Thursday, September 18, 2003


Man, I actually feel a little bit better today; just really tired. Went home after lunch yesterday; I think I'll make it the full 8 hours today though. I am getting a splitting headache from all the coughing, but you know what it's still an improvement, so I ain't complainin'.

School starts on Monday. I'm a tad nervous. Ok, more than a tad... while I took what is considered to be a full load the last two quarters (10 credits) I am taking an honest to goodness full load this quarter... 15 credits. yikes. And one of them is math. I am a little bit scared, but am trying to think positively. Two of those classes are going to be taken online, and the third I will be attending in the flesh. I have a lot to get done on Monday; gotta get my financial aid attendance thingy signed, I need to get a parking permit, I need to pick up my books, and find out which math book I need. (God forbid that information be available to me NOW.) Then on tuesday I need to pick up my financial aid check, try and find time to deposit it and then sometime in the near future I really need to meet with an advisor and plan out my curriculum. I am sort of clueless when it comes down to figuring out exactly what I need etc. I'd like to be done with all of this by the time I'm 30... but we'll see. I may even do summer school this year. Online of course. :-)

Well I don't have much to say because I haven't been up to much... just sleeping and crocheting in bed for the most part. I have become hooked on the reruns of Law and Order they are playing on Tnt... still waking up every hour on the hour to blow my nose and administer sinex... I'll be so fucking glad when that phase of this cold is over. The dreams are wicked as ever; seems like I have a million short dreams a night but rarely remember any of them. The other night though, I managed to remember I was playing the game operation with Nick Lachey, and he and Jessica wanted to borrow my laptop while I was out of town. Weird.

I need to get some more pictures... I am running out left and right.

You know you want to bite those little baby paws right off... you don't? Huh, yeah ... uh neither.


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