Monday, June 30, 2003


I am freakin beat. What a weekend. *Yawn* When I went and picked Aaron up on Friday, I was coming off an HOUR long wait at the paint counter at Fred Meyers. I was more than a little ticked. Oh yeah, and I WAS THE ONLY FREAKIN CUSTOMER THERE. I still would have been irritated even if there was a line, but from the moment I got there until the time I left, I was pretty much the only one who ventured up to the counter. All I wanted was for them to tint some paint. That's all. I wasn't trying to work out a mid-east peace treaty, I wasn't looking for the cure for aids... just wanted some cranberry/merlot colored paint. Is that too much to ask? Apparently it was, the first can they attempted... which by the way took about 2/3 of the total hour I spent there... 'Mae' the elderly woman who was helping me couldn't get that new fangled contraption called a computer she was using to work. I suggested once or twice that someone else might be able to help her out, but she insisted on 'fiddling' with it. The first gallon was a neon pink... waaayyyy too pink. The second can, which a guy named 'Al' helped me with turned out slightly darker, but still as pink.

I was highly irritated by that time, I wanted to get the paint and bring it home, and get everything done the next day before Aaron ever got home from helping his grandma move. I was intending to paint my old dresser and the bookshelf. So after I scurried around and picked up a few of the things I still needed, racking my brain for a way to get the paint without him knowing... there was just no way. With us down to one vehicle, unless I got it while he was at work; he would know. And time was running out for me to get it at all. I was in a terrible rush, because I knew Aaron would probably be off around 930, so I rushed home and put some of the stuff away, ended up dropping a drawer on my foot; which added to my lovely state of mind... and checked the answering machine to find out Aaron had called and was basically waiting for me. I called him back and he had called nearly 25 minutes before. I felt so bad; it was almost 930, and he was (as always) such a good sport. After I picked him up, we went to Safeway and got some supplies so I could make some fat free chocolate chip cookies. I had purchased a mini food processor at Fred Meyers earlier, to make a prune puree, ... which is used instead of butter.

Anyhoo, the cookies came out pretty good, and after Aaron raved about them and had a couple I told him he had just eaten prunes. "really..." is all he said. Fast forward to an hour later...

Aaron: "yeah, you know I think I could taste the prunes."

Me: (laughing) "yeah right!"

Aaron: "No, really... kind of like raisins."

he's right, there is a raisin-y aftertaste to them. And they are chewy as all hell, but a cookie is a cookie right? The cats were enthralled with the box from the food processor; in fact, Ben slept in it most of friday night, and almost all of Saturday. Wierdo.

Saturday morning I cleaned up a lot of the clutter that was laying around... old mail, garbage... junk. I baked two more batches of cookies for lunches, and then a batch of brownies (which I promptly threw out... because they were fucking gross.) did 3 loads of laundry, sanded down the dresser and bookcase and got ready to go out. When Aaron got home around 3 or so, we went down to Sprint and got new cell phones. Wheee! We are sharing minutes now, and we have shiny new phones that tickle our fancies...his is a color phone, and mine is a flip phone with a blue back light. I got the flip because I call people ALL THE TIME on accident with my other one. Anyhoo, after that we went to eagle and got paint... Aaron got the paint actually and I ran over to Taco time and got our lunch. He dropped me off at home and went to work to park cars, and I started the task of painting.... the paint isn't the exact color we wanted, and looked really pink in the can, but turned out ok. Unfortunately I had to move the project inside because bugs kept landing in the wet paint and I am not down with bug guts on my furniture.

Aaron's friends Stacy and Willie stopped by the house, and we all ended up going out to dinner at Azteca (yum!) and then went to see Charlie's Angels. It was ok; a little long, and completely unbelievable, but fun overall. If you don't expect reality, it's all good.

Sunday morning I put the dresser back together, vacuumed out the drawers, and put our clothes away, washed a couple more loads, scrubbled the kitchen and bathroom floors, dusted and vaccuumed the living room and bedroom, and washed down the bathroom as well. I WAS BUSY! But nothing is better than chilling out in a clean house on a sunday afternoon. There was a nice breeze and it was just ... nice. Aaron got home from work around 3 and we went out to eat at Applebees, then went shopping. We got the picture collages I have wanted for a couple months, and got groceries and some other little odds and ends. We spent the evening watching movies (bad boys and just married) and worked on finding pictures for the collages.

All in all a busy, but good weekend.

um, I read this, this morning and was so pissed I was going to write this idiot a letter... but I don't think a letter filled with phrases like "you are a fucking idiot" would be taken very seriously. But really... IS IT NOT 2003? This primitive fucker seems to think it's 1922, and 'homosexuality is criminality'... gah!

His eyes glow when he's drunk... "Wheerrrrree's mah beeeeeeeer?"

This is how Ben spent most of the weekend, and yes, he's completely asleep here.


Friday, June 27, 2003


1. How are you planning to spend the summer [winter]?

Just working and hanging out, enjoying the sunshine. Hopefully we'll start riding our bikes more, and spend more time outside on the weekends.

2. What was your first summer job?

I sold balloons at parades and festivals... if you don't count the many years of babysitting before that.

3. If you could go anywhere this summer [winter], where would you go?

Europe ...for sure this summer, backpacking around and my dream trip for wintertime would be New York for New Year's.

