Thursday, July 10, 2003


I think I have a sinus headache... I don't get them often, but it hurts mainly behind my eyes, around my nose and up into my forehead. And Advil ain't doing shit to stop it. Plus my neck is stiff because I slept wrong... ahhh, it's a beautiful morning. I stumbled out of bed this morning after laying there for about 4 minutes after turning the alarm off... I was so tired. But laying there without backup (the snooze button) is like playing with fire. So I dragged my ass out of bed and made my way to the computer, which had turned itself off once again in the middle of the night. I fired her back up, and noticed it was checking the drives for potential errors one percent at a time. Around 22% I said fuck it and got into the shower. Apparently, I've inherited the gene that makes it a need to check the weather every morning upon waking up. My mom used to (and probably still does) do this every single day... and it used to irritate the shit out of me... for no other reason than it just did. Now I do it. What a hypocrite. Anyway, on my way to the shower I opened the blinds and stubbed my toe on my fucking bike in the process. What is a bike doing in our living room you ask? Well, that's really the only place we have to store it for the moment until we break down and put up a shelf in our storage unit... ARG. That day needs to come soon.

And while I'm bitching about things, I also need a change in the office area. We use our dining room for that purpose, and until we get a desk, we use the dining room table to put the computer on... which makes surfing the net a bit of a bitch, because it's too high for the office chair. More than that; the way the office is laid out makes it a pain in the ass to get into the office chair to surf in the first place. My mom will be giving us her desk when she gets a new one, but I think until that happens, we will just have to rearrange a little bit... before I go fucking nuts! The clutter is about to take over the area and kill us all. BAH!

As usual it was negative 3 degrees in the office yesterday, as it will be today I'm sure. I found myself being nice to the Republican Idiot who I think I'll now just refer to as 'satchel' ... because calling him the 'Republican Idiot' sounds like I hate him because of the fact that he's republican, and that's not true. I wouldn't care if we believed the exact same thing... I just detest the fucker in general, so I'll call him 'Satchel' for the man purse he carries. Anyhoo, I found myself actually being nice to him yesterday when he asked me to proofread a letter he wrote. I caught myself off guard. Perhaps I'm becoming a nicer person...or I was just weak from hunger. Another wierd thing happened yesterday too... our new salesguy called me and had me look up on ticketmaster to see if concert tickets were available for a show that night. It was wierd because while I do a handful of different things for the guys... I don't know, they don't usually ask me to do personal stuff. He did say it was for a client... but that's wierd too. I didn't mind, because it doesn't take long to look something like that up... but it was just wierd.

We also have a schedule of cleaning duties here at work that we are supposed to be on a rotation for. One of the guys I work with came up with it, there is a calendar in the bathroom that is clearly marked with one name a week... in a rotation so we all take turns cleaning the office. (boy is that sentence redundant or what? too bad I don't give a shit) anyway, there is also a task list... I used to be diligent about cleaning on my week... but now I have given up. I refuse to do it anymore. I threatened this everyone there about a month ago. In the beginning we all did our share... well, part of it anyway. I was the only one who did EVERYTHING on the task list. out of 5 people in our office only 3 of us cleaned on our scheduled week. (the guy who made up the system doesn't even do it!) Then people started slacking off, and the only time the office ever even looked cleaner was when I would clean because I would empty all the common trash cans, and vacuum and generally wipe up and clean up... I am sick of people not doing their part, and I'll be damned if I am going to bust my ass to clean this pigsty, for everyone else to just ignore their duties. No one else vacuums or anything... when they do clean up; they only clean the bathroom. Well I'm not doing any of it any more. People should take some damn pride in their work place and just make an effort!

Ok, I'm done with my soapbox... man I sound like I need a Midol today huh? Just some Tylenol Sinus would be great.

I am making Aaron a blanket; I Finally mastered the granny square!

Aaaaahhhh... sweet sunshine...

He's the baddest thing ever... hunted and killed this catnip toy all by himself.. grrr


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