yououuuuuuuuu ahhhhhhhhhhhh
yoooooouuuuuuuuu ahhhhhhhhhhh
yoooouuuuuuuu ahhhhhhhhhh
yoooooouuuuuu aahhh
nothing else compares!
Nothing else compares
no, nothing else compaaaarrrreeeesssss

You get the idea. I love this song, and while I think I have a firm grasp on some of the lyrics... the whole picture really is not there for me. This has happened so many times before... the other night in fact, I did a rousing rendition of the theme from 'Lion King' ... my version, for Aaron. I got a good laugh out of it, especially when I held Ben up like Rafiki holds up Simba for the kingdom to see. "Awww sin-hyet yuh! Bobba deetz a bobba, set a hoen, when ya ah may, when ya ah may..."

I won't bore you with the rest, because really... typing it out does it no justice. Give me a drink or two, and I'll be happy to perform it... with exhuberance and agility. Well, exhuberance anyway.

Apparently there is no friday five today, so I will answer some from friday five's past...

October 18, 2002

1. How many TVs do you have in your home?

heh, we live in a one bedroom and have 3 tv's... one in the bedroom, one in the living room and one in the dining room/office.

2. On average, how much TV do you watch in a week?

I used to be terrible; watching 4-6 hours per day, but now I average about an hour a night. Weekends are a little more sometimes. Hell, at the height of the Eminem obsession I was scanning Mtv CONSTANTLY.

3. Do you feel that television is bad for young children?

I'm kind of on the fence about that. I think tv as a means for babysitting your children is bad. My mom used to boot us out of the house in the summertime to go get some sunshine and play. If we would have had our way we would have sat in front of the tube all day long. I'm glad she did that, as we have tons of fun memories playing with our friends outside. I think kids should be able to watch tv, but I DON'T think it's a good thing to have them do it all the time. But I don't have kids either, so my opinion really amounts to shit in this department.

4. What TV shows do you absolutely HAVE to watch, and if you miss them, you're heartbroken?

I used to watch Friends religiously... I still sort of do, but it's not a tragedy if I miss it. I am more hooked on Road Rules/Real world challenges, the Real World, Newly Weds and ER... but I have missed those shows and lived ... so I guess nothing makes me heartbroken anymore on tv.

5. If you had the power to create your own television network, what would your line-up look like?

I would love to sit and veg in front of a bunch of old Real world marathons and old Road rules marathons. I love those. Remember that shoe 'Biorhythm' on Mtv? It was a show about one celebrity, told through music and captions... no real voice overs. I LOVED that show. I still have one on tape of David spade.

Since I may be taking Kylie for the day tomorrow, and I have no new pictures to display, I'll post a few old ones of Kylie here...

This was taken the first weekend in August of 2001, I remember because it was Hydro Sunday and we were also celebrating my mom's birthday that day. What a cutie!

This was Kylie in June of 2002, about a year and almost a half old. Lori and I took her for the day and had a blast. How could you resist that face!

Here is Kylie in July at her mommy and daddy's wedding. I can't believe she's going to be 3 this February!


Thursday, October 23, 2003


I was in bed early again last night (asleep by 9), and man, It's like I sleep great the first few hours, then after that I just can't stay asleep for any length of time. I am feeling a tad better, though I am careful to state that today, as tomorrow I will probably wake up feeling worse yet.

I threw a bit of a temper tantrum this morning. (I know, big shock!) I have this light blue coat that I bought at Mervyns last year, and it is fleece lined, even the sleeves are lined. I liked that coat because it's warm and it is water proof and it has a hood. My columbia coat has no hood, so I would wear that one to school and work most of the time. Well the damn thing has a faulty zipper, it often gets stuck while I'm all zipped up, and I have to attempt to calm myself down while I try to work the zipper down, because I get all panicky like 'what if this thing won't come off!' The chick who used to do my nails had to help me once last year. It was mortifying. I haven't needed help with the zipper on any piece of clothing I've owned since the age of like 3.

This morning, for like the third day in a row, the zipper split after I had zipped up, and the actual zip thingy was stuck at my neck. So there I am the neck connected and the bottom half of the jacket all the way open. I shimmied out of the jacket and spent about 5 minutes too long trying to bring the zip thingy down to the bottom of the jacket. It was not working very well, and I was losing my temper. So I grabbed everything out of the pockets and stuffed that fucker in a garbage can. I don't even care. The damn thing cost me like 20 bucks on a clearance rack and now I see why. I am doing myself a favor by not having to wrestle that godforsaken zipper every damn morning.

Anyhoo... I noticed somethng really dumb about myself this morning, and I doubt that I'm the only one who does it. I listen to the traffic reports on the radio; in the bathroom at home before work. I periodically scan the local stations on the drive in to see what's going on traffic wise at that time too. Then when I am sitting there stuck or knee deep in a rolling slow down, I continue to scan the traffic reports until I hear something about the area I am in specifically. Then when they confirm that yes, it is indeed heavy from Michigan st. up to I-90 (as it is every fucking morning) it's like I feel validated or something. YES! I knew it! There is heavy congestion right here and I'm not imagining it! Does this make sense? Does anyone else do this? Boggles the mind.

Am feeling gross and disgusting today. Body wise anyway. I gained two pounds at my last weigh in, and I know it's not fromeating whatever the heck I want, it was probably from not drinking enough water and I haven't been as faithful to the gym as I should be. Once a week is not going to cut it. But, I do have an excuse! The trainer I worked out with worked me so hard that literally I was painfully sore ... and I'm talking painful like... it hurts to walk, it hurts to breathe etc. Then I get this cold, and I'm not one for pushing myself on the treadmill if I need to have a kleenex box right there with me. I'm just frustrated and worried that this is it; maybe I won't ever get past this hump. I'm worried that I'll look huge in my wedding dress. I'm just in the dumps about it I guess, and I have been so good about accepting myself lately... it sucks to be back at square one.

Nothing like gnawing on your toenuckles to satisfy the appetite.

Doesn't he look guilty here?


Wednesday, October 22, 2003


Well I'm in a mood today. (Surprise!) I went home last night and basically collapsed. I read about two pages of my anthropology book before I fell asleep. Luckily I woke up in time to call Aaron before his break ended, well about 30 seconds before his break ended anyway. I was in bed and passed out by about 8:30. Yikes. I slept soundly until about 11 and after that it was toss and turn and toss and turn some more. I didn't feel that great yesterday, but seeing as how I JUST FUCKING GOT OVER MY COLD, I didn't think I was coming down with something again. Wrong-o my friend. I have a scratchy throat, runny nose, and I am so tired I don't particularly give a shit about anything other than hot tea and chicken broth.

