Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Just wanted to call your attention to the sidebar; there are two new links added, one is for our Wedding Diary which will be all wedding stuff all the time, because I don't want to alienate the people here who don't give a rip about the difference between periwinkle and wisteria ... and I don't want to sully the beautiful idea of my wedding with rants about satchels big fat ass. Anyway; the other link is to our Wedding Profile courtesy of The Knot, man... I'm a little excited, can you tell?

Major props to Amy over at Twisted-mind who designed that page for me, and for free! How cool is she? Though on payday I am so buying her something off her wishlist. :-) Anyway, check out the pages and tell me what you think!

Man, I was in bed and asleep by 10:30 last night. I feel great today; still a teensy bit tired, but you know what; I woke up happy and ready to face the day so that's all that matters. It's all I can do to concentrate on homework and the like without my mind drifting over to bridal stuff. It's so hard! I have so much to do this week in terms of school work; I keep telling myself to calm down but man... I'm just thinking all the time about the wedding. You would think it was next week the way I've dived into the planning :-)

I went to the gym last night. I haven't been in about 2 weeks or maybe even a little more; since I came down with the cold from hell. In fact I still have it; it's just 95% better. Anyway, I was convinced I'd gained weight but oddly wasn't freaking out about it. Turns out I lost two pounds, and I have even been eating healthy; yet well rounded meals. Not depriving myself of anything. Hot damn, maybe eating that way and working out will help me lose some more inches. I would love to be under 150lbs on my wedding day; but even if I just end up losing a few inches, and get in better shape I think I'll be ok. I just want to be happy, and I am right now. I don't want to start my weight freak outs and ruin it.

You ever read the blogs of other people who tend to irritate you? There are probably 3 or 4 journals/blogs I read, and the women who write them totally piss me off. I won't say who they are, because some of them are well known in the journaling community... I don't even know why I read them... one is so freakin hoity toity about her life; everything is so fucking joyous and blessed... gah. It just irritates me. Another is so damn in over her head with her new baby she is kind of obnoxious about her own parenting style. I have to remind myself that I write about what I want to write about on this site; and it's the same for her. When it gets to be too much for me I just x out of the browser. The one who really bugs the shit out of me though is this lesbian chick... I don't even know why she bothers me but she does. yet I won't delete any of these saps from my favorites list. Who's the freak me or them? Most journals I enjoy, I will leave a comment every now and then; but if I hate a journal the author will never know I've been there, lurking... heh, despising every word. Anyway...

He's part alien I say...


Monday, September 29, 2003


Man... what a couple of days. I have been in a state of utter disbelief since Thursday. *Note* If you didn't read the previous post, I would scroll down now; before I go on.

Thursday night Aaron came home early; and we hung out while watching tv for a bit, then I insisted I had to get some sleep. So around 10:30 or so; I brushed my teeth and got ready to climb into bed. Aaron was sitting there grinning at me with this huge smile. I said "What?" to which he grinned some more and shrugged his shoulders. I laughed and siad "what's the smile for?" And he responded "Can't I just smile and be happy?" I said "of course you can" and got into bed. I was sitting there and Aaron said "well... actually there is one thing..." and he got down on his knees on the side of the bed. All I could see was that little grey box in his hand and the tears started. I remember the first few things he said; but after that it's a complete and total blur. I was a bawling mess. (You know; I've read other people's journals, and they always mention how they couldn't remember what their fiancee' was saying, because it all became a blur... and I vowed never to let that happen to me. And you know; I think it's knee jerk. You get so overwhelmed with what is happening you just stop hearing words and seeing anything; all I could think was "Holy shit I'm getting married!) We called my sister and my mom, who at 11pm proceeded to call everyone she could think of on 3way.

Aaron had asked my parent's permission on Tuesday of that week, to which they of course had said yes. They are absolutely ecstatic... and really that's putting it mildly. I couldn't sleep that night for anything, and ended up laying in the dark with my mind racing. The next morning I went to school; unable to concentrate; just gazing at this beautiful ring on my hand. I went to the financial aid office to see about taking a quarter off of school next year so we could get married without the added pressure of school. It turned out to be no big thing at all, so we set the date for November 6, 2004. I also went out and bought my weight in bridal magazines. We picked a color scheme of periwinkle and silver and white.

We want the wedding to have a sort of wintery fairy tale theme. Lots of white trees with twinkle lights is what I'm envisioning. My aunt and uncle have agreed to do the music for our wedding; (they used to run a professional dj service), and I think we have nailed down who our officiant will be as well as who will make the cake; though both could change.

We also picked our wedding party, and my aunt has offered to make the dresses for the flower girls (her granddaughters) and the preliminary guest list has also been started. Not bad for only being engaged a couple of days no? I also set up a wedding diary over on diaryland, but it's not ready yet. I will link to that from here, and most of the wedding talk will go on over there; so I don't bore y'all. :-)

I just can't get over the fact that I'm engaged.... I had a lot of fun telling people we were getting married. I told Troy "Aaron is not my boyfriend anymore." all serious and stuff... he said "what?" he heard me, but was shocked. "yeah" I said with a somber face. Then I held up my hand and screamed "He's my fiancee!"

I have been terribly emotional the last few days. I think today is the first day I haven't gotten teary or cried at all... thank you lord. My eyelids were hurting yesterday. When I went to my mom's work on Friday morning to show her my ring, I cried as she dragged me around and showed me off. Then that afternoon when I asked Tatum to be a bridesmaid we both got a little teary. Saturday I was ok for much of the day until I talked to my aunt leenie on the phone, and we got a little teary together.

Yesterday in the car on the way out to pick up my Grandpa for dinner, we were listening to the song 'It's your love' by Tim Mcgraw and Faith Hill. It's one of my favorite songs ever, and it just got to me. All of a sudden I'm driving and weeping and though Aaron says it's sweet when I get emotional like that I felt like a nut. We are thinking of having that song sung at the ceremony. Last night I was watching the final disk in season 2 of Felicity (thank you
Netflix!) And I'll be damned if I didn't start crying when Ben tells Felicity he loves her. Man. Y'all better buckle up; because, according to The Knot I have 404 days until I become Mrs. Martin, and the emotional ride is about to get bumpy :-). 404 days... That so does not seem like a lot. I wonder how many paydays that is?



Saturday, September 27, 2003


Hey remember when I caught the bouquet at Matt and Kelly's wedding?

Well... It worked.

We are ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!

Details to come soon!

Friday, September 26, 2003


There's a lot of stuff going on right now; I'll be back on Monday with a full update... actually, you may not have to wait until Monday. Chances are good that I'll post sooner.

PS-Tatum, I need you to call me-- I'll be in your neighborhood later and want to know if I can stop by for a second, I need to pick your brain about something. :-)

Until then here's a picture of the evil prince bean... actually this is his "I'm alarmed" look, which the fucker feels the need to do constantly when I'm home alone at night and watching Law and Order SVU and getting creeped out. Nice eh?


Thursday, September 25, 2003


My headache turned into a four alarm damn near emergency yesterday afternoon. I need to get my eyes checked, I do. That's the only thing I can think of that's causing me these problems. Lori came over last night to do her laundry and walked in to find me in bed at 5:45 pm, laying on a heating pad with a towel over my eyes completely out of it. I had come home and taken some percogesic which usually knocks the headache's right out of me, but man that one last night was a real bastard. I told Lori I'd make her dinner but was out of the one key ingredient I needed, so she went to the store and picked it up. By about 9:00 my headache was almost gone. Today I still am having little aftershock pains and the light is killing my eyes, but for the most part it's better.

Lori also got her hair cut last night, and if I had been smart I would've snapped a picture of it, but I was not thinking clearly. Her hair was down to the middle of her back... easily, maybe even a little longer. She got it whacked off to just under her ear in a wispy sort of trendy cut and it's really really cute. When she told me she needed to get her hair cut because it was driving her crazy I totally had no clue she would chop it so short. It looks really good though, she has always looked really good with short hair. I'll try to get a picture of it soon; so you can see what I mean.

