Wednesday, May 28, 2003


Man. I've been bitching about not having enough room to store my pots and pans, when the other night, I had a revelation. I happened to notice that there was a drawer on the bottom of the oven. I called Aaron in, and proclaimed to him that I was a dunce... and excitedly showed him my discovery. He's got himself a real winner... I had no idea there were drawers under ovens... I called my mom to make sure she never had one, so I could blame it on the fact that I live a sheltered life. Luckily, I was right; we never had one of those at home.

Riveting info this is, I know. Get ready for some more...

I have stopped wearing eyeliner... I think permanently. Whoa... did you feel that? I think the earth just stood still... there once was a day where you would have had to pry the liquid eyeliner bottle out of my cold dead hands before I would have stopped using it... but now I like the way my eyelashes look without it... and I look more fresh faced. Aaahhh... FRESH FACE! (for those of you playing the home game, that was a reference to Mary Catherine Gallagher... if you don't know who that is... I can't help you.)

I am in a great mood today; got some good ol' sleep last night, am going to start doing pilates in the morning I think and then run at night... we'll see. I'm desperate to shave off some extra poundage... I'm trying to channel the determination I had last year... I know it's around here somewhere....

the pic on the front page just freakin kills me.


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