4. What was your worst vacation ever?

The weekend trip up to Vancouver for an ex-acquaintence. I have never wanted to choke the living shit out of someone so badly. Gonja Spice (as Tatum and I called her) used to light up her peace pipe about once every 10 minutes or so. Her dealer told us that he never saw anyone smoke as much pot as she did. So, since this was back in like 1998 or so; the security at the border crossing was tight, but probably not as tight as it is now. But still, Holly and I refused to go across the border if she had any reefer on board. So she smoked a bowl in Bellingham, and stashed her stuff in a tree. Classy. About an hour later she was feeling the effects of the withdrawals, and it was all downhill from there. The snappiness, rudeness... plain out bitchiness was rampant. The three of us went to dinner, and I ended up going back to the hotel early because we had gotten into a snarl... I don't remember what about now. She smoked cigarrettes in the room, refusing to open the window, she was loud, obnoxious and the only one of us that had any real money to spend, and she lorded that over us like you couldn't believe. We went out our last night there, and got lost because bitch face wouldn't listen to me, it was pouring down rain, midnight and I had had enough, and I swear to God if she called me stupid one more time I was going to knock her out. Holly was basically in the same boat as me, miserable and wanting to go home... but she had vested more in her friendship with gonja spice than I ever had or wanted to. We were walking in the rain at one point and she said something rude and patronizing, and got so mad I was afraid I would hit her so I kicked water at her from a huge mud puddle we were wading through... though all that served was to drench Holly and I. Yeah. That trip sucked. We had to wait around for several hours the next day so she could go buy some pot from some idiot on the street and smoke it at the Cannibus Cafe or whatever the hell it's called. Holly and I were kinda pissed. I don't think I talked to the bitch for a month or two after that. Arg.

5. What was your best vacation ever?

Probably Mexico with Tatum and Holly in 96... my first real independent trip. We were drunk and sweaty pretty much most of the time. Aaah, the memories.

Well, it's Friday... I'm happy. Aaron got off work early last night, I went to the gym right after I got off work, then Lori and I went swimming with our friend Corey; who is also my new neighbor. Then I went and picked Aaron up; by the time We left his work it was 930 and I hadn't eaten dinner yet. I was so hungry I could've ate the ass out of a rag doll. I settled on a salad (with bean sprouts!) and some baked cod. No huge plans for the weekend, actually will be pretty busy, we are helping Aaron's grandma move, he has Mariners parking and we have one car between us to get grocery shopping, a new cell phone and some other shit to take care of. I hate busy weekends.

Matt and Kel, one more month until they are Mr. and Mrs... I think this was taken less than a month after they initially got together... time flies!

I found this when I was going through some old photos, I love how ben just sits there looking sad and forlorn and Asa is just on a mission toget the hell out of there... aaaahhh, this is what I did with my time before I had a boyfriend. Scary isn't it?... but it made great christmas cards. :-)

I love this picture of Aaron... he's got the best smile ever :-)


Thursday, June 26, 2003


We seem to have an infestation of fleas. The cats are scratching like crazy, Ben has a sore on his neck from either the fleas, or scratching at the fleas... I shaved the fur off the area last night, and attempted to clean the area, but still can't really tell exactly what the problem is. I ordered some Advantage, and should be receiving that soon, so hopefully this mess will be behind us. I feel so bad for them though, and every time they look at me and scratch the guilt gets worse and worse.

Lori kicked my ass last night; I went to the gym and worked my ass off, then I called her and invited her over to go for a swim, since it was nice and warm out. Though it was probably not warm enough to warrant swimming in that frigid ass water... seriously it was straight up icy. Once we got used to it we had fun though; I bought some goggles that fit over your nose and eyes, the same kind we used when we were kids. I haven't worn a pair of those in over 10 years or so... I put em on and sank below the surface and was oddly in a panicky kind of state. Lori noticed the same thing; it's really wierd. She kept saying "I don't know why I feel kind of afraid" but we swam down on the floor of the pool for awhile, and attempted head stands. Then she decides we should race, I was already beat from my workout at the gym, but I raced her once or twice... then I was done. I was cold and exhausted, and fucking starving. We spent about 45 minutes in the pool, it was a nice way to cool off, and end the day. We'll probably go swimming today too.

Anyway, that's all the energy I have to write this morning. *yawn* I am so ready to go back to bed.

gimme that

asa wants a hug


Wednesday, June 25, 2003


My cats are wierd. They are. Every night when I come home from the gym, I usually have to pee. (This is relevant, trust me) Anyhoo, since it's just me home, I usually leave the bathroom door open. Both cats usually come in, Ben will go straight to the bathmat and start cleaning himself, while Asa will shimmy up to me ass first, inviting me to scratch his ass and pull his tail (because he's wierd like that) then will settle down next to Ben (only Asa stays on the linoleum) and will start cleaning himself as well.

This will go on for a second, usually no more than one or two seconds, when Ben notices Asa. Upon noticing that someone is copying him, he jumps into the bathtub. and you know, that's just wierd anyway, because Ben is deathly afraid of water... but anyhoo, he gets in there and by this time I'm usually at the sink washing my hands and face; getting ready to get in the shower. I can hear him cleaning himself in there, and so can asa... it drives him crazy.

Asa is too much of a pansy ass to get in the tub though, because though Ben is deathly afraid of water, Asa is absolutely fucking petrified of water. We gave him a bath once and he screamed like a child that was being skinned alive... seriously, he didn't even sound like a cat. Anyhoo, so he will poke his nose behind the shower curtain several times and meow at Ben, all nervous like. Until Ben finally looks up as if to say "Um, do you MIND?"

He gets all offended like we are intruding. Then I have to physically pick him up out of the tub, because when I open the curtain and tell him to vamoose, he goes low to the ground like there's incoming missiles. But he won't move. He'd probably move if I turned the water on, but I don't want to be mean. It just kills me that they do this night after night... they seem to like the bathroom. This morning after my shower, I was getting ready and Ben came in and sat on the bathmat and started bathing himself. Wierdos.

