Thursday, August 14, 2003


So I keep hearing the commercials for Denis Leary's upcoming roast on Comedy Central, which by the way I would totally be into watching, except that our cable company sucks major ass and we don't get Comedy Central. Or FX... or Mtv2 and VH-1. MILLENIUM DIGITAL MEDIA SUCKS! I guess it's good in the long run, that out channel range is shorter than it was at my mom's... because I used to live in front of the tv. I usually watched one of the music channels or comedy central... all the time. I miss it. But I digress... anyway, in the promos, they mention the guests and one of them is Dr. Dre... how the hell do Dr. Dre and Denis Leary know each other? That is the most random coupling ever.. other than Busta Rhymes and Martha Stewart on Mtv a few years ago... I am just perplexed by that though. Wish I could watch it so I could see how they are connected, but NOOOoOO, I have MDM and unless I pay like a million bucks a month I can't get more basic cable channels... it's either bare minimum or full on digital cable. They suck. Sorry... tangent.

Aaron and I joined Netflix. You know what brought that on? I can't even believe I'm going to admit this, but I kind of want to watch the first season of Felicity... I don't think I've ever seen a full episode, and my curiosity is getting the better of me. Do I want to pay 45 bucks for the first season on DVD? um no. I mean it's Felicity for God's sake. But none of the rental places carry the series so I checked out Netflix, and whaddya know. It's such a deal anyway, twenty bucks a month, no due dates, no late fees... you get three movies at a time, they come in prepaid postage envelopes and you can store a shit load of movies on their site, so when you send em back they can send out the next batch to you. To rent 3 dvds at the local Hollywood Video or Blockbuster... you'd spend like 12 bucks easily. You could probably rent upwards of about 12-15 movies per month and it's 20 bucks. Such a good deal. I am surprised Aaron and I hadn't joined sooner... we're both such movie freaks. We now have over 80 movies in our rental queue... (sp?) so it'll be a while before we run out of shit to watch.

I have no new pictures. Sorry. I suck.


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