Man, I haven't been to the gym in about a week and a half and I am starting to feel really tubby. I haven't been eating all crazy or anything, but you know how it is when you are used to doing something every day and then you stop. It's wierd, I feel guilty but there's no way I'm going to go when I am still having trouble breathing through my nose and attached to my kleenex box as if it were my lifesource. I am shooting for Monday to go back, I figure this is also a golden opportunity to sort of ease into my homework and stuff. Kind of figure out how much time I have for what... Luckily I am not too involved with tv this fall; I will set the vcr tonight to tape all the must see shows... friends, will and grace etc, but really; thursday is my only night where I feel like I need to watch anything. I am kind of stuck though because like a dope I watched survivor last week only to be curious enough to want to tune in tonight. I knew that would happen. So I may bite the bullet and watch or perhaps record that in the bedroom; then I would have something to watch this weekend. Arg. Decisions, decisions.

I'd also like to lodge a formal complaint. Um, I hate my new schedule. Yeah. With a passion... I don't mind going to bed early and getting up early... I kind of like the change... but I have absolutely no time to spend with Aaron anymore. It really sucks. I am asleep when he gets home, and I don't go home on my lunch break anymore, because I am only taking a half hour rather than an hour due to my morning math class making me late to work. And it SUCKS! He stops by usually to see me at work before he goes to his job, but it's not the same. And have I mentioned that it sucks? This weekend is bound to be a busy one so that kind of blows too. It'll be good for me to get some homework and stuff done, but I am not keen on living like the single girl which is what I sometimes feel like. Arg.

I finally get to go to the dentist today to have my permanent crown put on. Let's all say a round of thanks for that. I was supposed to go last week but there was no way I could lay there and breathe through my mouth without coughing... wasn't going to happen. Anyway, I think I've blathered on long enough.

Oh wait, one last thing. I gave satchel my cold. One would think I would be snickering in delight but I really am not that evil, and I feel bad because I know the hell he is about to go through. This does not mean that I've been nice to him in any way shape or form though. He is still an irritating little buzzard's ass of a man, and I still despise the fucker. Though, I do feel bad that I made him sick.

Gee, I wonder why our blanket has so many snag marks in it? Could it be that Asa is convinced that my foot under it is really a blanket monster he has to attack every time I move an inch? Perhaps...


Wednesday, September 24, 2003


My head hurts man... for the past two days it's been hurting. I hate that.

Did you feel the earth move this morning? Or see and Pigs up in the air aloft on their wings of gold? I had a startling revelation in Math class... I actually kind of like it. I know... that one thought scares me right down to the core. Simply because that is a phrase I have never, ever uttered. Granted... we are still in the very early review phase of all of this. The homework load is somewhat daunting, especially when paired with my other two classes. The sheer amount of reading is just mind boggling. But I like that it's a computer course... makes doing the work sort of like playing a computer game. It's extensive in it's explanations of problems and sometimes tedious... but I am reviewing well. I got a 100 on my quiz this morning, and that in itself is enough to throw a fucking party for.

I think the main thing I am struggling with in general is just getting organized. Trying to plot my life around homework and stuff. I think I may be using my weekends a lot for paper writing. I need to be in bed by 9:30 or 10 and that limits me to how much time I have for working out and homework... I just gotta find the groove in all of this and it will fit together smoothly. I think.

I went out to dinner last night with my mom, my sis, and my grandpa; as we did last year in honor of my grandma. We went to where we always go; a local place in Auburn called Trotters. For some damn reason I always look forward to going there "ooh, I love Trotters!" Then we get there and I look at the menu and am once fucking again dismayed at my options. Unless I want something fried, battered, and/or served on a roll there just ain't much to choose from. And what really chaps my hide is that those fuckers take the exact same lunch item, add two pieces of bland toast and call it a dinner item and charge almost 3 bucks more. I don't want 5 pieces of greasy ass fish with french fries and two pieces of toast... for ten bucks. I will however just take the fish and fries and pay 6.99. Oh... it's after 4pm, so I don't have that option. Well, isn't that just jim dandy. Gah.

Lori and I did as usual go into fits of giggles at dinner as we usually do. I believe it is how we deal with stress. We know why we're at dinner, but no one speaks about it, or about grandma... as it's just too hard. So instead, Lori and I become idiots. The giggles started when I pointed out the PB&J 'Sammitch' on the menu. Then again, when I inquired if it was bad manners to administer nasal spray at the dinner table. Our poor mother is horrified by our behavior when this happens, and tries hard not to laugh along to prove her disdain, but always gives in and ends up giggling. I think I laughed the hardest when my grandpa told us he had asked a certain family member if it was true that he had given his wife until March to decide if she wants a divorce and when the family member said yes Grandpa replied "Good, take the damn dog with you when you go". I just about died laughing. He manages to take everything the family feels and rolls it up into a great one liner every time.

Well kids, I'm off to go finish reading about the Bushmen of Namibia... and try to figure out exactly how this fits into my sociology paper. Wish me luck.

I just love the pictures of him on the red blanket...


Tuesday, September 23, 2003


Two years ago today my maternal grandma passed away. She went into the hospital a few days before September 11th, with what we all assumed to be a minor problem. Her minor problem eventually erupted into a mass of other problems that inevitably she was unable to recover from, and a hole has been left in our family ever since. Most of that time is a blur to me... I think probably because it was happening at the same time September 11th happened and I was in a literal tailspin over it all. I do remember the waiting room... The waiting room at Auburn General Hospital had become our home away from home. I remember the sounds of the machines in Grandma's room, and sitting in that room for hours on end with my family... just watching and listening. I remember buying tons of chocolate bars for Grandpa because that's the only food we could get him to eat. I remember sleeping on the waiting room floor with my cousins the night before my grandma died. Playing cards, searching for donuts and trying to escape the thoughts that this may be it.

Mainly though, even two years later I am still dealing with the anger and sadness. I am kinda pissed that things had to end so abruptly... and I can't freakin believe it's been two years. She's missed so much... that in itself pisses me off one moment and makes me want to cry the next. She's missed seeing her two great grandchildren grow and fluorish in their new environment. She's missed watching her only grandson fall in love and settle down. She's missed the changes that have gone on in our household with the progress my dad has made and my mom's surge of independence. She would be so proud. She'll miss my sister graduate from college, She hasn't seen me since I lost the weight... she'll never meet Aaron... And stupid as it is... it just pisses me off. It just sucks... and really there isn't much more I can say than that-- Other than I miss her terribly, and I would give my left arm to answer the phone one last time to hear her say "hi honey". That's all.

anyway... I don't really know how to transition from that to a normal entry so I guess I'll just tell you that I am tired. But feeling better overall. Man, it's hard as hell to get used to going to bed early. I am such a nightowl. But that's ok... I will do this. I have also added some more vitamins and stuff to my daily arsenal in my quest to strengthen my immune system. I am now taking a daily, 1000 mg of Vitamin C, odorless garlic, and Echinacea. Any other tips as to what I may be forgetting? Hopefully that's going to be enough. I figure as time goes on, the outcome can only be a positive one as long as I stick to this regimen right?

anyhoo, I got stuff to do so I'll catch you all later. No pictures today; go back to the main page and bask in the loveliness that was my grandma. She was a beauty wasn't she?


Monday, September 22, 2003


Yeah, anyone surprised by that? Not me, all is well here in the land of kleenex, sinex and Nyquil. Which by the way doesn't work all that well. I am off to Target or Walmart today... I want to go to Walmart but I just don't know if I can make myself go there and deal with just the entire ... experience. I don't know if I have the strength. I feel a little bit better; just still sick. I need to go buy more Nyquil as well as non drowsy cough medicine because I didn't buy enough before. Of course, I also didn't anticipate being sick for two fucking weeks either.

Anyhoo, school started today and I shit you not I actually thought about skipping the first day when my alarm went off at 5:45. See, I went to bed at 9:30. Aaron came to bed around 11:30. I was still awake when he came to bed, and guess who still fell asleep first? Fuck! I was even on Nyquil! Seriously! Tired of the exclamation points yet?! Here's another one!

