Tuesday, July 15, 2003


There are only a few things I hate... like truly hate. Here is a small list... pain, math, gaining weight, the smell of vanilla, being patronized, being ignored, violence, the stairmaster, telemarketers and boy bands that masquerade as punk bands. Good Charlotte that means you... All American Rejects, you too. This also includes Sum 41, Simple Plan, The Ataris, and especially Bowling for Soup. I hate them. I also hate Blink 182 the most blatant boy band in punk clothing out there. I can't tell the difference between any of their music... band members all look roughly alike, and the skinny tie over the old school concert tee has been done. As much as the spiked hair, lip piercing, and obscene amount of tattoos have been. Oy. I don't really know why I felt the need to state that, but it does irritate me, especially that song ... 'I'm a dick... I'm addicted to you'...

Anyhoo, onto bigger and better topics... any of you following along at home, will be pleased to note that when I weighed myself at the gym last night I was 169lbs even... that's a half pound less than last thursday...and I USUALLY GAIN over the weekends. So you can imagine how pleased I was. Tickled actually is probably the better word. Suddenly I found myself with an abundance of energy, so I did 3.20 miles, 15 minutes on the elyptical machine and 300 situps. I was so tired when I was done. I might do that much today too. We'll see.

Tatum reminded me yesterday that the writing on most of Ray Finkle's stuff in 'Ace Ventura Pet Detective' said 'DIE DAN DIE!'... I couldn't for the life of me remember that (until she told me, then of course...) I love that movie. We're going to have to get it on DVD eventually.

I bought some organic grapes at safeway over the weekend because they were on sale, and what could be better than regular grapes but organic grapes? Too bad they TASTE LIKE ASS! Seriously... these things taste like shizzle. I am highly disappointed. I will go back to buying my normal pesticide ridden grapes from now on. Blech.

I was having a good hair day so I took a picture :-)

He's so cute I just want to bite him


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