I read in Someone's Diary yesterday that she thought Demi Moore's kids were, and I quote "Plain ass heifers" and I have to agree. Have you seen these girls?

first of all... it boggles the mind because even before Demi Moore shelled out all that money for a face and body, she wasn't deformed looking or anything...and Bruce Willis isn't too bad either, but my God... What's up with the Leno chins on the older two, and the youngest one has dark skin, those husky dog blue eyes, and light hair... reminds me of Children of the Corn. Freaky. I just don't get how two fairly attractive people produce such fugly offspring. And yes, I know karma is a bitch, and no I don't have children yet, and I may be tempting fate by being so judgemental and all, but seriously... especially the oldest one Ruler or Rumer or whatever the fuck her name is... all pasty and chinnish... I just don't get it.


Tuesday, June 24, 2003


What a morning. First, I should tell you that I was in bed and ASLEEP by 9:30 last night. Someone was fucking tired. I woke up around 5 this morning with a headache, and by the way; how much does it suck to wake up with a headache anyway? So I took some aspirin and turned on my new bestest friend in the whole world "Mr. Heating Pad"... he takes the pain away. I swear to God I don't know what I would do without that miracle invention. Anyhoo, I woke again when my alarm clock went off at 645, feeling rested, relaxed and in a good mood to boot! I love it when that happens! Fast forward to my shower; I bought some new conditioner last night; by Aussie, called "Hair Salad", I didn't realize it was clear, and did a double take when I squeezed some out of the bottle and had to pick up the bottle to make sure I didn't buy shampoo. But lo and behold, it was clear conditioner... I like it. I like it a lot. :-) I get ready, get dressed and walk the mile and a half to my car... I had to park in the polar opposite direction from my apartment, in probably the farthest space from it as well last night. Visitor parking is scarce right now.

Anyhoo, I get to my car, and whaddya know, it won't start. The batter works, because the radio and lights work, but there is just a clicking noise when I try to actually start the vehicle. It has been acting kinda wierd lately, starting occasionally on the first time, and sometimes faking me out like it did this morning... only I couldn't get the damn thing to start at all. Normally, this would have put me in the mood to kill, but oddly, I found it kind of funny. So I walked the mile and a half back to the apartment and woke Aaron up to tell him my car was brokedown, and he told me to take his truck and he would look at my car while I was at work, and hopefully have it figured out by my lunch break when I came home. So I get his keys, go out to his truck and instead of firing up right away like it normally does, it makes a slow moaning growling sound. I outright laughed at this point. "No way" I was thinking to myself "No way that both cars are broken" I tried a few more times but to no avail, could not get the dang thing to start. I get out of the truck and go inside and Aaron is standing there getting dressed we are both kind of laughing about it. He tried his truck and no luck, and then we went back to my car and by putting it into 2nd gear he was able to start it. Wierd. He showed me how to start it from a rolling position in case I needed to, and I was off to work. Still in a good mood. It's so wierd. AND I even have a headache. I think it's all sinus related though...

Shanaynay (our neighbor...have I mentioned her here before?) She reminds me of the Martin character... she doesn't really wear neon clothes, nor does she really have ass that reaches Nebraska, but she is tall and manly and has long braids, and ghetto, so I call her Shanaynay... not to her face though, she could beat my ass. Anyway, back to my point, she was yelling at her kids something terrible last night... she's got like three kids in there... two that are over the age of 9 I would guess and a little 2 or 3 year old... and she lives in a one bedroom. There is so noway. I need to get some renter's insurance, because she seems to always set off her smoke alarm, last night I could hear the alarm going off, and when I peeked out my peep hole, (my apartment door faces hers) there was her son waving a pillow to divert the smoke from the alarm, and her older daughter was bringing a broom outside and it looked singed on the end. She stamped it out on the wall and went back inside, and that's when I started to smell the smoke. Either she's a really bad cook or she's letting her dumbass kids use the stove, and I don't want my shit getting burned up because of her negligence. And if it does, I want compensation. So I gotta just bite the bullet and go get some damn insurance. Arg. It's just a pain in the tush.


"Um, gag me with a piece of cardboard"


"Dude, I feel his tonsils!"


Monday, June 23, 2003


Man, I wrenched the hell out of my neck this weekend. I think I slept wrong on Saturday night. I hate it when I do that shit. I woke up promptly at 4 this morning in so much pain I was in tears. I hooked up the heating pad and that helped a teeny bit. Of course I didn't fall back asleep until like 6, and my alarm went off at 645 so I was screwed. I had kind of a busy weekend...

Friday night I wanted to surprise Aaron so I went and got my hair done... it is considerably lighter than it was before. Then I ran some errands, and went shopping to the craft store and book store with my mom. I also stopped by my Aunt's new place, as she just moved into our complex, and brought her some brownies to 'welcome her to the neighborhood' :-) She has a two bedroom, two bath; as opposed to our one bedroom, one bath. Man, she has a lot of room up there. It's quite spacious. Aaron called me Friday night about the time he was supposed to be home, he had run out of gas. He was near an exit, so I got my stuff and got in the car; ready to go get him and get some gas for the truck, I was pulling out when he called and said he got it started again and was sitting at a light across the street from a gas station, so he thought he'd be ok. We hang up and I call him back a few minutes later. Apparently the truck died and he had to push it across the street and up to the pump. He was a little winded and probably a lot frustrated. I told him to call me if he broke down or anything and I would come get him. A minute or two later the phone rings, Aaron asks me to see if he left his wallet on the dresser. My poor sweetie, I would have been pissed, but he takes all this stuff in stride. Luckily even though he had left his wallet at home, he had some cash on him and bought 3 gallons of gas. When he got home we hung out for a while, talking and I cleaned the fish bowl. He never noticed my hair. :-( In his defense he had a tough night... but it really is a lot lighter than it was. :-) oh well, I told him next time I won't 'surprise' him, and thus will alleviate the pressure for him to notice little shit like that, and he won't feel bad, and I won't feel bad for making him feel bad. Anyway, enough of that...