But anyway, I know I was probably having a bit of pre-first day back at school jitters or whatever, and normally I have a hard time falling asleep but damn. I had a two hour head start and he still beat me. That sucks.

Back on topic, I think I may actually enjoy the drive out to Bellevue CC that early. Of course, that is only if traffic cooperates and goes as smoothly as it did today. It took me a good half hour or so to get there, but it's kind of a nice buffer to start the day. I hate transitions, and though getting up that early is unjust in itself, I like the quiet time and all that. Plus, it's different, and I like shaking things up in my schedule like that every once in a while. My teacher seems pretty cool; I guess it's a computer/math class. It's supposed to give you many ways to learn the material...which is good because I get frustrated so easily when it comes to numbers. There is daily homework... which kind of sucks. I don't know what I was expecting, but at least I'm getting it done. The sooner the better.

I didn't do too much this weekend; as I felt like donkey shit. Friday night I went home and watched Felicity and laid in bed. Saturday I lazed around for much of the day; Aaron and I cleaned the house and then we attended the wedding of an old friend of mine. Jennifer and Todd have been together for 7 years and on Saturday they made it official. It was a beautiful wedding, and a good time; I got to see a lot of people I hadn't seen in a long time. I also got to see some girls that had been at the daycare when I first started there... They were 4 and 2 if memory serves me right, and now they are 13 and almost 11. Crikey. They are turning into beautiful young ladies, and I feel so damn old.

We left the wedding a little early because I couldn't breathe and my voice was going. So we got home about 9 and got into bed and watched a couple hours of Law and Order on USA. The next morning I made a big ol' pancake breakfast and then laid around for the rest of the day. Aaron had to go into work for a few hours, and then he came home and watched the Seahawks game. We went grocery shopping afterwards and he made garlic chicken and noodles for dinner while we vegged out to the emmys. ---Which incidentally we had no inclination to watch, but somehow got sucked into and man what the fuck is up with Wanda Sykes? Girlfriend is not funny. At all. Although I got a good laugh when she tried to joke with Bill Cosby and he had none of it, as well as that documentary dude behind him who said "If I'd a known you would be talking to me I wouldn't have shown up." all live on the air. It was a hoot. I love the awkward award show moments.

Anyway, that was my boring weekend in a nutshell. I have to go now... gotta get started on that math homework. *ugh*


Friday, September 19, 2003


I had a rip roaring good time last night... if by good time you mean couging so hard I almost vomited ... on four seperate occasions. Yeah. Great. I got about 2.5 hours of sleep because A. I don't know what the hell my problem is, but I was in bed, lights out by 10 and was still wide awake at 12:30. B. I woke up at 2:45 and 3:30 to blow my nose and blink back tears of frustration from this damn cold, and C. Aaron awoke at 5:30, freaking out because he had the creepy crawlies... and yes, we found an ant on his arm. He was all grossed out and was twitchy after that, and I was wide awake and unable to just fucking lay there without coughing. Yeah. It's been great. I even took Nyquil... that shit just doesn't completely work for me. It helps, but not enough.

In other news, I saw a few bits and pieces of Survivor last night and man I love me some Rupert. If there ever was a real life Pirate he is it. I just about died laughing when he stole the other tribe's stuff. I thought it was totally fucked up the way they were just kind of hucked off the boat with what they were wearing... but that's the nature of the beast I guess. If you are going to sign up for something like that you have to expect the worst. I'll be interested to see if anyone starts donning fig leaves.

I usually try not to get too into Survivor, because it competes with my 'must see tv' and I am also trying to pare down how much tv I will be watching in the pm because I don't want it to interfere with my homework and such. I am perfectly capable of turning off the tv when I have stuff to do, but if it's a program I really want to watch then it just makes it all that harder.


1. Who is your favorite singer/musician? Why?

A year ago I would have said "hands down, 100% it would have to be Eminem. He is still one of my favorites, but the dumb obsession side of it has petered out... thankfully. I love all types of music and some of my current favorites are: The Dixie Chicks, Simon and Garfunkel, Madonna, Dr. Dre, Linkin Park, Boyz II Men, Bonnie Raitt, and Mr. Timberlake... shut up. But really, Eminem is probably my all time favorite. even now. *sigh*

I would like to note that while I am a HUGE Simon and Garfunkel fan, I find it fucking ludicrous that the tickets for their concert here are 200 bucks a pop. I know most of their venues are charging anywhere between 50 bucks to 300 per seat. I think that's absolutely outrageous, and you know what... it's not fair just because they haven't been on tour in like a jillion years or some shit that they charge such high prices. That's severely fucked up. Just for our concert in Seattle alone, that concert stands to make about 3 million bucks... I don't know what cut each party gets, but 200 bucks a ticket is flat out robbery.

2. What one singer/musician can you not stand? Why?

I cannot stand any of those boy bandish punk groups... bowling for soup, all american rejects, good charlotte, sum 41, simple plan, the ataris, and blink 182. They are all boy bands in punk band clothing. I'm serious. The difference between them and the Backstreet Boys? They play instruments... that's it. Arg. I just hate them, they all sound the same and ... I just hate them that's all!

3. If your favorite singer wasn't in the music business, do you think you would still like him/her as a person?

Oh I don't know. Eminem seems like he's a bit of a prick... definitely has a bad attitude. I always thought I would get along pretty good with Drew Barrymore or Gwyneth Paltrow, heh but they're not my favorite musicians now are they?

4. Have you been to any concerts? If yes, who put on the best show?

I've actually seen Eminem in concert, he was pretty good. Saw New Kids On The Block back in 1989, and saw Aerosmith and Guns and Roses last year. GnR put on the best show, hands down. It was the most awesome thing I have ever seen. Say what you will about Axl being old and out of practice and out of tune but that show was freakin' amazing.

5. What are your thoughts on downloading free music online vs. purchasing albums? Do you feel the RIAA is right in its pursuit to stop people from dowloading free music?

I think we as a country have better things to do than spend millions of dollars prosecuting
12 year olds for God's sake. I doubt I'm the first person to link to that today, but I don't care. I download music... I don't have thousands of mp3's on my computer, but I have a few. And you know what? It really fries me because some stuff you can't buy. I wanted that John Stamos song from Full House that he did with the Beach Boys, called 'forever'... and you can't find that song anywhere! At least I couldn't. Most of the stuff I've downloaded has been pretty obscure. I don't do complete albums or anything, just mainly stuff that's hard to find.

Asa attempts to seduce Ben

All last night while I laid in bed and crocheted while zoning out to Felicity, Ben and Asa never left my side. Awww....


Thursday, September 18, 2003


Man, I actually feel a little bit better today; just really tired. Went home after lunch yesterday; I think I'll make it the full 8 hours today though. I am getting a splitting headache from all the coughing, but you know what it's still an improvement, so I ain't complainin'.

School starts on Monday. I'm a tad nervous. Ok, more than a tad... while I took what is considered to be a full load the last two quarters (10 credits) I am taking an honest to goodness full load this quarter... 15 credits. yikes. And one of them is math. I am a little bit scared, but am trying to think positively. Two of those classes are going to be taken online, and the third I will be attending in the flesh. I have a lot to get done on Monday; gotta get my financial aid attendance thingy signed, I need to get a parking permit, I need to pick up my books, and find out which math book I need. (God forbid that information be available to me NOW.) Then on tuesday I need to pick up my financial aid check, try and find time to deposit it and then sometime in the near future I really need to meet with an advisor and plan out my curriculum. I am sort of clueless when it comes down to figuring out exactly what I need etc. I'd like to be done with all of this by the time I'm 30... but we'll see. I may even do summer school this year. Online of course. :-)

Well I don't have much to say because I haven't been up to much... just sleeping and crocheting in bed for the most part. I have become hooked on the reruns of Law and Order they are playing on Tnt... still waking up every hour on the hour to blow my nose and administer sinex... I'll be so fucking glad when that phase of this cold is over. The dreams are wicked as ever; seems like I have a million short dreams a night but rarely remember any of them. The other night though, I managed to remember I was playing the game operation with Nick Lachey, and he and Jessica wanted to borrow my laptop while I was out of town. Weird.