Satchel was in a glorious fucking mood today. He's sitting in his office all day cacklling about, listening to that godforsaken npr, and just cackling, cackling, cackling. It's enough to make me want to shove that radio right up his... well, you get the picture. He's also rather jubilant towards everyone in the office, no matter how much indifference we throw at him. "Well Good Morning Allison! How Be You?" was my greeting today. My first thought: "WHY DON'T YOU FUCK RIGHT OFF?" but what I actually said was "fine." The eccentric Brazilian came in, and he was all "OH! Mr. Eccentric Brazilian! The ever Elusive man! How be you?" I had to actually physically restrain myself from kicking him square in the nuts. Or well... where they used to be anyway. Well, kids, I'm tired and grumpy and in a fog today, so I think this is where I'll be leaving you.

Incidentally though, I was checking email and thought "hmm, why haven't I seen an update from Jane today? I wonder if Notifylist is acting up again." Then I thought "Hey! I haven't seen my notify yet either!" Then about two nanoseconds later I realized I hadn't even updated yet. So there ya go. I'm in a fog. And I've bored you long enough...

Krissy can't believe the size of that cake...

That's his 'sexy bitch' pose.


Tuesday, October 21, 2003


So, I went to the gym last night, braving the torrential downpours. I pulled up next to a car at first that I thought had a flat tire. I open my door to get out and step into ankle deep water. Luckily I was quick and my shoe wasn't completely soaked. I realized the tire on the other car wasn't flat, it was just submerged. So I found a new parking spot and though I ran from the car to the gym, I was soaked through by the time I walked through their front doors. Yikes. Apparently it was the wettest day in history. That's kinda crazy!

So I went home after the gym, made some dinner and did some homework, you know the usual boring shit. I didn't watch much tv as I wanted to be in bed at a decent hour. I got into bed around 9:15 or so, and the cats had been acting kinda wierd all night. Well now they were ripping around the apartment like crazy, and usually they are content to just snuggle up to me at that time. I happen to look down on the floor and see Asa and Ben both concentrating on something. I couldn't tell what it was, because only my reading light was on. I was squinting and trying to figure out what it was, when all of a sudden it jumped. I just about shit my pants, the cats were on it like ... well for lack of a better term flies on shit. I jumped out of bed and turned the light on, and the damn thing jumped again... and again. By now I'm kinda freaking out and I'm yelling at the cats "GET. AWAY! RIGHT NOW!" I couldn't see what the damn thing was because it would jump and they would move. My first thought was that it was a nasty grasshopper or cricket or some shit, and to be frank Homey don't play that. The last fucking thing I wanted to deal with was a long legged, antannae having nasty fucking insect.

I finally got the cats to move and lo and behold it was a frickin frog. I was surprised because we don't live near water... at all. The frog was about the size of quarter I would guess... pretty small. I frantically grabbed a votive holder from the dresser, dumped out the candle and set to the task of trapping the little bugger. He kept jumping and the cats kept interfering. At one point I yelled "ASA! MOVE YOUR FAT ASS OUT OF THE WAY BEFORE HE GOES UNDER THE BED!!!" Like he even knew what I was saying anyway. I finally trapped the frog, and used a piece of cardboard and the votive holder to relocate him to the kitchen counter where I stood and stared at him for a few minutes.

Where the hell did he come from? I mean I know it was raining awfully bad out there, but we didn't have any windows or doors open... hell the windows even have screens in them. I called my mom and told her what I found, then I called Aaron. As I was walking back to the bedroom to put on my shoes (as I was going to take the frog out and release it), I saw something near the front door jump. I flipped on the light and there was another one. I screamed, and Asa came running. I put my shoes on really fast and looked for another votive holder. Aaron, meanwhile is trying to figure out the problem and I said "WE ARE INFESTED!!!!" (Ok, so maybe two frogs isn't an infestation. But when you go from an existence with none to two in one night... it's a bit jarring.) I grabbed the votive holder and went to trap this one too and realized I lost him. He was gone. I started to freak out... and when I say freak out I mean I started to FREAK THE FUCK OUT.

Visions of me stepping on a cold hard frog carcass with my bare toesies were flashing in my mind. Same as the thought that the little fucker would jump on me some night while I was just sitting there doing homework or watching tv. I was not having any of it. I told Aaron I had to let him go, and I think he sensed the panic in my voice and said he was on his way home to help. I searched the area I had last seen the bugger and no luck. I finally found him just underneath the loveseat. MARVELOUS. Luckily he kept jumping and once he jumped out towards me and I caught him.

What the hell man? I found the flashlight and Aaron and I searched the rest of the apartment and the outdoor walkway and there were no others... don't gross and disgusting things happen in 3s? We figure they must have come in under the front door, as there is a good 3/4" gap between the door frame and the door. After the little nasties were let go (thanks Aaron!) we blocked the bottom of the door with a towel, and when Aaron goes to work today he'll block the outside of the door ... I don't want to come home to that shit again. Gives me the willies just thinking about it.



Monday, October 20, 2003

MONDAY, MONDAY (da da da da da da)

I know... I'm posting late. I've already had two phone calls... one from Tatum wondering what was up and one from Lori telling me to get off my lazy ass and update already! Then she instructed me to write all about her. So... while I won't dedicate an entire entry to her as I have much interesting things to convey to you (shyah!) I'll give you a list of random Lori-ness off the top of my head...

