Tuesday, July 01, 2003


Well, I went to the doctor today. I had a bug bite with a red rash in a perfect circle around it, that grew in size over the weekend. I was afraid it was an infection from some west nile venom shit or something... but turns out it's a regular old spider bite. Which alone makes me want to hire a priest to cleanse the apartment and sprinkle holy water all over the place all the while chanting something comforting. Ugh. I feel dirty. A spider fucking bit me. The doctor said I should probably vacuum out all the crevices and corners of the apartment where a spider might hide... though she did mention I probably got bit at night, while I was asleep. That's great. Marvelous. Now when I go to sleep tonight every itch and tingle I feel on any part of me will bring to mind visions of hairy spiders with big fangs waiting to prey on me while I sleep. Super.

Okay, onto less digusting topics... my eyes are burning. I.am.so.tired. I was in bed at 9 last night; but couldn't fall asleep right away, then when aaron came to bed around 1, he was coughing most of the night; poor guy. So we are both dragging ass today. I have a feeling I'll be watching tv in bed at 8pm tonight. Ahhh the life of the 26 year old female... I used to scoff at anyone who was in bed before 11 on a weeknight... usually I'm in bed by 10. (Or at least I try to be) ... weekends are game for any hours, but weeknights I just need some decent sleep you know?

And I could drone on and on... but I will save us all the time...

For some reason the song from that disney movie (the name escapes me... 101 dalmations maybe?) "We are siamese if you please.... we are siamese if you don't please" goes through my mind when I look at this picture. What a couple of nerds they are.

Aaron took this picture of me on sunday. I like it a lot.


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