I need to get some more pictures... I am running out left and right.

You know you want to bite those little baby paws right off... you don't? Huh, yeah ... uh ...me neither.


Wednesday, September 17, 2003


Well, the previously mentioned cold has now moved south and as we speak is invading my chestular region. Of course, I still can't breathe through my nose, and as it was the night before, spent last night up every hour administering sinex and wasting kleenex. I did go home early yesterday and slept for like 5 hours. I went back to bed in the evening, but I still feel like shit. I am seriously under the damn weather. I have a wedding to go to this weekend, I was supposed to meet an old friend for dinner tomorrow night, I actually have a dentist appointment tomorrow which at this point seems ridiculous... I lost the temporary crown last weekend. Did I mention that? In one of my coughing jags or perhaps when I was gargling salt water, which didn't fucking help I lost it. I just don't care. The last thing I want to do tomorrow is sit there, trying to breathe while the dentist whittles around in my mouth... I don't have the strength. Or the sick time. I have minimal sick time and am considering going home early today and just taking the time lost as a loss... Fuck it. I need to be well come Monday... I need to not be sick when school starts.

I'm tired of being in a drug haze... I am the pharmaceutical industry's favorite type of sickie. Monday it was tylenol sinus and nyquil. Yesterday it was mentholatum rub and advil cold and sinus. Today... suphedurine nasal decongestant and expectorant. Basically I would buy donkey shit capsules if they promised to unplug my nose. Sadly, this is true. If it states that it will do it, I'll buy it. But IT NEVER WORKS.

Incidentally have I mentioned how much I hate Satchel? In my few hours of absence since Monday he has left me a plethora of little notes on my desk. I don't have the energy to actually crumple them up and cram them one byone up his ass, so for now they sit in a pile and about every 10-15 minutes or so, or whenever I remember they are there I give them the stink eye and wish I was evil enough to lick his phone and pass on this cold to him. But I'm not.

So much to write about and talk about, but no energy so I will stop rambling now and leave you with this:

I saw this picture in people magazine and found it online. (yes, I did edit out a nipple... this is a family site! right...) I find it absolutely hilarious that Snoop Dogg showed up to the VMA's with two chick's on leashes. And two local chicks too if you know what I mean; they look like he picked em up at the local 7-11 right before. I don't think it's degrading or whatever. Hey, if you can get two girls to go with you to a major awards show with leashes on and you as their master, more power to ya. That's the true measure of success. Right snoop?


Tuesday, September 16, 2003


I'm also feeling like donkey shit this fine rainy morning. Seriously... I wanted to die about 8pm last night... I hate being sick. HATE IT! Nothing is helping... I spent 20 bucks on cold medicine yesterday and am going out today to buy some Advil Cold and sinus, because as I recall from January's many illnesses, that seemed to help. I went home a wee bit early yesterday; and attempted to eat spicy stuff to open up the ol' nasal passages. I tried jalapeno chips... but nothing. So I made stir fry veggies and rice and used a buttload of pepper and tabasco... my mouth was freakin on fire... and I think it just made the situation worse. Arg.

Man... I so have nothing to say today... If I wake up one more morning to find that the asshole cats have dug my yarn out of my crochet basket and chased it around all of the living room furniture I am seriously going to be making cat pate'. I put a towel on top of it and they still found it. Not to mention that ben has dragged the chenille blanket off the chair the last two nights and done disgusting things to it while we were sleeping. He goes through phases like this where for a few days nothing is sacred and he will mate with anything... but then is fine for a long time. What's wierd is the little jerk is fixed, I don't get it.

Anyhoo, I am going to go into work for a while... hopefully at least half the day before I start waving my white flag around.

My cousin, who totally reminds me of Alex P. Keaton, but in a good way :-) just got this tattoo on his leg. Uh oh, you are coming over to the dark side Geary!

Aaron's lap is his favorite place to be.


Monday, September 15, 2003


***I have taken an assload of cold medicine this morning as well as an abundance of nasal spray... so I apologize for the random rambliness and hideous typos that I am sure are to follow....***

Someone stole my nasal passages and I.want.them.back. They must've been stolen, because they no longer exist. I am not shitting you, I literally cannot breathe through my nose at all. This phenomenon has left me so absolutely bewildered, I was found this morning peering up my nose with a maglite and shaving mirror. Usually I would imagine there is a tunnel of some sort to carry oxygen among other things... this morning I had no such tunnel. I had a wall of nose in there... nothing was getting through. I woke up at 1:13am, 4:28 am, 5:02 am, and 6:15 am... each time because I dreamt I was choking. The last time was worse, as the entire inside of my mouth was completely bone ass dry. I wished for death right then and there. I tried everything I could think of last night to remedy this situation... breathing in steam... uhhh if you can't breathe through your nose, this one doesn't really work. Fresh air... though that is really more for chest colds, not head colds... at least in my experience. I tried 4-way nasal spray and vick's sinex... and you know they both have a history of helping, but last night only after about a bazillion sprays and me scrunching up my nose and attempting to breathe did I get relief. And even then after about 10 minutes, no more breathing. Fuck. I feel ok; despite being tired as freakin hell, but the inability to breathe out my nose is zapping my will to do anything. I hate this.

I may even try Ashley's method of boiling water and then putting vick's vapo rub in the water, and inhaling the vapors... I've done that before, and it was disgusting... I tasted vicks for like three hours after... but at this point, I'm about as desperate as I"m willing to get. Any ideas?

So... my weekend. Friday night was spent on the couch, as I had a sore throat (the induction portion to this hell I'm in apparently), Lori came over and taunted me with her popcorn chicken, and we watched 'The Life of David Gale'. Have you seen that movie? That is one fucked up movie. First of all, let's ignore the glaring irritation of the mindless banter between Kate Winslet's character 'Bitsy Bloom' (which let's be honest... that name is in it's own category of irritation completely.) and her intern friend who's name is not nearly as catchy... Dave maybe? Anyway, I think the dialogue between the two may have meant to paint a portrait of an eventual romantic sub plot between the two, but I think that storyline ended up on the cutting room floor. All you end up with is this arrogant bitch who takes every opportunity to strip 'dave' of any and all credibility because a) he is male, and b)he is an intern, and c) SHE is the reporter... don't you freakin forget it. Anyway, to make a long story short... there are a few twists and turns that are not aptly explained which makes for a confusing movie in the short run. If you stick with it to the end though, it all kinda makes sense... but at the same time it is one fucked up movie.

During the movie, I noticed that Lori and I have a common trait. We like to talk a lot and ask questions during movies. Not just little comments, we debate about them with ourselves, with each other and aloud... it doesn't bother me because I do it too, but I always wonder if it pisses Aaron off. I get kind of exhuberant about it sometimes... like in memento, he kept pausing it for me to ask questions and say stuff like "Yeah, but why would ANYONE do something like that? Where is the logic? and furthermore..." you get the picture. But Aaron is the most patient person I've ever met, and swears it doesn't bother him. He does have permission to put his hand in my face, and 'brickwall' me if it gets out hand though. :-)

Saturday I was up after 5 hours of sleep, unable to rest any longer... I cleaned the house a bit, and then took some drowsy cold meds and proceeded to drift in and out of sleep during the movie 'She Devil'. Aaron had left me to my own devices for much of the day; as he went boating with one of his best friends. I went to a Mary Kay party at my cousin's house, and had a really nice time. It ended up being a small gathering, and there was lots of girl talk to be had. I came away with a nice visit and some new foundation. :-)

Aaron and I braved the Walmart crowds to get some more cold medicine and a couple movies... I barked 'EXCUSE ME, COMING THROUGH' at approximately 4 people... apologizing each time to Aaron for being trashy. But seriously, I fucking hate the people at Walmart, and you know what, I hate myself for it too; because something they pipe into that store fucking freezes my brain and I become one of the mindless idiots stopping in the middle of the damn aisle to stare aimlessly at a box of 'equate brand bran flakes'... gah. Then when the cashier asked Aaron for his ID so he could purchase an R rated movie I forgot my social manners and said (quite rudely I might add) "WHY?" Aaron said "I think it's for the movie" I looked at the woman across from me, and said 'does he really look like he's 16 or younger? The man is 31 years old." and she said "I sorry maam, I hab to put in seestem." I answered back in my usual sophisticated manner "WELL THAT'S GAY." Aaron just laughed and once again I apologized for my outburst on the way to the car. Man, I'm surly as hell when I'm sick.