Saturday we got up entirely too early to go set up for a garage sale at my cousin's house. We ended up getting rained out and went to Walmart around 3 or so. We got home around 5, I was so freakin tired my eyes were watering. I slept for about a half hour and then got the worst stomachache ever. We were supposed to go out that night for some karaoke and cocktails but I knew there was no way I would survive it, when at 8pm I was still in the throes of the stomach ache and so tired I wanted to cry. We cancelled our plans, and I passed out. When I woke up at 11 or so, I felt a lot better stomachwise, and was still exhausted so I ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and some chips and went back to bed. I woke up bright and early on Sunday, and we went back to the garage sale. I think we pulled in a total of like 30 bucks... yeah it was so fucking worth our time. We did our grocery shopping last night, then cleaned the house and took naps. We watched a movie and ate dinner and I was in bed asleep before 10pm. That's awesome.

I am having issues today... I feel like a fat fucking hog and I am hating every inch of myself and my skin as we speak. I haven't been to the gym since last wednesday (due to some stomach problems last week) and though I haven't gone crazy eating wise or anything... I am acutely aware of every inch of extra me there is... I am so tired of hating the way I look... like REALLY HATING the way I look. I just hate it. And now my neck is killing me, just sitting here it's killing me and there is no way going to the gym tonight is going to be possible... I hate the panicky feeling I get at the thought of gaining any weight or eating something with more than 10 calories, and more than 1 gram of fat... I go to the grocery store racking my brain to find that perfect food that tastes good, has zero calories and zero fat... hmmm... the only thing that has fit that description so far is diet cherry coke...and that shit ain't filling. I've tried to embrace hunger but you know I don't have the will to starve. I just don't. I could never be anorexic.. and no I'm not aspiring to be, I'm just trying to curb my appetite a bit... but I could never just not eat... I'm too weak when it comes to that. Arg. Seriously it's probably just pms, and I'll feel all fine tomorrow. but for today... HELL.

Well, after that downer of a paragraph let me leave you with some cute pics...


I talk about the cats a lot, but those are our fish. Bill and Hillary. Hillary is on the top; she's more gray in color and that would be Bill there on the bottom.


King Bean sleeps wherever the fuck he wants to, and don't you forget it.


Seriously though, what is his fascination with drawers? My sleeping guys...


He will catch some squirrels some day... he just knows it.

Friday, June 20, 2003


Man, we are supposed to have a garage sale this weekend, and it's pouring out. I hope it stops.

Without further ado... THE FRIDAY FIVE:

1. Is your hair naturally curly, wavy, or straight? Long or short?

Straight, all the way... though when it's wet and drying, it gets these curls, but turns straight by the time it dries

2. How has your hair changed over your lifetime?

lol... look below for the pictures of how my hair has changed...

3. How do your normally wear your hair?

parted on the right side, or pulled back

4. If you could change your hair this minute, what would it look like?

long and light blonde

5. Ever had a hair disaster? What happened?

Not really... when I was a freshman or sophomore I tried one of those home 'hairpainting kits', and ended up with polka dots and pinstripes. I had to wear a hat for a day until I could go have it taken care of. Yikes.

Here in no particular order are some pics I have that show some of the heinous hair acts I've comitted... though I still like some of them...

I decided to go back to my roots here...

man, I loved this hairdo so much...

my platinum do; back in '95


'97 what a rebel

yeah... I love this one too

um this is what happens when you aren't paying attention to your roots... trashy trashy, TRASHY!


I loved this one too 1998


and I wonder why I didn't have a boyfriend... GAH

and the current me

Well, not too much to report; I was going to post an awesome picture of Bean today, but I think I will wait until next week to do that; I'll keep it up on the main page when I post it.

I found out that next wednesday will be 'Republican Idiot Free Wednesday' now we must do the dance of JOY. The fat bastard is going with the other sales guys to an all day meeting. WOOHOO! I loathe thee.

Well, have a good weekend, and I'll see y'all next week.

Thursday, June 19, 2003


I love thursdays. They are by far my favorite work day. I know if I stay up late tonight, and am tired tommorrow, it's ok because I can sleep in on Saturday morning. I know that I only have one more day in my work week...and it's usually my favorite night of tv. Unless of course it's the summer and all the repeats are on... BUT this year I have the edge. Since I was a workout fiend last fall; and went around 8pm last year... I missed a lot of my favorite shows; I saw probably 60% of them I would say. So this summer I can catch up... hopefully. :-)

Anyhoo, we are supposed to be having a garage sale this weekend, but I keep hearing that it's going to rain. We'll see. I want to get rid of the crates of SHITE that are currently taking up far, far too much space in our storage unit.

In a stunning new developement, the burns on my arm from cooking Father's day brownies, has weakened considerably; and when I lean on it or brush up against something a little too hard, the skin comes off like the skin that comes off of badly bruised peaches. It feels so damn good... I can't even tell you. The burning from the ointment on the raw spots last night made it all worthwhile. Damn.

