Thursday, September 25, 2003


My headache turned into a four alarm damn near emergency yesterday afternoon. I need to get my eyes checked, I do. That's the only thing I can think of that's causing me these problems. Lori came over last night to do her laundry and walked in to find me in bed at 5:45 pm, laying on a heating pad with a towel over my eyes completely out of it. I had come home and taken some percogesic which usually knocks the headache's right out of me, but man that one last night was a real bastard. I told Lori I'd make her dinner but was out of the one key ingredient I needed, so she went to the store and picked it up. By about 9:00 my headache was almost gone. Today I still am having little aftershock pains and the light is killing my eyes, but for the most part it's better.

Lori also got her hair cut last night, and if I had been smart I would've snapped a picture of it, but I was not thinking clearly. Her hair was down to the middle of her back... easily, maybe even a little longer. She got it whacked off to just under her ear in a wispy sort of trendy cut and it's really really cute. When she told me she needed to get her hair cut because it was driving her crazy I totally had no clue she would chop it so short. It looks really good though, she has always looked really good with short hair. I'll try to get a picture of it soon; so you can see what I mean.

Man, I haven't been to the gym in about a week and a half and I am starting to feel really tubby. I haven't been eating all crazy or anything, but you know how it is when you are used to doing something every day and then you stop. It's wierd, I feel guilty but there's no way I'm going to go when I am still having trouble breathing through my nose and attached to my kleenex box as if it were my lifesource. I am shooting for Monday to go back, I figure this is also a golden opportunity to sort of ease into my homework and stuff. Kind of figure out how much time I have for what... Luckily I am not too involved with tv this fall; I will set the vcr tonight to tape all the must see shows... friends, will and grace etc, but really; thursday is my only night where I feel like I need to watch anything. I am kind of stuck though because like a dope I watched survivor last week only to be curious enough to want to tune in tonight. I knew that would happen. So I may bite the bullet and watch or perhaps record that in the bedroom; then I would have something to watch this weekend. Arg. Decisions, decisions.

I'd also like to lodge a formal complaint. Um, I hate my new schedule. Yeah. With a passion... I don't mind going to bed early and getting up early... I kind of like the change... but I have absolutely no time to spend with Aaron anymore. It really sucks. I am asleep when he gets home, and I don't go home on my lunch break anymore, because I am only taking a half hour rather than an hour due to my morning math class making me late to work. And it SUCKS! He stops by usually to see me at work before he goes to his job, but it's not the same. And have I mentioned that it sucks? This weekend is bound to be a busy one so that kind of blows too. It'll be good for me to get some homework and stuff done, but I am not keen on living like the single girl which is what I sometimes feel like. Arg.

I finally get to go to the dentist today to have my permanent crown put on. Let's all say a round of thanks for that. I was supposed to go last week but there was no way I could lay there and breathe through my mouth without coughing... wasn't going to happen. Anyway, I think I've blathered on long enough.

Oh wait, one last thing. I gave satchel my cold. One would think I would be snickering in delight but I really am not that evil, and I feel bad because I know the hell he is about to go through. This does not mean that I've been nice to him in any way shape or form though. He is still an irritating little buzzard's ass of a man, and I still despise the fucker. Though, I do feel bad that I made him sick.

Gee, I wonder why our blanket has so many snag marks in it? Could it be that Asa is convinced that my foot under it is really a blanket monster he has to attack every time I move an inch? Perhaps...


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