1. Lori was a miracle baby; as my mom wasn't supposed to be able to have any more kids and along came Larry... I mean Lori.
2. Lori was named after Lauren Bacall, who she thinks is a dog.
3. Lori's middle name is Dana, after my aunt.
4. Lori is exactly 3 years and 360 days younger than me.
5. Lori drives a little black honda with tinted windows.
6. Lori used to drive a blue mustang, (I once wrote 'Ride Sally Ride' in shoe polish on her windshield, and 'I wish I was a Honda' on the rear window.
7. Lori responded with "I'm a hoochie" written on MY windshield.
8. Lori once tried to pee in the trash when she was sleepwalking.
9. That last one will probably piss her off, so I might add that I once tried to pee in the hamper when I was drunk... earning me the nick name 'Hal' (hamper +al) or sometimes matt just calles me Hamper.
10. Lori does a 'dirty girl dance.'
11. She performed this dance on Friday night when my mom and I were having a conversation that was grossing her out.
12. Lori used to faint a lot... once she hit her forehead on the counter of a doctor's office when she fainted, and when her head hit and pushed her backwards, she hit the back of her head on the examining table.
13. That story used to send me into fits of giggles, and... uh, it kind of still does.
14. When I heard they used smelling salts to wake her ass up it made me laugh even harder.
15. Lori hates listening to people describe health problems, or listening to people moan from pain.
16. This is what usually triggers the fainting.
17. Though sometimes it just makes her butt tingle.
18. When Lori was a baby I almost lost my life. She had really really bad colic, and my mom had been basically up with her for days. I still had a twisted nose from not being the only baby anymore (I was 4 at the time) and when my mom finally got Lori to sleep I reached in her bassinet and pinched her... I still remember that spanking.
19. My mom craved split pea soup with maraschino cherries when she was pregnant with lori.
20. When my mom would holler at my dad when we were waiting to go somewhere "C'mon Glenn!) Lori would mimic her and say "mon, nen!"
21. As kids, I would provoke her mercilessly until she could take no more and beat the tar out of me.
22. Lori always had the bottom bunk, and sometimes I would take a bunch of those Little Golden Books to bed (the ones with the gold binding) and when the light went off I would fling the books down at her so the corners would hit her.
23. I told Lori she was really my Uncle Gary's daughter, and his son Bobby was my real brother. I told her our parents traded, and that's why me and bobby had blonde hair and she had brown.
24. Lori loves Justin Timberlake.
25. She used to date a guy named Robin who matt nicknamed 'Red breast"
26. She also used to date a guy named Jake who my mom called "That greasy piece of shit."
27. Ok, she didn't actually call him that, but she thought it.
28. Lori has a sort of 'sixth sense'.
29. She actually saw the ghost of a little girl in our apartment, and has seen other apparitions that scare the living shit out of her as well.
30. My dad calls Lori a 'puritan', as she doesn't care for anything with 'lumps in it.'
31. Lori hates coconut, so every year on Valentines day I'll trick her into eating a coconut chocolate. Lori:"that smells like coconut" Me:"There isn't any, I swear" (Lori takes a bite and promptly spits it out "Goddammit!"
32. Lori was born with a full head of hair. (I was bald)
33. Lori had her finger smashed in a door when she was about 3 years old.
34. Till a few years ago, her nail still grew funky there.
35. Lori has been to Vegas, El Paso, and Canada.
36. Lori is coming to New York with me for New Years this year.
37. Lori's room is painted purple and sort of a pink.
38. She loves stand up comedy.
39. She loves Trading Spaces.
40. she is not afraid to break it down for you.
41. She saw me get bit in the face by a dog when she was only 3 or 4 years old and has not been a big fan of dogs ever since.
42. For a long time (as a child) cats made her nervous too.
43. Lori once told my Grandma she should iron her face.
44. Lori is interested in owning her own hair salon/spa one day.
45. she can't stand the feeling of a nail file.
46. She is a workout-aholic
47. Lori loves to shop for clothes. She has suitcases of clothes in her closet.
48. She also loves to shop for baby clothes. My cousin Dawn can attest to that.
49. Lori is left handed.
50. Lori is going to be my maid of honor.

And that's all I can think of right now... I am dealing with brain mush today.

Man, my weekend sped by wayyy too fast. I went out to dinner with Cathy on Friday... lots and lots of wedding talk! It was great, we don't hang out very often and that's gotta change. It was a great time, she gave me some very awesome ideas and leads to check out.

Saturday was spent driving around ... a lot. Aaron and I drove to 5 different reception halls, I called on a couple, and have a few leads as a result. Then we went shopping and got lunch, eventually finding our way down to his dad's house. He helped set up some stuff and move some furniture while I visited with his sister and her friend Leah and his uncle's girlfriend. It was a nice time, we asked Brandi (his sister) to be an attendant. We now have 8 attendants each... yee haw it's going to be a big wedding! I had gotten ahold of my friend Bobby the night before, he is flying in from Sweden for the wedding and is going to be my 'man of honor'. He'll stand next to Lori, and Brandi will be Aaron's 'Best Maid' and she'll stand next to the Best man.

We ended up leaving Aaron's dad's and went down to Willie's house, went out for Chinese, and then we all went to a bar nearby. I haven't been out drinking in a while, and I would like to officially state that 4 beers and two shots of tequila are a poor choice. I got hmmm how should I say... fucked up? Not pretty. I embarassed myself on a few counts, was accused of farting and let me just state for the record I DID NOT FART! That stanky ass fart did not come from me... granted, the details of the drive home are fuzzy if not completely nonexistent (as Aaron says "that's cause you passed out!) but I do remember the farting incident and IT WASN'T ME! My favorite quote of the night? The best 'Willie-ism' yet. He was messing around with his pool cue, and it almost hit him in the face. The expression he made was funny enough, then in defense he said "Well! You got a hard stick and a soft face! What would you do?" I think Aaron almost peed his pants laughing at that one.

We had a great time, though my hangover the next morning was probably the worst in a very very very long time. I spent most of sunday trying to clean up the pigsty that was our apartment. Looking at the clutter made me feel worse. We went to my mom's in the afternoon for my cousin Chrissy's 5th birthday party and then we went to Old Navy and I got some snazzy pink fleeces.

Overall a highly enjoyable weekend. Just too damn fast.

Incidentally, did you see the
picture on the front page? Asa is still pissed... and plotting his revenge.

My cousins Jessie and Chrissy... also known as my flower girls. Chrissy turns 5 today... God I feel old.


Friday, October 17, 2003


I have the beginnings of a cranium ache. Arg. It's from squinting, because though it is overcast and muggy... it is bright as hell too.

Busy day today; it was math catch up day and I spent a good portion of the hour trying to figure out how to solve: A=1/2bh in terms of h. I think I finally got it, but at one point I had resigned myself to the fact that I must be missing the math gene, and was almost ready to throw in the towel when I finally figured it out. Have I mentioned that I hate math? I loathe and despise it. Math is a jerk and I hate it's momma too.

I am kinda pissed that the Yankees won last night. Usually I root for them, as they are my favorite team ever. But They've won a ton of World Series as far as I'm concerned and I wanted to see someone else get a turn at it. I really wanted Chicago and Boston to face off; but oh well. I know that the last time Chicago won the world series it was like 1908 or some shit, but what really puts it in perspective is that one of the morning dj's I listen to said that the last time the Cubs won a world series, it was before the Titanic sank. That's crazy.