I then went home and slept and watched Felicity. Aaron got home from work around 8:30, and we went to Azteca for dinner. Sunday morning I was up at 5:30 once again (WTF?) and finally was able to fall back sort of asleep around 8 ish, which means I laid there till about 10. I got up, ate breakfast, sifted through the sunday ads, watched Felicity and painted my toenails. In the afternoon I took a nap with the cats and when Aaron got home from work we split a totino's pizza and fell asleep while watching the football game.

Aaron's friend Willie came by the house around 5 and I made a chicken and rice casserole for dinner and they played a bunch of video games while I roamed from room to room in my suda-fed haze.

As you can see this entry really can't get anymore fricken boring. So I leave you with this...

Apparently when you give Asa the bastard catnip, he starts fiendin' for blood. Note how attractive I look in my 'save water, drink beer' t-shirt. Class all the way baby.


Friday, September 12, 2003


I meant to post these yesterday, but forgot. These are two memorial/ tributes to 9/11 ...

This One is kind of graphic, and almost seems a little like propaganda... (maybe that's just my impression, but I think a tribute should pay respect, not incite vengeful feelings.) It's kind of long, but has many more images and many I've never seen.

This one is my personal favorite... very touching and well done.

Both sort of take your breath away.

Man, I woke up to the news this morning of both Johnny Cash and John Ritter... how sad. Not only was John Ritter way too young... but it was his daughter's 5th birthday. How sad is that?

On a more positive note, I was watching abc news or some shit last night and saw the most incredible story. Zubaida, a little girl from Afghanistan was horrifically burned a couple years ago in a cooking accident... and no shit, when I saw the pictures ---they showed those before they showed any film footage, I thought it was fake. Her face literally had melted onto her torso... she couldn't close her mouth or her eyes.... absolutely amazing. I didn't know that you could be burned like that. Anyway, her father got no help in the middle east; they just couldn't help him, so he went to an American Army base in Kabul, and the officers contacted the state department to see what could be done. They were flown to America, and though her father could only stay for a week (in which she had her first two surgeries), her doctor and his wife offered to care for her and be her legal guardians while she was here in America... anyway the results of the twelve surgeries she had are absolutely astounding. Click on the link above to see pictures and read her story... absolutely amazing.

I also watched Extreme Makeover... I know, I know... but I'm in a lull until Netflix delivers my next installment of Felicity dvd's, and premiere week is still a week and a half away. Did you see the first one? They made over two women, Sharon and Evelyn... woof. I'm sorry but isn't the point of plastic surgery to make you look better? They looked pretty good, but the Evelyn chick looked pretty much the same. Girl... lose the braided pigtails. GAH.

My weekend... no big plans. Aaron is going to be out all day tomorrow doing 'guy stuff' which I guess is good because he doesn't get to see his friends much, if at all lately. But then he has to work for a few hours which means I won't get to see him until 9pm and he has to work on Sunday too. I hate it when I complain and people say "yeah, but you guys do live together"... yeah, but we work opposite schedules, and in a week it's going to be worse as I will no longer be able to come home for lunch. I'll also be getting up a good hour earlier, which means I won't be staying up to see him when he gets home. Which means the weekends are truly going to have to be divided up now between our time, the occasional few hours he has to do for work, family and friends. Have I mentioned how much I loathe our scheduling differences? But I guess it won't last forever.

So I am not sure what I'll do tomorrow; I am going to a Mary Kay party at 2, so I'll probably go to the gym before that. I want to start trying to make it to the gym at least once a weekend. I'm not sure what I have going on in the evening, I know I'm probably going to go pick up that movie 'A View From The Top'... even though I've heard it sucks, I love Gwyneth Paltrow and Mike Myers.

Anyhoo, here is today's Friday Five...

1. Is the name you have now the same name that's on your birth certificate? If not, what's changed?


2. If you could change your name (first, middle and/or last), what would it be?

For a very long time when I was a child; like age 5 I wished my name was Cindy. heh, I don't even know why, I am so not a Cindy. Then in the 6th grade I had a brief fascination with the name Gretchen... that one is even weirder... I mean Gretchen? Then middle school brough on my dream of changing my name to 'Chynna' ... that was way before the wrestler sullied that good name. That was back in Wilson Phillips days. In high school I abandoned the need to change my name and instead focused on the spelling. For a long time I was in love with the spelling: Alisyn.

3. Why were you named what you were? (Is there a story behind it? Who specifically was responsible for naming you?)

I believe my parents had a deal, my mom could name the boys and my dad could name the girls. But they each had veto power. My mom liked names like Brittany and Chelsea for a girl, and Nigel and John for a boy... I probably would have been named John if I had been a boy. I was named Allison after a girl my dad went to school with, who my whole life I heard him describe as one of the nicest prettiest girls he had known (before my mom obviously). When I found his yearbooks in high school and looked her up I was like "uh... woof." That girl was not pretty. But my dad maintains it was her personality that made her cute. My middle name is after my Aunt Ruth; one of my mom's best friends, and my Godmother as well. Incidentally, my sister is named after Lauren Bacall, who she also has the same opinion of "woof". heh, and her middle name Dana is after my mom's sister.

4. Are there any names you really hate or love? What are they and why?

As a general rule, I favor names that are uncommon. While there are a few more common names that I sort of like... Jason, Anna etc, there are many more uncommon ones that I absolutely love. I have always wanted to name my firstborn son after my Grandpa; Leo... I just love that name. And if I had another son, I would so want to name him Maverick. And no, you would not call him Rick, you would call him Mav. Shut up. I also love the name Declan and Seth. Seth is probably my favorite name now... for a boy or a girl. Again, shut up. :-) For girls I tend to favor A-names... Ashlyn, Aleia, Ava, Athena...etc. I also love the name Leila.

When I was younger, like high school age, I was drawn to russian names, and just knew I would have twin daughters I would someday name 'Oksana Adele' and 'Ekaterina Marie' but would call Ekaterina- Katya. yikes. I also wanted to name my son Etienne... what the hell. French, russian, yikes.

5. Is the analysis of your name at kabalarians.com accurate? How or how isn't it?

This is what it said... As Allison you have a great love of nature and the out-of-doors. All the finer things of life and beauties of nature are an inspiration to you and you are attracted to the mysteries of nature. Difficulty in expression results in your being too positive, blunt, and candid in speech and although you are easily offended by others, you do not show it. You crave affection and understanding, but rarely find it as others do not understand you and accuse you of being cool and aloof. The average person would never realize the true depth of your nature. A very individual, independent person, you live within your own thoughts. The insecurity you experience from limited verbal expression and social ease results in a jealous possessiveness and suffering through frustration, repressed emotion, and self-consciousness.

eh... I'd say it was pretty right on, except for the whole 'in love with nature thing'.

Oh yeah, I'm supposed to mention that my sister takes a lot of the pictures that I post here; and I don't give her enough credit. So thanks my sistah, for letting me pilfer pictures. :-D


Thursday, September 11, 2003


I don't have much to say about today being the anniversary of 9/11... other than I find myself fascinated once again with the images that are being replayed the last few days on MSNBC and CNN. It's almost like in the absence of those images and of the reminders you become numb to it. I watched a special on the survivors of the Twin Towers on the Discovery channel last weekend, and that feeling of disbelief is still there. Man. Even more strange to me is that in a few months I will be standing at that site to pay my respects and that in itself boggles my mind. It's just so sad.

Ok, in other news... I am happy today despite the solemn tones. I am happy because it is fall, and since every other journalist out there seems to be contemplating the 'quiet calm of fall' or whatever the hell they are calling it, I thought I would as well. I am wearing my favorite grey sweatshirt and appreciating the crisp air. All I can think of is the leaves that will soon be covering the ground, how I'll need to turn my a/c over to the heat position soon, and am anticipating carving pumpkins, and more than that decorating for Christmas! Oh, I so cannot wait.

