Tuesday, July 22, 2003


I gotta go to the eye doctor. The headaches, they are increasing in volume. The squinting, she is out of control.

I am in a wierd mood today. I was in bed by 830 pm last night. So. freakin. tired. It was just one of those days. I got into it with the satchel bastard ... I was so tired yesterday and even attempted to be nice to him. But once he starts talking down to me I just lose any tolerance I have for him. Apparently I didn't circle the accessories that came in with a unit to be repaired, but I had written them down in the log. He was bringing it to my attention, and I thought he had a question as to which accessories came in. He got flustered because I wasn't understanding that he was just pointing out my mistake, so I apologized for the mistake and he said "Well you do it all the time, and I let it slip by, but you need to pay more attention." I said "ok, I got it." then he continues of course "I usually let them slide, but I can't do that anymore. We all work off of these and your mistakes could cost us money." That statement pissed me off. Did I not just say I got it? I sighed audibly and said "YEAH. I hear you. I got it." he then goes on to say "You need to double your effort." I just about blew there. I was being cooperative and semi gracious ... I turned to him, and yelled "OK, MR. PERFECTION, I HEARD YOU, AND UNLESS THERE IS SOMETHING I CAN SPECIFICALLY HELP YOU WITH, JUST DROP IT." He got kind of defensive and said "I just want you to double your effort." I fired back OK! I KNOW! YOU KEEP SAYING THAT! I am not an idiot, and I find your tone and the way you are speaking to me right now insulting, so just drop it." He tried to tell me to 'double my effort' one more time, but I yelled over him "WHY DON'T YOU DOUBLE YOUR EFFORT THEN? AND LEAVE ME ALONE!" gah! I.hate.him.

I got to the gym last night and two of the treadmills were broken and the remaining 8 or so were being used. Arg. I hate it when that happens. Completely throws me off... especially when I am having a hard time anyway. I didn't have anything to read, and I was so so tired. I got on the elyptical machine, did 15 minutes there. Then I hopped on a treadmill as soon as someone got off. I didn't have anything to read though, and it was like pulling teeth. So I did 2 miles and some change in a half hour. (usually I do 45 min) I went over to do my situps... and only made it through 125 before I threw in the towel. I was laying there on the mat, and it occurred to me that as I took a breather between sets, my eyes were burning and I could literally have fallen asleep right then and there. I decided to just go home and not push myself any more. I still put forth the effort and did more than I wanted to do. Man.

So I plugged in the movie "Peggy Sue Got Married" and fell asleep between 930 and 10. I woke up though around 2 and tossed and turned A LOT between then and 4. But I think I feel more rested... another early night wouldn't kill me though. Will attempt to do a full workout this afternoon... wish me luck!

dad enjoys the parade

a really good pic of lori I stole off her camera


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