Thursday, August 07, 2003


So, Aaron got a flat tire on the way to work yesterday. He put the spare on, got to work and all was fine. I went shopping for some camping stuff for this weekend, and then also had to pick up some soft foods as he is having two wisdom teeth pulled first thing this morning. I go home, take two Tylenol PM's... I have had a heck of a time sleeping lately, and finally decided to try taking a sleep aid. Go figure. I get a call shortly after 11 or so... it was Aaron. He was stuck on the freeway; his spare went flat. I was out of it as I was drugged and half asleep. I couldn't quite make sense of what he was saying and felt like I was laboring just trying to talk. Luckily his boss was able to pick him up... I was scared to get behind the wheel in my stupor. I vaguely remember him coming home; but was unable to relax after that phone call. Even though I was in a haze, I was worried about the truck... the fact that it was sitting out on the freeway...etc. etc. Arg.

So this morning I took the tire to Discount Tires, and dropped it off. The plan is that my sister will drop Aaron off at the dentist, go pick up the tire, then go pick Aaron up (minus two of his wisdom teeth) and then she will drive him to his truck and he'll put the repaired tire on it. I am worried about him... and this whole plan. It's a shitty thing to have teeth pulled in general, let alone to have to change a tire afterwards... hopefully all will be ok; I told them to call if they need me for anything.

So I have to pack tonight for camping, and I am leaving work early tommorrow so we can head out into the wilderness and 'rough it'. I am looking forward to it though. I am bringing some books and will be content to just curl up with them and read for a while... and nap an just be lazy. :-)

Oh! Stupid Human, How I Loathe Thee...

I love this picture... incidently, it's been 8 months today!


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