Thursday, June 26, 2003


We seem to have an infestation of fleas. The cats are scratching like crazy, Ben has a sore on his neck from either the fleas, or scratching at the fleas... I shaved the fur off the area last night, and attempted to clean the area, but still can't really tell exactly what the problem is. I ordered some Advantage, and should be receiving that soon, so hopefully this mess will be behind us. I feel so bad for them though, and every time they look at me and scratch the guilt gets worse and worse.

Lori kicked my ass last night; I went to the gym and worked my ass off, then I called her and invited her over to go for a swim, since it was nice and warm out. Though it was probably not warm enough to warrant swimming in that frigid ass water... seriously it was straight up icy. Once we got used to it we had fun though; I bought some goggles that fit over your nose and eyes, the same kind we used when we were kids. I haven't worn a pair of those in over 10 years or so... I put em on and sank below the surface and was oddly in a panicky kind of state. Lori noticed the same thing; it's really wierd. She kept saying "I don't know why I feel kind of afraid" but we swam down on the floor of the pool for awhile, and attempted head stands. Then she decides we should race, I was already beat from my workout at the gym, but I raced her once or twice... then I was done. I was cold and exhausted, and fucking starving. We spent about 45 minutes in the pool, it was a nice way to cool off, and end the day. We'll probably go swimming today too.

Anyway, that's all the energy I have to write this morning. *yawn* I am so ready to go back to bed.

gimme that

asa wants a hug


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