I heard a story last night about an accident here in Seattle somewhere. An ambulance broadsided a car; causing a bad accident well, technically the car caused it when it pulled in front of the ambulance---who's sirens and lights were going by the way because they were transporting a heart attack victim. Anyway, the driver of the car was killed and the child in the car is in the hospital in stable condition. This is a sad story... but the first thing I thought when I heard of it was... does the ambulance stop if it is en route with a victim to help the people they just hit? Or do they call it in and let back up take care of it? God I would so not want to be in that position.

anyhoo, that's all the boring crap I'm going to subject you to for today... here are some gratuitous cat pictures...



"BOSS! de plane! de plane!"


check out that hair... damn. What was I thinking? Fuck a duck... anyway, I remember I was uber nauseous that day, because Lori was just learning how to drive a stick, and we had driven out to Covington for Kylie's birthday party in stop and go traffic. I had almost tossed my cookies twice.

Wednesday, June 18, 2003


Poor Aaron was awakened by a few swift kicks to his shins this morning. I woke up with a start moments later from a nasty little nightmare. Scorpions (that looked like centipedes) were biting at my feet. I was trying to kick them away; hence his bruised shin bones. Aaahh... I always have crazy ass dreams when I am woken up at unGodly hours by little jerkfaced cats. Actually just one, because one of our cats, the good one (also known as Ben) knows how to sleep through the fucking night. The bad one (also known as Asa) decides that 5 am is a good time to clean himself whilst sitting in the liner of the box spring, so we can hear the nasty boy licking himself and feel the bed shake when he scratches. Of course after I stumble out of bed and go over to Aaron's side to pull out the offending cat, he runs to the opposite side of the bed. I was too tired to kill him, so I made my way out to the living room, and made like I was feeding them, I knew the sound of food would bring the little bastard running. So when he did I went back to bed and shut the door. He was promptly at the door within 30 seconds crying his head off. Oh well. Piss off little focker. He's lucky we don't shut the door on him every night.

I am getting error messages in german every time I try to load my ftp program, and I find it quite troubling. Mainly because I don't speak German... so I don't know what to do... arg.

Well, I don't have much to write about today, so I'll leave you with some cute pictures...

"I'm not a bastard! Honest!"

Busted Squash

What's cuter than a couple of kitties in their winter wear? Nothing!!! I know I'm mean, but this totally makes me laugh. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find either one of those sweaters since we moved...

Tuesday, June 17, 2003


Man, my nose itches something fierce today; seriously. I can't stop scratching it; little itches ... it'! I am having a heck of a time getting excited about going to the gym. I'm doing it, but sometimes under duress. Though last night I found some jackets and stuff that almost fit comfortably, so I have found something to work towards, and I made a new workout tape, so maybe that'll help. There is this lady that works out at my gym, and she is probably in her late 40's... actually I'm being generous. She looks that way simply because she has this incredibly thick mane of black hair. She's african american, and not an unattractive lady, but she kills me. She reminds me of some of the folks who go there to sustain some sort of physical activity to maintain healing or therapy for an injury. They walk slowly... really really slowly on the treadmills, and never break a sweat; yet are dressed to the nines in gym apparel. (did I spell that right?) Anyhoo, she makes a big production out of being friendly with the employees, who in my opinion are all just a bunch of ghetto ass hoochies...except maybe one or two of them... the rest are all bitches. Sorry, but it's true. Especially this one who looks just like Kerri Strug ... her name is even kerri. But she has really dark hair, and though she is muscular as all hell for someone so petite, girlfriend has an ass on her. Anyway, she is just unpleasant and rude, and I don't like her one bit. At least the other beeyotches ... even the ho's attempt to be nice. But anyway, I digress, so this woman... let's call her Laverne,... because, well she looks like a Laverne. She wears the workout tights under her leotard, with soccer shorts over that, leg warmers and wrist weights and the latest in reebok foot attire. But the hair, this huge fucking mane of hair... and it's long, like halfway down her back, all kind of ratted into this protective shield... she doesn't pull it back or anything. Just works out with it... stresses me out, I can't help but stare, because working out with hair in your face just seems so cumbersome. I always, ALWAYS have to pull my hair back and out of my face, you get so sweaty anyway. Well I do, this woman doesn't do enough to get sweaty. I was laying on the mat doing my situps last night, watching her doing that aerobics move where you move side to side, tapping one foot to the other, and she was also doing exxagerrated arm circles, none of which seemed too physically exhausting... I could be wrong, but she looked all relaxed except for that face she makes while breathing rather loudly... seems more like a performance than a work out. That shit just irritates me. When I described her to Lori on the phone this morning, Lori knew exactly who I was talking about; and she quit the gym some months back. So this woman has a definite presence there. She irritates the hell out of me... so much that it took me twice as long to do my situps last night as usual because I couldn't stop staring at her.

Lori thinks it's funny that I named her Laverne. We used to name the bums in our neighborhood, there was Gentleman Jim, Lieutenant Dan, (he threw rocks at Lori when she was at the store once.), Buddy Holly, and more that I can't remember... I have a list on my laptop at home. I'll have to check it out, oh yeah, there was Wilma, the neighborhood crack fiend who looked kinda like dopey from Snow White. Anyway, it all started when I went to Mexico with Tatum in Holly back in September of 1996... a whopping 7 years ago... crikey. Anyway, there was a british couple there we named them Roger and Kate and would refer to them that way, we even snuck a picture of them when we were all sitting at the pool bar. There really is no point to this entry other than a little history on my dorkiness.

I love this picture of Asa

So I took one just like it of Ben.

I must.... scratch... my .... ear... till... it... falls... off...