I had the most stressful dream; but I'll keep it short, because I know how boring it is to read about other people's dreams... but Aaron and I were getting married and I had two hours till the ceremony and my dress wasn't finished getting altered, I had no veil, no flowers, and 13 bridesmaids without dresses as well as no flower girl and no ring bearer. The pisser of all of this? I had 250 bucks to spend to cover all of that, AND every time I got up to pee (3x for those of you playing the home game) the dream would continue. I was so stressed in the dream I woke up not feeling rested at all. Arg. oh well, I can't call it a bad dream, because I WAS a bride in it afterall. :-)

Have you heard those radio spots for Albertson's featuring Patricia Heaton? They bug the shit out of me. "Hi there Ms. Heaton, what are you doing?" says the voice over (or something like that) then she responds with "hi there, just doing a little shopping. Actors have to eat too, you know." STUPID. DUMB. CONVERSATION.! I can't even tell you how much they irritate me or exactly why they just do; I hate hate hate those commercials.

Found out some good nose (note heavy sarcasm), a warehouse about oh... 6 blocks or so from my work has been chosen to be a halfway house for level 3 violent sex offenders. YAY! I should note that the article states that they will be monitored and all that shizzle, but you know what? Not good enough. Level 3 means violent, and highly likely to reoffend. Those fuckers can be monitored night and day; and incidentally there will ONLY be a staff person to each resident during the day. At night there will be less staff on hand, which you know just oozes fucking confidence. Joy. I am so buying mace.

You know why I hate people? I hate them because they are idiots. Of course, I am speaking of the assholes that call my office, typically Satchel's customers. Actually 75% of everyone who calls for Satchel is probably not even a client, rather they are members of his little Republican club... he heads up the district of Republicans where he lives, so all of his little followers call here constantly. Anyway, I digress. One dipshit calls this morning, and asks for him and I tell the fucker that Satchel has stepped out which is actually code for "he's in the bathroom spraying the walls with shit... or well, that's what it sounds like from out here." Anyway, the dipshit says "he stepped out?" Like I'm speaking a foreign fucking language. I say "mmm hmm" and he goes "you allow that?" and starts laughing like a big fat dickhead. Why do people say such stupid asinine shit like that and then laugh about it? I have absolutely zero tolerance for 'office niceties'. The stupid inane comments office co-habitators seem to make incessantly. Just shut the fuck up and let me do my fucking job. Don't ask how I am or tell me to 'cheer up buttercup, It's THURSDAY!" ARG.

I got into it with Satchel yesterday (big surprise, I know) because he wanted me to call up our office supply company and see if they'd match a price he found at a competitor for copy paper. First of all, it is my job to worry about office supplies, not his. Second of all, our supplier doesn't have a 'beat all competitor's prices' policy. Third of all, um fuck off and worry about yourself. I wouldn't even know what to say, and you know what? If it's that big a deal, do it yourfuckingself. I told him that I didn't have time to call them up and dicker around about price of paper and that I really didn't think anyone would give that big a shit about it if we ended up saving 5 bucks on copy paper. Not only that, but I would feel uncomfortable begging for a discount. He said "well, I would imagine your job would be to find the best possible prices and I wish you would care about it." I said "even if I did, it's the last possible thing on my priority list right now, and I don't have time to call around beg for discounts." He looks at me and says "yes you do, just go ahead and do it." I crumpled up the note he wrote me about it, and threw it in the trash can. I am not his lackey, and I am not his personal assistant. I hate that fucker so much sometimes I actually can't think straight. He has to make everything his business and he's always right. Just ask him.

That's enough ranting for today...

My cousin Dawn and her youngest, Camryn. (we were at their cabin for the family reunion last weekend.)

Big smiles!

How big is Evan? This big!


Wednesday, September 10, 2003


Man. I have just been beat as all hell this week. I am blaming the cold. I also need to start getting my ass in bed earlier. School starts in less than two weeks and I am so not looking forward to adjusting to a new schedule. I've been able to do whatever the heck I want whenever the heck I want for the last four months, and this is going to be weird. I am kind of excited though... the anticipation of getting back into the swing of things, moving forward with my education; getting another step closer to the end result... which I'm still a couple years away from, but you know what I mean. I wish I could blink my eyes like I dream of Jeannie and have it be done with. Oh well.

Hey, I don't know if I've mentioned it yet or not; but I downloaded the new google toolbar. IT.IS.AWESOME! There is a built in pop-up blocker that you have to activate after it's installed. (click the options button) and man, I haven't had one pop-up since. So far it says it's blocked 173, and that includes the irritating msnbc personalization pop-up and the E! online ads too. VERY cool.

So, I didn't make it to the gym last night. I wish I would have, I am feeling really gross and guilty. Not a good combo! But I had logged into Komotv.com our local abc affiliate, and was surprised to see all but one road around my gym was closed due to a shooting. Well, at the time it was a special alert; and said it was a 'reported shooting'. I heard on the new this morning it was a double shooting in the apartments behind the gym... I didn't really want to find myself in the thick of all that so I opted to work out at home. I checked out the apartment gym for the first time and was not freakin impressed. Lori came over and we tested out several of the machines, but my heart just wasn't in it. Today I will go to the gym, and I WILL burn calories!

That is of course unless I have to go to the doctor. I think I may have a bladder infection... so I may try to pilfer some pharmaceuticals off my dear mother, because I don't feel like spending 50 bucks today. (25 to see the doctor and a good 20-25 for the prescription.) I know you shouldn't share antibiotics, but it's just a damn bladder infection, and that is something that I am very willing to self diagnose.

Anyhoo, I leave you with a few more pics from the family reunion and cousin Steve's visit from Minnesota. (*I will say I was a little disappointed he didn't have the trademark Minne-soh-tah accent. A highlight of it, but not the one I was expecting. I love the accents in that one movie with Kirsten Dunst and Kirstie Alley... the one about Beauty pageants... I can't remember the name of it, but they all have thick Minne-soh-tah accents. I love it!)

Here is Cassie with lil' sis Camryn.

Dad and Cousin Steve at a fountain. (wow, I'm a keen observer of the obvious.) I didn't take this picture; just lifted it from my mom's ofoto album. Mom and Dad took Steve all around some of the Seattle landmarks and attractions, so I imagine this is somewhere downtown.


Tuesday, September 09, 2003


I was in bed and asleep - ASLEEP at 10:15 or so last night. Amazing. I usually can't fall asleep till close to midnight as a general rule. I also dreamt I was married to Sean Penn, who was seriously wearing the worst toupee I think I've ever seen. Weird.

I pulled the temporary crown off again. Moron. Luckily the dentist's office called this morning and my permanent crown is in; so I'll go in later on and have it seated. I am fiendin' for some gum like you wouldn't believe.

I didn't go to the gym last night, because I had lost the ability to breathe through my nose. I am getting a bit of a cold; and was exhausted anyway. So I went home and did pilates instead, and that shit hurts. My lower back is sorer than a mofo this morning. I hate Mari Winsor by the way. "Let's test that powerhouse." um screw you. I even quit about 9 moves before the work out was officially over. The most difficult moves are at the end though, in my opinion anyway and I am not down with balancing on my tail bone with both legs out and at 45 degree angles in the air. (like a v) with my hands holding my legs in place on the lower calf... yeah. Not so much.

My Godson started Kindergarten this year. Good lord. I feel old. This is the same boy I watched come into the world almost 6 years ago. (He'll be 6 on October 6th) And now he's in school. I remember thinking about all this kinda stuff when he was a baby; and it seemed so far away. Man. I was going to post the picture I have of him at Kindergarten on here; but can't find where I put it on this dang computer. ARG.

Anyway, I am too tired for this today; so I'll leave you with some pictures...

Evan says 'Pucker up!'

Lori and I. Lori deserved a prize for saving the day on sunday. I dropped Aaron's digital camera off the side of the deck at the cabin, and it fell about 3 feet or so; then rolled under the deck. Lori climbed over the deck and fished it out with a broom. Man, she's brave. There were like bugs and leaves and stuff under there.


