Monday, June 30, 2003


I am freakin beat. What a weekend. *Yawn* When I went and picked Aaron up on Friday, I was coming off an HOUR long wait at the paint counter at Fred Meyers. I was more than a little ticked. Oh yeah, and I WAS THE ONLY FREAKIN CUSTOMER THERE. I still would have been irritated even if there was a line, but from the moment I got there until the time I left, I was pretty much the only one who ventured up to the counter. All I wanted was for them to tint some paint. That's all. I wasn't trying to work out a mid-east peace treaty, I wasn't looking for the cure for aids... just wanted some cranberry/merlot colored paint. Is that too much to ask? Apparently it was, the first can they attempted... which by the way took about 2/3 of the total hour I spent there... 'Mae' the elderly woman who was helping me couldn't get that new fangled contraption called a computer she was using to work. I suggested once or twice that someone else might be able to help her out, but she insisted on 'fiddling' with it. The first gallon was a neon pink... waaayyyy too pink. The second can, which a guy named 'Al' helped me with turned out slightly darker, but still as pink.

I was highly irritated by that time, I wanted to get the paint and bring it home, and get everything done the next day before Aaron ever got home from helping his grandma move. I was intending to paint my old dresser and the bookshelf. So after I scurried around and picked up a few of the things I still needed, racking my brain for a way to get the paint without him knowing... there was just no way. With us down to one vehicle, unless I got it while he was at work; he would know. And time was running out for me to get it at all. I was in a terrible rush, because I knew Aaron would probably be off around 930, so I rushed home and put some of the stuff away, ended up dropping a drawer on my foot; which added to my lovely state of mind... and checked the answering machine to find out Aaron had called and was basically waiting for me. I called him back and he had called nearly 25 minutes before. I felt so bad; it was almost 930, and he was (as always) such a good sport. After I picked him up, we went to Safeway and got some supplies so I could make some fat free chocolate chip cookies. I had purchased a mini food processor at Fred Meyers earlier, to make a prune puree, ... which is used instead of butter.

Anyhoo, the cookies came out pretty good, and after Aaron raved about them and had a couple I told him he had just eaten prunes. "really..." is all he said. Fast forward to an hour later...

Aaron: "yeah, you know I think I could taste the prunes."

Me: (laughing) "yeah right!"

Aaron: "No, really... kind of like raisins."

he's right, there is a raisin-y aftertaste to them. And they are chewy as all hell, but a cookie is a cookie right? The cats were enthralled with the box from the food processor; in fact, Ben slept in it most of friday night, and almost all of Saturday. Wierdo.

Saturday morning I cleaned up a lot of the clutter that was laying around... old mail, garbage... junk. I baked two more batches of cookies for lunches, and then a batch of brownies (which I promptly threw out... because they were fucking gross.) did 3 loads of laundry, sanded down the dresser and bookcase and got ready to go out. When Aaron got home around 3 or so, we went down to Sprint and got new cell phones. Wheee! We are sharing minutes now, and we have shiny new phones that tickle our fancies...his is a color phone, and mine is a flip phone with a blue back light. I got the flip because I call people ALL THE TIME on accident with my other one. Anyhoo, after that we went to eagle and got paint... Aaron got the paint actually and I ran over to Taco time and got our lunch. He dropped me off at home and went to work to park cars, and I started the task of painting.... the paint isn't the exact color we wanted, and looked really pink in the can, but turned out ok. Unfortunately I had to move the project inside because bugs kept landing in the wet paint and I am not down with bug guts on my furniture.

Aaron's friends Stacy and Willie stopped by the house, and we all ended up going out to dinner at Azteca (yum!) and then went to see Charlie's Angels. It was ok; a little long, and completely unbelievable, but fun overall. If you don't expect reality, it's all good.

Sunday morning I put the dresser back together, vacuumed out the drawers, and put our clothes away, washed a couple more loads, scrubbled the kitchen and bathroom floors, dusted and vaccuumed the living room and bedroom, and washed down the bathroom as well. I WAS BUSY! But nothing is better than chilling out in a clean house on a sunday afternoon. There was a nice breeze and it was just ... nice. Aaron got home from work around 3 and we went out to eat at Applebees, then went shopping. We got the picture collages I have wanted for a couple months, and got groceries and some other little odds and ends. We spent the evening watching movies (bad boys and just married) and worked on finding pictures for the collages.

All in all a busy, but good weekend.

um, I read this, this morning and was so pissed I was going to write this idiot a letter... but I don't think a letter filled with phrases like "you are a fucking idiot" would be taken very seriously. But really... IS IT NOT 2003? This primitive fucker seems to think it's 1922, and 'homosexuality is criminality'... gah!

His eyes glow when he's drunk... "Wheerrrrree's mah beeeeeeeer?"

This is how Ben spent most of the weekend, and yes, he's completely asleep here.


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