Tuesday, September 02, 2003


I love long weekends. I love them even more when they feel like a long weekend, and don't speed by. We didn't do a whole heckuva lot, but it was pretty relaxing in the long run. Friday night I was supposed to go out to sing Karaoke, but Holly had to go in for surgery; she hadn't expected to go in that soon, so needless to say she wasn't up for going out. Aaron and I hung out, and I think we watched a movie, as he was off work a little early. I did a lot of crocheting this weekend. I'd like to finish his blanket before the new year, but with school starting who knows what I'll have time for.

Saturday Aaron had to work pretty much all day. He had a 3 hour break in the afternoon, so I met him downtown and we roamed the Pike Place Market for a while... I had to pee so bad at one point my back was beginning to hurt, but all the lines were 6-10 people deep. No thank you. We were hungry as well, but nothing at the market seemed appetizing, so we went to our favorite restaurant. Then I ran a few errands and went home to watch some Felicity and crochet.

Sunday was pretty blah, I finished cleaning the house, while Aaron went to work in the morning. That afternoon we went and bummed around Ikea... did you know they have a whole restaurant/cafeteria thing going on there? You can get Swedish cuisine as well as some American dishes... and it's pretty cheap too. I was kinda mad that I never realized that they had that or the little grocery section for Swedish foods. I totally would've taken Bobby there the last time he visited, so he could have some stuff from home. ARG.

Some friends of ours are going through a breakup right now, and it's a big ol' mess. I feel really bad for them, and their kids... breaking up sucks in general but when there are kids involved it just sucks ass even more. We had both the kids and their dad come over for dinner on Sunday, and it was a nice time but I felt so bad for our friend. What do you say in those kind of situations when someone is just hurt and can't seem to make sense of it? After he left that night, my sister ended up coming over and we played the board game she got me for my birthday. It's a detective game--221 Baker St. Kind of like and adult clue game. Very fun. :-D

Yesterday we went to see American Wedding... um I hate Stifler. The movie was cute and ok, but wayyy too much Stifler. The guy isn't even marginally talented when it comes to acting. The asinine expressions and fake little laugh. Ugh. I wanted to kick him in the nuts on more than one occasion during the movie. Afterwards, we drove out to the Supermall in Auburn and went for a bike ride. I think we did about 3 miles. It was a lot of fun, poor Aaron though, his brakes were tweaking out on him and were dragging on the back tire. At one point we were walking and the back tire would occasionally stop, even though the front tire was still rolling. He was absolutely beat by the time we were done. I had to go buy a helmet yesterday because I had thrown out my old one when we moved. Tatum used to chide me and say that I looked like one of Jerry's Kids in it. Could have been the combination of the antiquated bicycle and the helmet... who knows. Anyway, I bought a new one, and I think I look even dumber in this one (and yes I am posting a picture because I seriously have no dignity.)

What do you think? I think I look gay in helmets. Not gay as in lesbian... gay as in ... fucking gay man, look at that picture! :-)


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