Monday, September 08, 2003


How was your weekend? I had a good one; though not as good as these yahoos. I mean, I agree and all that the proposed ten cent tax on coffee is infringing on small businesses and the like, and even though the CEO of Starbucks probably makes like a jillion bucks, and could stand to lose ten cents a cup... I just don't agree with a mandatory tax to pay for child care. I just don't. If it were to make healthcare free for everyone, well then OK. Tax me. But child care? Why should I have to pay for someone else's kids to go to daycare? Anyway, I'm drifting here, but while I don't agree with it I probably wouldn't don a costume circa 1790 and take to the shores of Greenlake to reenact the Boston Tea Party in protest. But damn, if I woulda known it was happening I sure as hell would've gone down to take a gander. People just amaze me.

So, Aaron and I have crossed another milestone in our relationship. Not only did we hit the 9 month mark yesterday (which we celebrated by exchanging the exact same card... it's fate I tell you), but on Saturday afternoon I took the plunge and farted in front of him. :-) Not to be completely adolescent here, but I fart all the time around him, just quietly. He's never noticed, so I never fess up. That is until Saturday afternoon. We had spent the morning grocery shopping and running errands, and found ourselves lounging around the apartment for a few hours before I made chicken soft tacos for dinner. He was playing video games in the living room (about 30 feet away I would guess) and I was in the bedroom, crocheting and watching a Sex in the City DVD. I was nodding off and let one rip apparently, and it was loud enough to wake the dead. I froze in sheer panic for a moment, then thought "ah fuck it" and laughed. I was testing the waters to see if he had heard me. Sure enough I could hear him giggle in the front room. Ah man. I was mortified. But glad that first fart moment is now overwith.

Saturday night we found ourselves at my favorite Karaoke joint with Dwayne and Lisa. Holly and Maria came down for a bit, as did my sister and a good time was had by all. Lisa and I performed two Dixie Chicks songs with all the enthusiasm you can possibly imagine... of course all of it fueled by beer and peppermint schnapps. I had a definite buzz and woke up about 8 jillion times to pee that night.

Wow, just what were you expecting for a Monday entry besides Farting and Peeing?

Sunday was spent at my cousin's cabin (Dawn and Ryan)... for a big ol' Polenske family get together. My dad's cousin Steve had flown in from Minnesota, so it was a sort of reunion for everyone. I had actually never met Steve, and most of the family hadn't seen him in a long time. (The last time my parents saw him was at their wedding; he was in the wedding party.) We ate some pasta salad, and sampled some of the 6 kinds of macaroni salad (next time we should all touch base before comitting to bringing mac. salad), and just had a good time. Lori took some professional type pictures of Aaron and I... ok, so she's not a pro, but she knows her shizzle. I put them on their own page here, so anyone who doesn't feel like gazing upon the mushyness that is us doesn't have to. :-) We had to climb down a rocky/mossy embankment, and Lori kept trying to get us into positions that required balancing on tree roots and rocks and such. It was kinda fun though. I don't know about the big hair though... I like it when I curl it, but in pictures it makes my face seem kind of giant... could just be me.

Anyhoo, that's about all I can offer up for now; so here are a few pics from the family reunion...

That's Lori and I in the back, with our cousins Cassie (in the middle) and Cori. I can't believe they are so grown up. When I was their age, I was babysitting them as babies. Man. Time flies.

Don't be scared, that's just 90% of the Polenske brood.

Evan gets a kiss from his Great Grandpa.

I'll post more throughout the week.


Friday, September 05, 2003


I had a whole entry typed out and blogger wigged out on me and erased it so fuck it all. I was going to tell you about how satchel called our tech three times yesterday (AND OUR TECH IS ON VACATION!) WHAT A DICK! I then made a humorous reference to satchel in the bathroom performing an operetta with his massive ass... I am too tired and caffeine deprived to think of it all again. Well, I'll at least redo the Friday Five, but only because I love you.


1. What housekeeping chore(s) do you hate doing the most?

vaccuuming and dusting. Oh yeah, and making the bed.

2. Are there any that you like or don't mind doing?

laundry, dishes, cleaning the bathroom

3. Do you have a routine throughout the week or just clean as it's needed?

We keep the place picked up through the week; but on the weekends we take an hour and make it shine.

4. Do you have any odd cleaning/housekeeping quirks or rules?

I am particular about how my clothes are washed, and insist on hospital corners for the beds; but other than that, no.

5. What was the last thing you cleaned?

The dishes last night.

Have a great weekend!

King shit likes to sleep in the dead center of the bed. On the nice pillows of course.


Thursday, September 04, 2003


*YAWN* Man. I so don't feel like writing an entry today. I am beat. I should have gone to bed at 9:15 last night, but was so sleepy on the couch, I couldn't make myself get up and turn off Dr. Phil to go to bed. I wasn't even enjoying that show, not that I'd admit it if I were anyway, but there IS NOTHING ON TV right now. I am crossing my fingers that my next Felicity DVD gets here from Netflix today.

I think Aaron is getting sick. My sister was over on Sunday night, with a cold, so maybe that's where he picked it up from. I have been religiously taking vitamins for about two weeks now, a daily and 1000 milligrams of vitamin C as well. I also drink a glass of Orange juice first thing in the morning, all in hopes of boosting my immune system. I so do not want another repeat of last winter where I was sick for a frickin month. Hopefully all of that will help fend off whatever he has. He kept saying on the phone last night "I think I'm getting sick." To which I would reply: "Don't say that!"... a few minutes would go by. I would inquire "What's on your mind?" and he'd say "I think I'm getting sick." me: "DON'T SAY THAT!" We've had a good run here, I always get sick at least once in the summer and I didn't get a cold or anything this year... that's a freakin record. Of course because I just said that pneumonia should set in by 2pm this afternoon.

This morning as I was getting ready for work, I noticed that it was really gray and overcast outside and for a second got kind of excited that winter is coming. I don't know why, I don't particularly like cold weather and rain... but then again, I love snow and being warm and wearing scarves and my black coat... I am getting all happy thinking about it again. :-) Of course, the one major downside to winter is having to wear shoes. In the summer time I only wear my flip-flops... it's a hard habit to break. About Mid-October I get tired of frozen toes, and break out the winter wear.

Boy this entry is all sorts of random ain't it?

I am going to get my nails done today; THANK YA LORD! I feel all ghetto chic with my thumb and pinky nails missing on my right hand, as well as the left thumb and index painted in multi color stripes as I tried to find the perfect color the other night. I was under the impression I would be able to get in whenever I called, but was delayed a few days. Arg. If I didn't give a shit who did my nails it would be fine, but ever since my nail girl quit I only trust one other person at that shop. I've been going there for almost 2 years, I don't want to change anytime soon. You know?

I feel all ... out of sorts today. The last few days really. Just kind of restless and .. eh. I don't know what my problem is. I am thinking it's directly associated to the transition from summer to fall, and no school to going back to school. I can't put my finger on it specifically, but add to the general feeling of eh the fact that I am still attempting to work out a lot and eat right--eat what I want, but eat healthier generally. And dammit all to hell if it's all I can do to just fucking maintain my weight under 170lbs. Arg. Arg. Arg. But that's ok... I'm ok with all of this, remember?

Can I share with you something that is just absolutely fucking disgusting? I don't want to be gross, but at work here, we have recently done away with the bath mats around the toilet because they were old and gross. Anyway, someone had mopped on Tuesday, and the white linoleum around the toilet was shiny and clean. I go in there today and voila... spots. All around the toilet. I noticed they had been accumulating all week, but once I paused for thought as to why this is I came to the conclusion that the boys I work with are dripping all over the fucking place and then people come in with dirty shoes and there you have it. Spots. Gross. ew fucking ew. I have lived with boys before; namely my dad and Matt and now Aaron... never have I seen this phenomenon. AND I KNOW IT AIN'T ME. Somebody get me the easy aim book for grown fucking men. Oy vay.

"Aw cripes, now she has proof that we actually like this thing."