I also heard the dj's discussing how Seattle's own, Bret Boone was in the broadcaster's booth last night, (I think he's been in there off and on during the series)as he has ambition to be a commentator when his baseball career is over. Anyhoo, when his brother, Aaron Boone (who seattle had a shot at signing this year, and passed up... hmmm sound familiar? Tino Martinez???) hit the game winning homer in the 11th inning no less everyone in the broadcast booth went apeshit... everyone except Bret Boone. As I recall he sat there like a stunned lump on a log. After the game, they asked Aaron Boone if he had anything he wanted to say to his brother who was up in the booth. He said "uh... I hope he comes to the after party?" The morning show dj's were speculating that perhaps Fox instructed Boone to be impartial, though why would the other commentators celebrate? Then they speculated that perhaps the brothers don't have a good relationship. (I don't think that is the case, as when the Mariners Organization passed Aaron Boone up, there were some disparaging remarks made by Bret about the Organization.) Anyway, back to my point I'm sitting there, listening and thinking "Yeah, I'd like to speculate that Bret Boone is a big ol' jack ass and probably has a shitty case of sour grapes." I don't care if your jealous or not, man if my sister hit that ball and won the championship for her team I'd be damn happy.

And that's all I have to say about that.

I'm giddy today, ready to go home!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1. Name five things in your refrigerator.

2% Milk, Water, Diet Cherry Coke, Lunchmeat, and... Bernstein's light fantastic parmesan garlic ranch dressing. (It's the bizomb)

2. Name five things in your freezer.

chicken breasts, whiting filets, zucchini bread, chicken patties and uh... eggos I think

3. Name five things under your kitchen sink.

Papertowels, Godfish net and holding tank, Cascade dishwashing liquid, garbage can, and Endust/rag

4. Name five things around your computer.

Pens, Paper, Stereo, Coldplay CD, and... usually a cat or two, obstructing our view of the screen.

5. Name five things in your medicine cabinet.

Aaron's cologne, Hydrocortisone cream, my deodorant, hair gel and noxema

Blue moon.........

One of the many pictures we filled Lori's camera up with... heh

I made asa a sweater last night. HEY! don't judge me, the shit is funny. I'll post pictures up here next week. Aaron walked in and saw Asa sitting there in his little red sweater and bust out laughing. "Now THAT's fucking funny!" I think we are soulmates. He finds my obsession with the cats amusing... slightly strange but amusing. :-)


Thursday, October 16, 2003


I worked diligently last night to fix a few things around here. If you are a regular visitor to the site, you'll notice on the sidebar there; that the archive listing is gone. I always considered it a bit of an eyesore, so finally I got tired of looking at it and put it on it's own archive page here. It's also listed on the sidebar under archives, and on the front page as well.

You'll note on the archives page that there is a bit of a disclaimer... I started this site back in spring of 2001, and was going through a lot at that time. I was depressed and dealing with my dad's illness and used this journal as a forum to just write. I also at times used it to vent... who me? Unheard of! Anyway, keep that in mind if you are going to read the archives.

I also sum up the archived pages so if you are looking for a particular entry, or just want an idea of what I was writing about that month, it's there for you as well.

Regular visitors will also note that I put up a few of my favorite journals/blogs on the sidebar. I have a complete list here also listed in the sidebar and main page as 'journals I read'. That list is pretty complete.

Other than that, not much is new... I am tired and have much homework to do, so I will leave you with two cute cat pictures. Of course, they pale in comparison to the pics over at Robyn's site her new kitten Stanley is so damn adorable!

Ben is hiding from Asa here.

Hi there! Got anything soft I could lay on! That's all I'll do, I promise! I'm not a sick little pervert who mates with his mom's pants and his dads socks! I'm not!!!


Wednesday, October 15, 2003


I think it's safe to say that winter is definitely here. Or at least knocking on our door. This morning it was absolutey frigid outside. Lucky for me I bought this cute little blue skull cap last night at target. Lori says I wear it like a dock worker; but I like it farther back on my head. She tried to get me to pull it down over my forehead, but I don't like it like that. I'll have to post a pic so you can see what a geek I look like in a hat.

We went to Old Navy last night and oh my goodness they have the prettiest pink fleece hoodies. I normally am not that into pink, but these are so pretty and pink (boy am I redundant today), and soft! They are so soft. And they are also on sale for like 15 bucks. They are usually 30 bucks, so I think I may buy one or two on payday. I did pick up a few shirts on the clearance rack for like 11 bucks, so the trip wasn't a waste.

I watched this movie last night, and was kind of impressed. It's a sort of bio on Abby Hoffman, who I don't know much about, but found the movie to be really interesting. It had the whole 'anti-government' theme to it; but it wasn't too bad. Janeane Garofalo is probably my favorite actress/comedienne of all time, so she was the reason I rented it from Netflix in the first place. She has a dominant role in this movie (for once!) and it isn't a comedy at all. I would definitely recommend it.

Speaking of recommendations, I bought Coldplay's newest cd because someone has mentioned a coupla times that they enjoyed it. I am impressed with this cd as well; I am especially hooked on number four; 'The Scientist' and of course number five, 'Clocks'. The whole cd is good though and I imagine after leaving it on repeat for a few days I'll start favoring other songs too.

I am still sore as hell; didn't go to the gym last night, but probably will tonight. If anything just to do some treadmill time; stretch out my ass muscles. Man. My shoulders and triceps are also sore. Really sore. But the ass and the inner thighs are what's making moving the worst. I figure some walkign will get the blood flowing and hopefully will make getting out of bed tomorrow morning a little easier than it was today.

anyhoo; that's all I have to offer for today...

Lori gets the 4-1-1 on the 2-0-6, if you don't get that it's because you're not a nerd.

Sisters, Sisters, there were never such devoted sisters. (remember this song?)
Never had to have a chaperone no sir,
I'm here to keep my eye on her.
Sharing, caring, every little thing that we are wearing.
When a certain gentleman arrived from Rome,
She wore the dress and I stayed home!
All types of weather, we stick together, ... in the rain or shine.
Two different faces, but in tight places
we think and we act as one, ahum.

That was all from memory. I can't remember the rest, but it's the song that Rosemary Clooney and the other chick sing in their act in 'White Christmas'. Ooooh, christmas movies. Man I can't wait for the holidays!


Tuesday, October 14, 2003


It's fucking freezing in here; My fingers have shrunk to a third of their normal size. My nose is cold; I'm shivering and as Holly would say... I could cut glass right now. heh, if you don't get that email me... fuck it's cold in here!