Monday, June 16, 2003


This entry will be a bit graphics heavy; but I got some damn cute pictures so you'll just have to bear with me. :-) On friday, we noticed that our bird feeder had mysteriously been knocked to the ground, spilling a shitload of sunflower seeds all over the place. Our two resident squirrels had taken it upon themselves to then feast upon the spillage, and taunt the cats whilst doing so...

and please, don't send me emails saying "that's not a squirrel that's a chipmunk" I fucking hate it when you see a squirrel or chipmunk, then point it out and someone says "Why that has a bushy tail so it's a chipmunk, not a squirrel"...then launches into a boring ass diatribe on the differences of said animals. I don't care, it's a cute little nut storing animal, just let me enjoy it. Comprende?

The boys sit and devise a plan to lure the squirrel into our apartment where they will paw at it and sniff it to death (just as they do insects)

This little guy is more skiddish than his counterpart. I wanted to see if he would take a peanut out of my hand, but like Lori said "dude, you don't want monkey pox" (good point, lol) so I am content with tossing the peanuts at them for now.

Hi! I'm the little bastard who jumped from the rhodedendron bush and knocked your bird feeder down. Incidentally, you're out of sunflower seeds. ... Got any peanuts?

We spent much of the weekend feeding the little buggers peanuts. Every time they would come to the window, the cats would watch intently and I would try to keep the peanuts as close to the glass as possible, so I could get a good picture.

Friday night, my cousins Cassie and Cori stayed the night, as did Lori. We had a slumber party in honor of their birthdays, which technically isn't until the end of the month, but their social calendar is chock full.... The lucky's get to go to Disneyland this coming weekend and then when they get back they start practicing for a marching band they will be in for the summer. (A big honor in the Seattle area, I'm so proud of them!) We watched movies and played scattergories, and ate pizza and ice cream. It was a good time.

Man, this picture totally reminds me of how much they resember their mom. They are so much fun to hang out with, and some of the coolest people I know. :-)

On Saturday, I went to Kelly's bridal shower. We drove around for an hour before hand, because the directions we got were wrong... I was a little irritated, but was so glad we finally made it. I called her fiancee (and my cousin) Matt at one point, but he'd only been out to that house once before. He says to me at the height of my frustration "did you pass a Fred Meyers?" I said "yes" ... and his genius reply "well, then you're on the right track." I gritted my teeth and said "I.Have.To.Go.Now." :-) For a while there I really didn't think we would make it... but we had a really good time, and I even won a prize for one of the games. (go me!) Then Aaron took me out to dinner on Saturday night to my favorite restaurant in the whole wide world, 'The Old Spaghetti Factory'. I wanted to try their clam sauce spaghetti so I could see how close mine would come the next day when I attempted it.

Sunday morning I went grocery shopping and made rolo brownies (FUCKING AWESOME) I got it from this website... actually that site seems to be down right now; but hopefully it'll be up again soon. I also attempted the same clam sauce I had the night before... I had found several recipes online that said they were the Old Spaghetti Factory Original Clam Sauce.... but I think that's a big crock of shit. Why? because I followed that damn recipe to a T and my sauce was runny and not nearly as creamy... the recipe online called for half and half...and that shit does not thicken up. I think OSF uses a milk based sauce instead... and my clams were too chewy... I don't know how they get theirs so tender. Arg. But everyone said it was good so I guess that's good. :-)

Aaron took this picture of me on sunday, I love it; I think I look skinnier than usual. But man, I have A GIGANTIC FOREHEAD!

Friday, June 13, 2003


1. What's one thing you've always wanted to do, but never have?

Travel to Europe... see all the sights and stuff.

2. When someone asks your opinion about a new haircut/outfit/etc, are you always honest?

uhhh...not always. Unless it's completely heinous, I will pay a compliment....also depends on how invested the person is in the outfit. If they are totally excited about it and it just isn't my style then, I will pay a compliment, but if it is something that makes the person look really bad I'll be honest. God that sounds awful...

3. Have you ever found out something about a friend and then wished you hadn't? What happened?

Not that I can really think of... It's not like I have ever found something out about a friend and then something happened in our friendship or anything... I haven't always agreed with all of my friend's decisions, but that generally hasn't affected any of our relationships.

4. If you could live in any fictional world (from a book/movie/game/etc.) which would it be and why?

I don't think there's any specific world that I've read about or anything that makes me want to live in there... though there have been fictional characters from books I really really wish existed so I could meet them. Namely Dominic from the book by Wally Lamb: I Know This Much Is True. After I read that book, I just wanted to meet Dominic and know that he was doing ok, and give him a hug.

5. What's one talent/skill you don't have but always wanted?

Musical ability... and to be honest, I may have the talent, I just haven't truly attempted to hone it. I bought a computer program to teach me piano, and I just need to get off my ass and do it.

Man, this week seemed to just fly by. Tonight I am having some overnight guests; My sister and my cousins Cassie and Cori are coming over to celebrate their upcoming birthday. (They turn 13 on the 27th) Good God does that make me feel old. The stinkers get to go to Disneyland for their birthday next weekend, no fair! I've never been, but would love to go someday... probably when I have my own kids. I'm not a huge fan of rides... I like some but for the most part, I'm ok to sit back and watch. Anyhoo, then tommorrow I am going to Kelly's bridal shower, and I think Aaron and I are going to see his dad that evening. I'm not sure what's going on with that yet. Sunday, I am going to get up early, clean house ...though all that really needs to be done is vacuuming. Since it's just me and Aaron, it doesn't get dirty too easily. Then I'll cook dinner and brownies and have my parents and grandpa over for dinner in honor of Father's day. Busy weekend.

