Wednesday, June 11, 2003


So... I've managed to avoid much of the reality hoopla that has been ravaging the networks for months until last night. I mean; once upon a time, I too was a huge Survivor fan... I even caught the first season of Big Brother. But as for The Bachelor, Joe Millionaire, and the multitude of other shows that battled for the ratings (while all were based on somewhat of the same premise) I wasn't interested and didn't watch. Hell I think I've only seen like maybe 2 full episodes of American Idol...and that's by compiling all the clips I've seen. I just haven't been interested in sitting down and watching flighty nitwits with pretty faces fake falling in love to get a prize or people who can kinda sing slaughter some really good music. (Although, I must admit I have seen some clips from American Idol that left me impressed.) More often than not though; I feel sorry for these people who are in search of celebrity status, and go on these shows to 'further their careers.' I would rather be stuck as a receptionist than get the kind of flack Kelly Clarkson and Justin Guarini are getting right now for their heinous contribution to the cinematic world. I would rather be stuck answering phones than make a bit of money and be thought of as trite and always carry the 'reality tv show' stigma with me no matter what song I sing or role I play. I think it's just really sad, because I'm sure some of these people have talent, but they will always be thought of as "oh her, she was the American Idol dont'cha know. It just seems to easy for them to gain all the fame and money after a stint on a television show... I guess where most musicians and Actors have years to pay their dues before they get famous... the dues these 'reality' stars are paying is by being stigmatized in the press and being considered trite and ridiculous by anyone with taste. Don't get me wrong here... I actually like that song by Kelly Clarkson: A moment like this... of course I hated it just on principle when it first came out, but over time it one me over, and I must admit. I like it. Do I have her album? uh no. Would I ever buy it? uh no. I don't think I would even burn it from the internet. Well... I might.

Back to the original point of this entry though, I have managed to escape the need to watch all of those shows until last night. I caught episodes 3 and 4 of 'America's Next Top Model' and I am hooked. Yes, I hang my head in shame as I write this. But it's true. Tyra Banks is so fucking pretentious and 'serious' when addressing the chicks who are vying for this 'award'. One poor girl had food poisoning really bad, and faked feeling better to get out of the hospital to be at the judging session... all the while looking painfully haggard and wobbly... and they commended her on her dedication to be there, though in the future she should realize there is a line that shouldn't be crossed when it comes to pushing yourself too hard. AFTER they told her that if she wasn't present at the judging, she would be disqualified. I would have told them to go fuck themselves and promptly vomited all over Tyra's gucci shoes.

What also killed me was the fact that these girls... most of whom are pretty and stuff (none I would call stunning) couldn't handle putting on makeup. They made it seem like they didn't know what the fuck they were doing; all panicky and stuff when it came time to do their little 'assignments' ... like switching from a day look to an evening look... if they had given me ten minutes to do that; I could have had enough time left to run downstairs for a mocha Frappucino, and a piece of pumpkin bread. COME ON. Most of them had a hard time with the false eyelashes, which I can appreciate... because those can't be easy to put on. This one girl Nicole (who was eliminated) was such a freakin beeaatch... I almost spit soda out my nose when the trainer guy asked her if she was going to go home and do what if she lost, work at Mcdonald's? She was fucking pissed, and such a princess I wanted to high-five that guy. She was pretty; but too skinny, and way too dependent on her loser boyfriend. The other girl I can't stand is this 18 year old chick named Gisele... she's such a wench. How can you not enjoy this show? The pretention and cat-fights... and make-up! I love it!

doesn't Ben look like Smithers from Simpson's here? I can just here Smither's voice when I see this picture "What are you looking at you fool?!"

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