So I spent last night doing homework and jotting down reception hall information while watching Law and Order SVU. You know what's funny? I used to have a crush on the guy who plays Elliot Stabler. Big crush. now I think he's kinda funny looking. I don't know why I felt the need to tell you that; It's just one of those mornings.

I am really fucking sore today. sore enough that when David, our ups guy handed me the thing to sign, it hurt to reach for it, hurt worse to hold it and sign it, then hurt again when I handed it back to him. I met with the trainer last night,and she kind of pissed me off. In retrospect she was challenging me in ways I don't challenge myself. Granted; it's been me that devised my own workout plan and eating habits that have enabled me to lost the 90 or so pounds and keep it off within a range of about 5lbs. (If I am lax at the gym or eat what I want with no regard to health; I seem to rest within this 5lb range from my lowest weight yet.) I have challenged myself a whole heckuva lot in the past few years.

But this crazy bitch wanted me to do stuff I have NEVER done. Go figure! I didn't mind the lunges with the 6lb medicine ball... the 100ft of lunges I might add... then the squats with the medicine ball. I can hang with those. It was hard, but it wasn't impossible. I forgave her a little bit for the other 100ft of lunges in which the bitch made me hold that fucking medicine ball out in front of me and bring it to one side, turning my body with it, and then to the other. Which of course resulted in much leg shaking and perspiration. But I got through it. But... we were only into the workout about 10 minutes. ARg. I had 45 more to go... it was not looking good.

She took me in the weight room. I hate the weight room. I feel out of place in the weight room. All the muscle head guys and buff chicks... I feel so out of place. Not to mention the fact that you know, I am coming to terms with the fact that I am no longer 260someodd pounds. I still feel the same and even when I was that size, I never felt 'that size'... you know? without a mirror I am the same person to myself. I just feel a little better. I don't recognize the weight loss much unless I see pictures of myself. Anyway, when she had me doing some of the stuff in there (for instance the jumping squats, where you squat down, put you hands on the floor the jump and kick your legs back so you are now in a push up stance, then jump so your legs are back up where they were and stand up. First of all that shit is harder than it looks... I was afraid I was going to skin my knees! Then she had me holding 15lb weights, stepping up onto the weight lifting bench. I wouldn't have been too confident doing that without the weights, but with them, my legs were so shaky. I was nervous and scared and DID NOT WANT TO FUCKING DO IT. I told her I didn't feel comfortable, and like every jerk off gym teacher I ever had as a child she sluffed me off and said 'you'll be fine, let's go'. I wanted to dig my heels and say 'no, I don't feel fine... I don't want to do this.' But I didn't. Why? Because I didn't want any bullshit pressure from a perfectly built athletic looking trainer... I feel inferior enough in there, and any pressure from her would have just pissed me off and made the session worse.

She had me work with this inflatable disk too; you stand on it and work with those bands for toning arms. I had never worked with one before and felt like the worlds biggest ass trying not to fall off of it, whilst toning my biceps and triceps. Overall I am glad the session is over, and I will NOT be purchasing any training appointments. They are way too expensive anyway, and beyond that; I don't like the pressure. I learned a lot of new exercises, and I will make myself use the weight room; but I don't need anyone breathing down my neck to make me work harder.

Lori and I about two weeks ago, on our way out to have a beer at Oktoberfest in Burien.

That same night we went down to Louie's for some Karaoke and Aaron and I took great pleasure in filling lori's camera up with pictures of us. :-) She erased most of them, there were some really funny ones. pictures of our scalps, our knees, us pretending to moon the camera, our nostrils... heh anyhoo, we would take one shot and try to do the opposite one next. So above you have the left profile ...

and here is the right!

We're geeks! we have nothing better to take pictures of!


Monday, October 13, 2003


Man, I slept so soundly last night, I woke up and actually felt refreshed. Never mind that I was nodding off in math class and kept having to unroll my window on the drive into work. Add to that a semi-headache... nothing really hurts except that I'm squinting so much today. Everything is so bright; ouch.

So, big bridal fair weekend. Friday night I had Troy, Tatum, Holly and Lori over; we ate pizza, chips and dip and yes, my peach cobbler. We chatted and giggled and had a really good time. I love playing the hostess, and I love a house full of guests. The best part was that Aaron came home early and was able to hang out. He's met my friends a couple of times, but is still kind of shy around them; so the more we hang out the more they will get to know him and vice versa. Conversations of Friday turned to old times, and he may have gotten a lot more information on me than I bargained for. :-) I know a few cats were let out of the bag when the drunk stories started coming. (Funny enough; Aaron knew most of the stories, it was other people who never knew the full story... heh, it was kinda funny.) Yeah; I had gotten drunk on my birthday I think and told Aaron all of these really unflattering drunk stories. (The time I tried to pee in the hamper, for example which led to a very long period of time when matt only referred to me as 'hamper' then switched it to Hal instead of al.)

A lot of time Friday night was spent reminiscing as well; we remembered all the tv shows we watched as little kids, and the toys speaking of which remember These? I actually bought this set off of ebay last year. It was a fun time, and made me realize I don't hang out with my friends nearly enough.

Saturday morning I had to call the cops on my ghetto ass neighbors who were fighting upstairs from about 5:30am till 9am when the cops got there. Speaking of which; who fights that early? Isn't it usually late nights, and the fighting generally tapers off around 3am in typical apartment couple fighting? Or was that just my neighbors at the last place I lived at? Anyway, we got up early regardless, and met my mom, Karen, Aunt Nancy and Holly over at my parent's to go the bridal show. We had a great time wandering around eating bite after bite of cake... my god, the sugar I ingested. I tried on a wedding dress and confirmed that unless I lose a bit more weight I am going to look like a great white while. It's all about toning I guess, and I need to do a lot of it. I am going to put off dress shopping until January and get my ass in gear. I know there is a waistline in here somewhere, I just gotta find it.

Incidentally did you see SNL this weekend? Justin Timberlake was the host/musical guest. There were a few funny moments, but I was loving weekend update when Tina Fey said Kobe Bryant's attorney's name "Pamela Mackey" about 30 times in 2 minutes. She also made mention that googling miss Mackey would find information about her firm, and her phone number; which she then listed and said any crazy person could call and harass her. Brilliant! I thought it was hilarious and a bit of just desserts in this case.

Sunday was spent chilling out mostly; we ran around in the morning looking for places to get married... which apparently is really fucking hard. So if anyone has a barn they want to lend me the use of, go ahead and email me because at this point I'm ready to wave my little white flag. The one place we really like belongs to the members of Normandy Park. (a community in seattle) and you have to be sponsored to use it by a member. Guess who the only fucking person I know who belongs? Satchel. Aaron and I fell in love with the place, but there is no fucking way I'm asking that bastard to sponsor me. I don't care if we have to get married in the Tongan community center parking lot next to the laundromat... I won't ask him. So begins phase 2 of location hunt 2003. Arg.