Have you seen the new Real World on MTV? It is taking place in Paris this season, and I like it for the most part. None of the moral debauchery the Vegas cast subjected us all to. I couldn't even watch the Vegas season... they made me sick. Anyway, the Paris cast seems somewhat likeable, except for the girl... Christina I think her name is. She has dark hair, might be asian or filipino... not sure, anyway she doesn't specifically bug me... but she totally freakin reminds me of Holly's psycho ex roommate. Mainly the way she reacts to situations, though she's not nearly as defensive as miss thang was, I think it's also her mannerisms, and the way she pronounces certain words... or perhaps how her mouth moves when she speaks. She reminds me so much of the psycho chick that I almost can't watch without being irritated. Other than that I like the show. :-)

I have a couple of gripes to make about the gym... first of all... anyone who feels the need to douse themselves in cologne before working out needs to be drug out into a field and shot. I'm serious. Do you think when I'm killing myself on a treadmill, sucking in as much air as my poor overworked lungs can take I really want to inhale your noxious fumes? I know that some of these people consider the gym as a place to meet chicks... but first of all... I don't know of one chick who likes the smell of drakkar anymore... that was so 10th grade. And second of all... even if we did like it, tone it down... our eyes shouldn't burn when you enter the 6ft radius around us. Come on. And what's with the freakin hoochies that go there and get sessions with personal trainers just to act like whores? No joke, I overheard this one in particular.... she's like a freakin amazon anyway, 6ft tall, blonde, bronze, probably weighed a good 180lbs... thin, but with an ass. Not really a flabby ass... just enough of one to make her NOT a beanpole. Anyway, she was working out with this one trainer who I don't like...actually I don't like most of the trainers there. The guys are way too over groomed... and the girls are just bitches. In my experience with them anyway. This guy has shoulder length dreds that I always can't help but stare at... they are the most well taken care of dreds I've ever seen in my life. Not fuzzy or anything. Any way, I overheard amazon chick say to him as he walked by her "nice ass." He stopped, didn't respond and she goes "not much to say that?" he just kind of laughed, clearly he was a little uncomfortable... then pointed out to her how she was using the machine incorrectly. Then about 15 minutes later when I was signing up for a tan, she was booking a trainer session and told the front desk chick she specifically was requesting the trainer with the dreds. Someone's got good self esteem. It's not just amazon chick though, I always see these girls... who though youthful... in their 20's anyway, are not cute, yet unabashadly are hitting on these trainers. Some of the trainers eat it up, some remain oblivious. I could so never do that. I just don't get it.

I added a cast of characters page (the main link is on the front page), sort of a 'who's who' of my website... basically so you can put the face with the name. I also added a 100 things page... which you'll just have to check out for yourself. I am thinking of tinkering with the about me page, but we'll see.
I'm hunting for wabbits....

yeah... jessica would kick my ass if she saw this picture, but I don't think she ever checks my site... this picture totally cracks me up though, and I just had to share it. :-)



Thursday, June 12, 2003


So, I've been working diligently these last few evenings at getting things updated and fixed on this here website. As you can tell from the last two entries, I have figured out how to post pictures in the journal... Yay me! I deserve the brilliant award! Sometimes I make things so much more difficult than they really need to be, I swear. It was so easy, I was amazed. Anyway, expect me to abuse this new knowledge for quite sometime. I like the look of pictures in here, and I like the idea of just posting a few here and there without having to make a photo album... it's just easier for me that way.

I am also finishing the cast of character's page, 100 things and redoing the bio and links pages. I will post the updated links this evening or tomorrow morning.

Read This Article about a dude who shoplifted from Kmart, and once he noticed store employees were on to him, he released a swarm of bees in the store and was able to make a clean getaway. Too bad he only got like 60 bucks worth of merchandise... I am no proponent of shoplifting, but you gotta give credit where credit is due. Somebody had his thinking cap on.

Smells wike.... fingo!

Go towards the light focker!


Wednesday, June 11, 2003


So... I've managed to avoid much of the reality hoopla that has been ravaging the networks for months until last night. I mean; once upon a time, I too was a huge Survivor fan... I even caught the first season of Big Brother. But as for The Bachelor, Joe Millionaire, and the multitude of other shows that battled for the ratings (while all were based on somewhat of the same premise) I wasn't interested and didn't watch. Hell I think I've only seen like maybe 2 full episodes of American Idol...and that's by compiling all the clips I've seen. I just haven't been interested in sitting down and watching flighty nitwits with pretty faces fake falling in love to get a prize or people who can kinda sing slaughter some really good music. (Although, I must admit I have seen some clips from American Idol that left me impressed.) More often than not though; I feel sorry for these people who are in search of celebrity status, and go on these shows to 'further their careers.' I would rather be stuck as a receptionist than get the kind of flack Kelly Clarkson and Justin Guarini are getting right now for their heinous contribution to the cinematic world. I would rather be stuck answering phones than make a bit of money and be thought of as trite and always carry the 'reality tv show' stigma with me no matter what song I sing or role I play. I think it's just really sad, because I'm sure some of these people have talent, but they will always be thought of as "oh her, she was the American Idol dont'cha know. It just seems to easy for them to gain all the fame and money after a stint on a television show... I guess where most musicians and Actors have years to pay their dues before they get famous... the dues these 'reality' stars are paying is by being stigmatized in the press and being considered trite and ridiculous by anyone with taste. Don't get me wrong here... I actually like that song by Kelly Clarkson: A moment like this... of course I hated it just on principle when it first came out, but over time it one me over, and I must admit. I like it. Do I have her album? uh no. Would I ever buy it? uh no. I don't think I would even burn it from the internet. Well... I might.