Wednesday, September 03, 2003


It might be a good idea to heed your dentist’s advice when he says “I wouldn’t chew gum if I were you, it’ll pull that temporary crown right off.”


I was chewing Freedent no less… the kind that won’t stick to dental work. (Or as the pack clearly states … apparently… ‘won’t stick to most dental work’.) It stuck to mine alright, and pulled the temporary right off. It happened kinda fast, but once I figured out that I had a nub of a tooth exposed panic ensued. I wouldn’t close my mouth, and opted instead to take the gum out of my mouth, detach the crown and for a second almost cried because I don’t know which way to put the little fucker back on. My heart was racing and all of a sudden it was very hot in the office, and I grabbed my little mirror trying to figure out which way to put it on. I didn’t want to touch the nub of a tooth that’s left after the root canal… I don’t know why, I just couldn’t touch it. After much arguing in my brain, I just stuck the crown on my tongue, said a quick prayer and gently pushed it back on. It fit right away, didn’t have to rotate or anything. Thank you LORD. Ugh, I hate little crises like that. And yes, it was a definite crisis. Anything involving dental work is a fucking crisis in my book. Rates right up there with spiders in the home, and running out of milk when the cereal is poured. Class A crisis. I keep pushing on it, hoping to keep it in place. After all, I have 9 days until I go to the dentist again. 9 fucking days. Oy vay. I go through a pack of gum a day. This… should be fun. Add to that my ‘sympathetic pain theory’ and you’ve got a rip roarin’ good time. I know there is no root in that tooth, and that technically the dentist could drill his initials in it while I sat there un-numb and I would feel nothing. However, I am CONVINCED right now that that tooth is hurting. Great. A fucking phantom toothache. Woo fucking hoo.

Anyhoo, have I mentioned to you lately how much I loathe that lazy fucking ass-hat that I work with named Satchel? NO? Well I do. A lot. Seriously. More than I even hate Ashanti... and you know what, the scales are getting even on that too.

Kevin at work gives me like ... almost 80 units of our product that needs to be sent out for service. He completes a repair tag for each and every one, like he always does. Satchel slaps five or six units on my desk top, no note except for partial post-its with the company name on them so I know who they belong to. No idea where they go, what's wrong with them etc. He can't take the fucking time to write out repair tags for 5 or 6 radios, yet Kevin will come in and put them on all 80 of his. Same thing with UPS... Kevin and John take care of 90% of their own UPS shipments, simply because they are able to do it, and they don't disrupt what I am doing if they can take care of it. If they are in a rush, or don't have time etc, they call and ask me to do it. Satchel absolutely fucking refuses to do it himself. "That looks like something that is in YOUR job description" he says. Fuck you, you little oompa loompa. Yesterday, while I was busy logging and doing the paperwork for the previously mentioned units, (all 80 took me damn near all day to do), I forgot to send out Satchel's UPS shipment. He makes me stop what I am doing to get it together so he can take it down to the UPS depot "right away"... guess what was still sitting there this morning? I.HATE.HIM. Yesterday he also wanted me to "research" something for him, and I didn't get to it right away because I was busy as fuck. He asked me about it a little while later, and I said "I haven't gotten to it, I have been extremely busy today." I should point out that the 'research' he wanted me to do was call up to Everett and find out if a customer that had called already had been appointed a salesperson because it was an unfamiliar name. Um... do you not know how to dial a fucking phone? I hadn't even looked at the 2 paragraph note he had written to me on this... yeah, the fucker will write a long ass note, march it up to my desk... but won't pick up his own phone and call the corporate office. When I told him I hadn't gotten around to it he sighed and started to scold me in his little way. I cut him off "Satchel. Don't start with me. If you are so lazy you can't pick up the phone to do it yourself and must depend on me to do every teeny tiny little task for you, then you will just have to wait, because I am doing something more important." He said "I asked you to do it, because it's YOUR job. If you had told me you were busy, I would have gladly taken care of it." (um, yeah fucking right.) I said "well, I apologize for not letting you know, I just thought with my desk piled high with these units and boxes, you might come to that assumption all by yourself." He just walked away. ARG. I hate hate hate him!!!

I should also mention that I am still kinda pissed over last week when he handed me a note that asked me to find a file for him. HIS MOTHERFUCKING OFFICE IS LESS THAN 6 FEET AWAY FROM THE FILING CABINETS. My desk is all the way at the front of the office. Do you see why I get so pissed? In the time it takes to write the note, and walk it up to me he could have gotten the file and done his business with it and be on his way to putting it back. I took that note and crumpled it into a ball and deposited it into the circular file. I just don't care. I am not his fucking personal assistant, and you know what, he is more than capable of retrieving a fucking file all by himself. I am not budging on this. If I don't put my foot down on some of this crap, next thing you know I'll be taking his trash out, nuking his lunches for him, cutting his meat and wiping his ass.

On a slightly more pleasant note, I watched 'Newlyweds' last night. Damn. And that's all I have to say about that. My sister, said the commercials reminded her of me camping. Um.... after watching the episode, you can so kiss my butt. Oh yeah. I said it. :-)

I bought that damn cat bed and the only way to get the little bastards into it is to sprinkle catnip and then they LOOOVE it.


Tuesday, September 02, 2003


I love long weekends. I love them even more when they feel like a long weekend, and don't speed by. We didn't do a whole heckuva lot, but it was pretty relaxing in the long run. Friday night I was supposed to go out to sing Karaoke, but Holly had to go in for surgery; she hadn't expected to go in that soon, so needless to say she wasn't up for going out. Aaron and I hung out, and I think we watched a movie, as he was off work a little early. I did a lot of crocheting this weekend. I'd like to finish his blanket before the new year, but with school starting who knows what I'll have time for.

Saturday Aaron had to work pretty much all day. He had a 3 hour break in the afternoon, so I met him downtown and we roamed the Pike Place Market for a while... I had to pee so bad at one point my back was beginning to hurt, but all the lines were 6-10 people deep. No thank you. We were hungry as well, but nothing at the market seemed appetizing, so we went to our favorite restaurant. Then I ran a few errands and went home to watch some Felicity and crochet.

Sunday was pretty blah, I finished cleaning the house, while Aaron went to work in the morning. That afternoon we went and bummed around Ikea... did you know they have a whole restaurant/cafeteria thing going on there? You can get Swedish cuisine as well as some American dishes... and it's pretty cheap too. I was kinda mad that I never realized that they had that or the little grocery section for Swedish foods. I totally would've taken Bobby there the last time he visited, so he could have some stuff from home. ARG.

Some friends of ours are going through a breakup right now, and it's a big ol' mess. I feel really bad for them, and their kids... breaking up sucks in general but when there are kids involved it just sucks ass even more. We had both the kids and their dad come over for dinner on Sunday, and it was a nice time but I felt so bad for our friend. What do you say in those kind of situations when someone is just hurt and can't seem to make sense of it? After he left that night, my sister ended up coming over and we played the board game she got me for my birthday. It's a detective game--221 Baker St. Kind of like and adult clue game. Very fun. :-D

Yesterday we went to see American Wedding... um I hate Stifler. The movie was cute and ok, but wayyy too much Stifler. The guy isn't even marginally talented when it comes to acting. The asinine expressions and fake little laugh. Ugh. I wanted to kick him in the nuts on more than one occasion during the movie. Afterwards, we drove out to the Supermall in Auburn and went for a bike ride. I think we did about 3 miles. It was a lot of fun, poor Aaron though, his brakes were tweaking out on him and were dragging on the back tire. At one point we were walking and the back tire would occasionally stop, even though the front tire was still rolling. He was absolutely beat by the time we were done. I had to go buy a helmet yesterday because I had thrown out my old one when we moved. Tatum used to chide me and say that I looked like one of Jerry's Kids in it. Could have been the combination of the antiquated bicycle and the helmet... who knows. Anyway, I bought a new one, and I think I look even dumber in this one (and yes I am posting a picture because I seriously have no dignity.)

What do you think? I think I look gay in helmets. Not gay as in lesbian... gay as in ... fucking gay man, look at that picture! :-)