My sister the thug... L-train's in the hiz-ouse

The expression on Aaron's face just kills me!


Friday, October 10, 2003


I just need to say a few things about the Kobe Bryant case even though my opinion counts for absolutely nothing. But I was struck by something as I read the msnbc article, (which I'm not going to link here because little pitchers have big ears, and if you don't know what I mean by that, email me and I will gladly send you the link to the article.) and that is that this victim of the alleged rape has not been identified. At first I though perhaps Kobe was innocent, as it reeked (sp?) of many other sexual misconduct cases we have heard about in the past. But in this one, for the first time in a while, the victim is not seeking publicity. The victim is not on every channel telling 'her story'. I don't know if she's suing for money or if it's strictly a criminal trial at this point. Time will tell I guess, because I am sure she's been offered and will be offered a ton of money to tell her side of the story, especially once the trial is in the bag. But for now, my opinion has changed, and I think he's guilty. Simply because this girl is having her character dragged through the mud, and she is not firing back or attempting a claim to fame over any of this. If she does in the future, my opinion will probably change again; but I don't know... I think he did it.

One thing I do know is that if I were Kobe, I'd be a little pissed at my lawyers right now. When they asked about if her injuries were consistent with certain activities (mentioned in the article) it made them seem completely juvenile, and certainly now it appears as though they are floundering. I understand that character assassination in a case like this is the nature of the beast but come on. The question they asked was completely irrelevant and uh... pardon me but does it make a difference if she was 'associated' with 10 guys in 3 days? IF IT'S CONSENSUAL THERE IS NO INJURY. what a fucking concept! They look like a bunch of amateurs for God's sake.

Ok, that aside not much is new here. Its friday and I'm happy! Some of the bridesmaids are coming over tonight as well as one of the groomsmen to help me plan out some wedding stuff. We are going to the wedding show tommorrow; I have most of my homework done for the weekend... it's a good day. I will have to take pictures of our living room this weekend; it feels so 'homey' now. I mean that as in warm, comfortable; not homey like "yo dawg, you my homey". Although we do have a framed movie poster of 8 mile over our couch, so perhaps both meanings apply.

Um... friends sucks this year. If they don't shape up I'm going to be forced to start watching survivor. Last night's episode was irritating... Ross usually cracks me up, but the plotline with him and the tanning booth was a little too 'I Love Lucy' for me. And Monica's lines seem kind of forced "stop staring. Chandler. It's. not . going... to. happen." Obviously it's not the same without audio... but it was bad.

And man, Joey is beefy. I just really noticed it for the first time last night.


1. Do you watch sports? If so, which ones?

On television I don't mind watching baseball (if I can do something else while it's on), sometimes I watch figure skating, gymnastics, pretty much anything at the winter olympics, the national cheerleading competitions and sometimes I'll even get sucked into watching ballroom dance competitions. Trust me; I took ballroom dance for a few months several years ago; and it's a sport. You work up quite a sweat out there!

2. What/who are your favorite sports teams and/or favorite athletes?

Yankees and Tino Martinez are my favorite (though I think he plays for Tampa now.) Mariners come in second, (I know, I'm a traitor!) I also really like Detlef Schrempf; though I don't even know if he still plays basketball. heh; I'm up on sports I tell ya.

3. Are there any sports you hate?

Golf... Boxing, Wrestling, Bowling... tennis they are booooorrrrrriiiiiinnnnngggggg

4. Have you ever been to a sports event?

Been to tons of Mariner games; considering I used to work at the stadium. I have been as a fan too; I don't mind going to live sporting events. There's always so much going on, and lots of people watching. Never dull! I love going to hockey games too...and someday I'll make it to a Seahawks game. :-)

5. Do/did you play any sports (in school or other)? How long did you play?

No, I don't like competition. Not for me. I used to break into a cold sweat in grade school when we would play team oriented games in gym class. I was a football manager though for two years and lettered. Not that it was that hard, but you know.

I like this picture because I look skinny in it. :-) Look at the asinine grin on my face though; the joy I get out of stupid stuff like taunting the cats with stuffed animals is kind of sad. heh, this morning I played with them with some bubbles, and they crack me up. I'll see if I can get some good bubbles pics this weekend.


Thursday, October 09, 2003


So I have a big ass anthropology test coming up in the next day and I am a little bit nervous about it. I find the book that we were to read to be so freakin boring. The good thing is that we have like two days to complete it; I believe the questions are in essay format...not a good sign. You see how rambly and run-onny I get here... imagine if I'm nervous and there's points involved. And there is always extra information I am paranoid to leave out. I also need to devote mucho time to my math studies this weekend as I am struggling jes a wee bit. Spending twenty minutes trying to figure out how to isolate a variable suggests to me I need to practice my new found skills a bit more.

And incidentally I actually used the word 'co-efficient' when speaking to my teacher this morning. All this book learnin' seems to be sinking in... it's a wonder.

Ok, so I have been taping 'A Wedding Story' lately. I used to tape both that and A Baby Story back in the day; I would have a nice four hour block of pre taped tv waiting for me every night... that was back in my "I'm going to be a lonely spinster with 18 cats who I will refer to as my babies" frame of mind. (Never mind that I have two cats are ARE my babies :-P) Anywhoo, back to the story, I have been taping both hours of A Wedding Story for the past week. After I get my homework done, I usually settle in and watch them. I don't really watch the whole show. I only watch it all if I get attached to the couple that is on the show; sometimes I just fast forward completely until the wedding.

Well, I saw one on Tuesday that left me sitting on the couch bawling. This girl Amanda met her husband to be... I think his name was Mike but I don't recall,anyway they met fell in love, bladdy bladdy bladdy. They get engaged and start planning the ceremony and her dad who is a deacon at their church was going to officiate. The day the invitations went out; 5 weeks to the day of the wedding he passes away from some sort of freak illness. They don't elaborate, but he wasn't sick or anything. So then she gets emotional while she's speaking about her dad, which made me cry. (Raw emotion just gets me.) Then while she's getting ready the morning of the wedding she weeps here and there, but when her mom walks her down the aisle, and they get to the altar, you can see that both she and her mom are crying pretty hard. The camera pans to one of the groomsmen; her brother and he is openly crying as well. You could just feel what they were feeling, and it was so sad. During the ceremony she lays a rose in memory of her father at the foot of a statue in the church and kneels down to pray and they show her brother crying again as well as several people in the audience, and man. It was hard to watch. oy.