Back to the original point of this entry though, I have managed to escape the need to watch all of those shows until last night. I caught episodes 3 and 4 of 'America's Next Top Model' and I am hooked. Yes, I hang my head in shame as I write this. But it's true. Tyra Banks is so fucking pretentious and 'serious' when addressing the chicks who are vying for this 'award'. One poor girl had food poisoning really bad, and faked feeling better to get out of the hospital to be at the judging session... all the while looking painfully haggard and wobbly... and they commended her on her dedication to be there, though in the future she should realize there is a line that shouldn't be crossed when it comes to pushing yourself too hard. AFTER they told her that if she wasn't present at the judging, she would be disqualified. I would have told them to go fuck themselves and promptly vomited all over Tyra's gucci shoes.

What also killed me was the fact that these girls... most of whom are pretty and stuff (none I would call stunning) couldn't handle putting on makeup. They made it seem like they didn't know what the fuck they were doing; all panicky and stuff when it came time to do their little 'assignments' ... like switching from a day look to an evening look... if they had given me ten minutes to do that; I could have had enough time left to run downstairs for a mocha Frappucino, and a piece of pumpkin bread. COME ON. Most of them had a hard time with the false eyelashes, which I can appreciate... because those can't be easy to put on. This one girl Nicole (who was eliminated) was such a freakin beeaatch... I almost spit soda out my nose when the trainer guy asked her if she was going to go home and do what if she lost, work at Mcdonald's? She was fucking pissed, and such a princess I wanted to high-five that guy. She was pretty; but too skinny, and way too dependent on her loser boyfriend. The other girl I can't stand is this 18 year old chick named Gisele... she's such a wench. How can you not enjoy this show? The pretention and cat-fights... and make-up! I love it!

doesn't Ben look like Smithers from Simpson's here? I can just here Smither's voice when I see this picture "What are you looking at you fool?!"

Tuesday, June 10, 2003


Man, lately the obsession with cracking my neck has been totally in control. I will notice that my neck feels stiff and then come the inklings of a future headache. With a turn of the head just so, I am able to alleviate said discomfort... but it is gross and completely unladylike. I know it's probably not good for you too... I gotta stop doing it altogether. But the toe cracking stays...

What a nice weekend we had. Friday night, Aaron came home a little early and we stayed up and watched movies until almost 3 am. I woke up bright and early on Saturday (as I am incapable of sleeping in don'tcha know)... we hung around the apartment most of the morning, before venturing out into the SWELTERING heat to run some errands. When we got home we noticed the pool was open, so I called lori and she said she'd be over soon. So the three of us (Lori, Aaron and I) spent a couple hours dodging kids cannonballing into the pool... what the fuck by the way; where ARE the parents? Luckily it was only a couple kids, and though we got splashed, it was refreshing and better than sweating in our apartment.

That night we went out for Kelly's 21st birthday (pics are HERE) Down to Pioneer Square... we had fun, but I was so tired, I just wanted to go home and go to bed by the time we got to the second bar. The next day, Aaron and I had wanted to go to a park or something since it was so nice out; and had tried to schedule something with some friends, but in the end when we couldn't get people to commit to going, he said "Why don't we just spend the day together tommorrow, I just want to spend it with you anyway." Awwww, he is so freakin awesome. :-) So we went down to the Fremont Flea Market, and then cruised West Seattle and eventually headed back home. Lori called that night and had had everything stolen out of her car. She had left her purse in there so they got all of her cards and stuff, as well as her cd player and camera. Aaron and I went down to the beach they were at and helped them look in the bushes and stuff, but by that time the park was closing, and I don't think we would have found much of anything anyway. Poor Lori. That really sucks.

By sunday night I was a little sunburnt and oh so tired. So bean and I curled up on the couch and took a little nap... he's such the cuddlebug.


Monday, June 09, 2003

Last day of school today; studying for final, will update later :-)

Friday, June 06, 2003


1. How many times have you truly been in love?

Just once; am knee deep in it right now with Aaron :-)

2. What was/is so great about the person you love(d) the most?

His smile, his laugh, his voice, the way he takes care of me, how he goes easy on me when we play video games, when he pouted when I beat him at speed and he said he wasn't aware we were playing 'prison rules' :-), how he talks in his sleep, and many many many more things I could divulge here, but I don't want to get too mushy :-)

3. What qualities should a significant other have?

Trustworthiness, great sense of humor, honesty, they should be spontaneous, intelligent, etc... what a general question

4. Have you ever broken someone's heart?

I don't think so

5. If there was one thing you could teach people about love, what would it be?

to be patient in your search for it... it's out there somewhere.


Monday, June 02, 2003


I am sitting here on this fine June evening feeling my most blissful. I know this is going to sound all trite and mushy, but I gotta say, I don't remember when I've been this happy. The picture on the front page tells it all. I went to the gym after work, and applied myself like I haven't done in months... 3 miles on the treadmill and 200 sit ups. I was drenched... I was disgusting... according to the scale I weighed 3lbs less when I was done than when I began... a fact which I find quite disgusting... yet I feel lighter... the power of suggestion, man... I like it. I came home and found a surprise waiting for me, Aaron had rearranged the living room; in a way that had been suggested to us by his sister in law; we had both liked her idea a lot, but didn't want to say anything at first to each other, because we thought we were both attached to the way it was. When I brought it up last night we had a good laugh over the fact that we would love to rearrange the living room, but were too cautious of each other's feelings to say anything. Well anyway, I came home and Aaron was sure busy today; it's all done! I love it! So I sit here, after my shower, smelling of mandarin mango lotion, feeling the evening breeze, eating salad and a grilled whiting filet... a little sore, but still feeling the endorphins running through me from my workout... and more than that I am content. Finally.

I miss the busy-ness and the sounds of people always outside my bedroom door... but I love the peace and quiet too... I love that it's mine... (and Aaron's lol) I love that I finally feel like a grown up... it's... bliss.