Monday, July 07, 2003


Man... what a long weekend. I can't believe it's over already. Seriously, it seems like I was off forever, yet it went by so fast. Thursday, I got off early and got some stuff done, then we had dinner with my family, and met up for cocktails at the Yardarm Bar. That was pretty fun, I hadn't seen Tatum and Mark in ages, and Holly and I haven't hung out in a while. We then went up to The Bullpen (classy!) to sing karaoke, but ended up playing darts instead. I hate darts. I do. But I actually had fun that night... of course that could be because Aaron and I kicked everyone's asses :-D Probably beginner's luck on my part.

Friday morning, I got up and did the Cindy Crawford work out... now I should preface this by saying that I used to do this tape ALL THE FRICKIN TIME... I am back at the gym on a regular basis, doing 3 miles of jogging/walking each time... and yet when I finished this workout, my legs felt curiously weak. I thought it was kind of funny... they felt as though they were made of licorice. Around 11, my sister came over and together with Aaron we went out to the pool. It was nice and warm, and there was no one else at the pool. We laid out in the sun and then got in the pool inch by inch because it was like 10 degrees in there. After swimming for about an hour we went back inside and got ready to go to Aaron's mom's house. By the time I got out of the shower I was pretty red. I didn't think much of it, because I always get pretty red in the sun. We left and drove down to Tacoma, where most of his family was meeting up to spend the fourth.

We laid in the hammock for a while, visited with some of the family and just had a pretty good time. I noticed that my chest and shoulders were hurting though. So I went into the bathroom and lo and behold, I was burnt so bad, I looked like I was part lobster. The heat coming off of it was amazing. After investigating, Aaron noticed his chest was also burnt pretty good, so we went to Safeway and picked up some aloe. It didn't help. At all. We hung out there for the rest of the afternoon, then followed his sister-in-law down to where she and his brother Dan live in Tumwater, to watch the neighbors light off fireworks. They were having a birthday party, and were so nice and hospitable. I was miserable by this point... my chest felt like it was on fire, and just wearing my bra felt like knives were cutting into my skin. We stayed there for a couple hours... until finally I was blinking back tears and nausea. I just wanted to go home and slather myself in noxema. We left and the drive seemed to take forever. I was so uncomfortable. By this time I should also mention that my legs were beginning to feel very sore and stiff. As soon as we were in the door, I holed myself up in the bathroom and put a thick coat of noxema on my chest and shoulders and immediately felt relief. I put two more coats on before I finally crashed, and the next morning I actually felt better. About the sunburn anyways... overnight though, my legs had stiffened up so much, I literally needed help getting up from the couch and out of the car... I could only take the stairs one at a time and with a considerable amount of groaning and grunting.

We went down to Alki beach on Saturday to watch the Seafair Pirates land. It was pretty cool. Then we went shopping and ended up crashing for a nap that afternoon. I smelled so good... I was covered in noxema from the chest up, and my legs were coated in a generous helping of Ben Gay... ahhhh sweet relief. We went out for dinner that night to the Old Spaghetti Factory (date night!) then watched a dvd when we got home.

Sunday, Aaron went to a movie with my cousin Dwayne and I puttered around the apartment. We didn't do much, watched the movie 'Old School'... Will Ferrel kills me. Oh yeah, we cleaned the house... that seems to be our main Sunday activity of late. It's all good though, because I love starting the week off fresh and clean and uncluttered.

Here's me and Hollard at the Yardarm.

Me and L-train

Friends forever! Holly, Tatum and I... I've known these girls for 10 years... insane

I am giddy with excitement after winning the dart game for Aaron and I. (He won the next one... we played teams and took turns. We ROASTED Mark and Tatum and Holly.)

The dresser I so diligently worked on last weekend.

Asa loves the food processor box too; he was indulging in a little bath time here.

Hector came and paid a little visit over the weekend. Taunting ben and asa to no end.


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