We are getting a new love seat today; well, new to us. I am so excited; we've been wanting to get one for a while, so now we have plenty of places for people to sit! Some of the bridesmaids and my friend Troy (who is also a groomsman) are coming over friday night. I am going to make peach cobbler and serve it over ice cream, and have mini pizzas and chips and popcorn as well. I love entertaining!

Heh, ben got lei'd. Maybe now he'll leave my shorts, aaron's teeshirts and every fucking afghan we have alone! (does anyone else have cats that mate with these kind of things?)


Wednesday, October 08, 2003


Man, I can't seem to warm up; I'm frrrreeeeeezzzzziiiiinnnnnnggggg! And my little portable heater bit the dust... well, not completely; but it blows out lukewarm air rather than actual warm air.

Math test on Monday; did ok, passed with a B+, am pulling a steady B+... man, you miss anything on those quizzes and it just drags you down. I am pulling 100% in all the areas of classwork, but on my quizzes and the test it's been mostly B's, and it drags down the grade so much. I hate that!

Satchel has been an increasing pain in my ass, but since I've been being nicer to him I don't get as mad. Ugggh. Just reading that sentence makes my stomach hurt. I have been nicer, because you know what? I don't like the feeling I get from hating him. I'm better than that. So, I've decided I just won't 'hate' him. I'll dislike him a whole hell of a lot, but hating is not necessary and it doesn't kill me to be civil. At least it hasn't yet. Though I have been noticing a pain in my right kidney ever since this change occurred... probably unrelated. :-)

I was in bed and asleep at 10 last night... would've been 9:30 but I missed last week's real world so I had to watch that. I taped the new one and the new episode of Newlyweds. Was sad to hear that there is only one more episode of Newlyweds until season 2. Bah. I love that show. Stuff like that entertains me like nothing else. I have to say, while speaking of the Real World, my favorite person on the Paris cast is Leah. Christina I can't stand... mainly because she has wierd hair and wierd features, and she reminds me so much of Holly's psycho ex-roomate. I know I've metnioned it before, and though the two look nothing alike I swear to God it's like watching her on tv. Though Christina does not appear to be psycho or suffering from an enamel deficiency. Which is bad in itself, but I will say I giggled when tatum referred to psycho as snaggletooth. Well what can I say, you reap what you sow, and if that's true my teeth will be falling out soon just because of that comment. But seriously she's a bad seed, and I feel bad for her in a way but overall the chick's a dick and I'm not going to waste any more time on her. Back to the original topic, I sometimes get the urge to slap Mallory... she doesn't even bother me, she's just kind of ... dim. I just want to slap her, that's all. I can't stand Adam... dude, cut that nasty mop of shit you have on top of your nasty head and quit with the hats. You can't pull it off, nor can you pull off the rap sessions in the confessional. I get embarassed for him. ugh. Ace... eh, C.T. you are a dick and you have the worst hair of anyone I've ever seen. Do they sell a kind of rogaine that works in reverse so maybe he could smear it on his forehead? I swear dude's hairline begins about a half inch above his eyebrows. And it resembles a bouffant half the time. Simon... eh, he's ok. So Leah is my favorite. She has such good hair too, I am really jealous.

ok... enough blather, I'm sure I'm boring you to tears. Remember what I said I'd post today?.......


yeah, I figure I'm about two steps from a certain feline going medeival on my ass. The look of disdain is so apparent... or is it disgust? Probably both. Don't judge me.


Tuesday, October 07, 2003


We started working on Linear Equations this week. Oy, for the most part I remember how to do the easy ones. Then of course the bastards come in and add about 7 sets of parentheses, two fractions and a negative sign just to fuck me up. Arg.

I am so tired, man I have such a hard time falling asleep at night. Aaron gets home way after I go to bed, takes a shower and still manages to drift off into slumberland before me. I hate that! Of course last night would have gone differently if I had been able to sleep through the teenagers outside who chose 11:15 as an appropriate time to congregate in front of my bedroom window. I let it go for about 10 minutes, and then opened the blinds and flung open the window before screeching "can you please keep it down?" They dispersed after that, but the adrenaline rush from being mad kept me alive till damn near midnight.

Not too chatty today; instead I'll leave you with this...

This one picture has caused fits of giggles in my house. Yes, we are dorks, but we embrace it. What's not funny about elmo telling ben a secret? Ok, yes I've sunk to a new low. Just wait till tommorrow... ben giving pony rides to Cookie monster and Elmo! Even lower!


Monday, October 06, 2003


Man... where to start. After friday's work fiasco... yes, the asshole I work with is truly an asshole. I don't particularly feel like reliving Friday morning, but let's just say on a scale of ten it was a rating of negative 5.

I came home from work on Friday; got my nails done and spent a few hours reading my anthropology book. It's kind of a struggle because I am not completely interested in the topic, and staying on task while hating it is hard. But I plugged away and managed to read a good 30 pages. Mom and Karen came by; so Karen could see my ring and also talk wedding stuff. It was a nice visit; they left and Aaron came home early again shortly thereafter. We spent the rest of the night trying to download an article... I had to read and do a report on... but it was 12 pages, and reading 12 pages in adobe acrobat is not my idea of fun. Unfortunately our printer is also out of black ink, so after I tried to change the ink color for about 30 minutes, I got pissy and said "fuck it!" Aaron, my knight in shining armor was able to figure it out... though it was timely. He spent the next two hours printing out an array of colored pages for me to pour over. We finally made it to bed around 2 and I slept soundly until, oh about 8. Because you know, I just don't sleep apparently.

I spent the next few hours working on my paper for Sociology, and Aaron went to help his dad and uncle move. Then I read somemore of that damn book for anthropology and kicked around the idea of taking a job down to Long's for a bridal magazine I had seen there that I didn't have. I decided against it though, as I reminded myself that it 'seemed' close, but I would have to run over a freeway overpass in addition to the rest of the jog, and it was probably a bit much for a saturday morning. So I tidied up the house instead and got myself presentable. I ran to Albertson's and picked up supplies for dinner, I was in the mood for spaghetti.

