Wednesday, July 02, 2003


I love short work weeks... even though they sometimes seem to take longer to go by; in the end, they are my favorite. Aaron has tommorrow off, and I am leaving early. It's going to be great. We were sweating what to do for the fourth for a while... I hate stupid holidays like New Year's Eve and the Fourth of July, that make you feel like you have to do something fun, because if you don't you end up sitting at home, watching festivities on television... and you feel like a total loser. I typically make the choice to chill at home on those holidays... last year was the first New Year's I didn't babysit or just stay home. I don't like big crowds, and I don't really care to buy fireworks, so I usually hang with the fam on those kinds of days. Aaron usually does something though, so we spent a few days mulling our options. Which I gotta say, is nice because though I choose to stay home on these kinds of days... I ALWAYS feel left out of the celebrations... like everyone else in the world is having a fantastic time, while I watch the fourth of Jul-Ivars on komo.

Originally we were going to spend the 3rd and 4th with my cousins. Aaron usually goes with them out of town for a fireworks show on the peninsula, and it sounded like a lot of fun. The problem? We are down to one vehicle, and due to us saving money for big bills, we are a little lower than we'd like to be on fundage. We were bummed about having to pass on it, but maybe we can do it next year. We are making headway with some old debts, and if we are diligent we can enter the fall without these old bills hanging over our heads. So we are going to spend the fourth with his family, they are having a get together at his mom's house, and since my family doesn't do much for the fourth, we'll go there.

We are working on finishing up some projects around the apartment... we have to put a shelf in the storage unit, get a desk (surfing the net at the kitchen table is a pain in the ass) clean up the office area, print some pics and put up our new picture collages... and we will basically be settled. We still need to get a love seat as well, but in the grand scheme of things, that is way way low on the priority list. The biggest thing was getting the dresser and book case painted; maybe I'll post pics of them here if I can remember to take pictures.

I love this picture

Ben is so photogenic


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