When I got home I watched the episodes of 'A Wedding Story' I had taped on Friday, and fuck it all to hell man, I bawled during the second one. This emotional stuff is hard, and man let me tell you I hope to God I get it out of my system before the big day. I don't want to have wedding pictures of me red as a tomato and splotchy as hell with runny mascara to boot because of the tears. :-)

My mom and I made a run down to David's Bridal which you can read about here , as well as Michael's and Joann's. Then she took me home and I made dinner for Aaron and I and my sister. After dinner we went to Oktoberfest here in Burien. It was much bigger this year and we met Holly and Maria in the beer garden for a bit before going off to play some games. I ended up winning an elmo and a cookie monster for Aaron and he won me a stuffed dog. Lori beat us both by getting a much bigger stuffed dog, and hers was pink too. I think the carnie at that booth liked Lori too; it was kinda funny.

Incidentally I'll post some of the dumb pictures we took on saturday night. Word of warning, we are geeks... we find silly shit highly amusing. (of course that could've been the beer and wine... but who knows) and there are many many pictures of the cats and our new stuffed animals. The best one is of elmo telling ben a secret... I'll post some of those this week. Lori says we're losers, but hey... it was funny.

Sunday morning we cleaned the shit out of the apartment. It now sparkles! Then Aaron watched his football game while I dicked around on line for a while. We spent the afternoon at Walmart, Costco and Freddy's. After that Aaron's brother Dan and his wife Julie came over for dinner. Sadly both times I have cooked for them it has been spaghetti. It's my specialty though, what can I say? :-) I do have a recipe for chicken and rice pot pie that I want to try. We had a great time chatting and visiting, and oh yeah I baked a shit load of zucchini bread too; and will bake more tonight I imagine. I am trying to use up the rest of the pureed zucchini, and nothing makes the house smell as good as zucchini bread.

other than that it was just a nice relaxing weekend. Many more of these please!

Here are some pictures of us in our snazzy new jackets... I love fall! Also notice on the front page the pic of Lori's snazzy new hairdo. I love it!

My sweetie

I love this coat


Friday, October 03, 2003


I don't know that I've ever been this angry with Satchel before. I was almost angry enough this morning to quit. Almost. I don't want to because I hate switching jobs, especially when I am somewhat comfortable and like most of the people I work with. He is just fucking impossible and I swear to God I was in tears this morning I was so mad. I'll just leave you with the friday five and hope that your morning goes much fucking better than mine did.

1. What vehicle do you drive?
an 82 Honda Accord Hatchback

2. How long have you had it?
Since 2000, prior to that my dad had it for a few months.

3. What is the coolest feature on your vehicle?
The a/c

4. What is the most annoying thing about your vehicle?
The peeling paint on the hood; it flies up into the windshield on the freeway and makes me nervous.

5. If money were no object, what vehicle would you be driving right now?
a Nissan Murano


Thursday, October 02, 2003


I hate my car. I mentioned yesterday that the blinker is busted on my car; well this morning the fucker's headlights were a bitch to turn on. I am really stressed out with school and this car... ARG! Apparently the part to fix it is 181 bucks retail, but some guy on ebay has a wrecking yard and is charging 1.99 for the same part. Well, according to him the same part. Part of me wants to just buy the damn part; after all it is only 1.99, but why buy it, then wait for a week or more for it to get here, when I need that car fixed NOW? In my frustration I snapped at Aaron and now I just feel like a big asshole. Arg.

In other news Aaron came home early last night and we laid around watching an episode of Made on Mtv. They were making this kid Tony into a ladies man. Well, as his trainer put it, he's a goofy kid who doesn't want to be a ladies man, he wants a relationship. So let's find him an equally goofy girl. Right on, that's exactly the approach they should have taken. This episode made me laugh out loud in places, because Tony really is an awkward, gangly, geeky guy. They did a great job with his hair and clothes though. "You're skinny, embrace it." heh, but parts of it were really sad too. He just wants someone to care about that will care about him, and though he was really outgoing and happy you could see somtimes that underneath it all he was really sad. I just wanted to give him a hug.

I didn't go to the gym last night, I have so much freakin reading to do for school there was just no way. I have a test in Math class on Monday (and yes, I am a tad scared about it.) and a test in Anthropology on Thursday, not to mention the final draft of my paper due in Sociology tomorrow, and the rough draft on a new topic due Tuesday. God... now with the car problem I don't want to drive at night anyway if the headlights are going to be iffy bastards. Man. I just want to go eat a chocolate chip cookie...and you know what? I think I will. And I'm not going to feel bad about it either... ok, well I might feel bad a little bit. But I promise to go to the gym tonight and work it off. Come hell or come highwater, I'll get my ass to the gym.

My sister has graciously offered me the use of her car during the day until mine is fixed. Isn't thay nice?

I have no new pictures, though I am going to try to remember to post pics of our bathroom, as I never did and it's finished now. (the decorating)

Asa opens a can of woop ass


Wednesday, October 01, 2003


The above title is in reference to a joke between Aaron and I; when I sat down on his lunch yesterday the above phrase was uttered with such a sense of urgency I was reduced to giggles. We then spent several minutes saying that sentence over and over and applying it to other situations that were just as funny. (to us anyway) for example, when the cats; or rather Asa since he weights like 85 pounds, walks across Aaron as he's lying down, instead of saying "you're killing my pancreas", he could scream "YOU'RE CRUSHING MY FUNYUNS!" lol, ok maybe it's not that funny to you but it is to me.

In math class this morning we started back dealing with 'like terms' again. Gah. Pity me.

I got some great news by the way! Aaron called last night and said he had decided he wanted to switch to day shift!! woohoo!!!!! This makes me absolutely unbelievably happy. He had said from the getgo that if it was important to me he would do it, but what was important to me was that he want to do it. I did not want to push him into doing something he didn't readily want to do. He has to be there 40 hours a week, he might as well enjoy it as much as he can. He said that he is excited about spending more time with me, and also with his friends. This is a huge load off of us; because now we won't feel as though our weekend time is so damn precious. I won't feel hurried to get in absolutely everything we want to do; or talk about because we'll be together so much more. Yay!!!!

My blinker switch thingy bit the dust this morning. That lever on the side of my steering wheel. My dad called my uncle (who just so happens to work at Burien Honda, and can get me parts for cost) and it's a dual switch; meaning if we replace that lever, we must replace the lever that controls the windshield wipers. That said, it's also pricey. He advised us to try junkyards first. So I called Aaron and he said he'd do some calling; which is good because I don't know how far I would get asking about a blinker switch thingy. Meanwhile I'm petrified to drive anywhere because the blinker situation is touch and go; sometimes it works, most of the time it don't. yikes.

I have two tests next week; one for math on Monday and one for Anthropology on Thursday. I am not even a quarter of a way through the book... wish me luck.

I see you...