Thursday, May 15, 2003


So, I surprised Aaron last night by saying that I wanted to go see the Matrix Reloaded, and suggested we see it at the 11pm showing. I had originally taken the stance that he would have to go it alone; or just with one of his friends, because the first Matrix movie left me in a deep slumber. But after I thought about it, I came to the conclusion that I can be a bit narrowminded when it comes to the movies I like to watch. So I stepped out of the box and volunteered to watch Keanu Reeves in a dress for two hours. We bought our tix online, and stood outside for about a half hour, waiting to be seated. There were quite a few people there, but it wasn't completely full; mainly because I think people didn't really know it opened last night. I am not into sci-fi shit, but I will say that I didn't hate this movie. It was WAY over my head in terms of techno speak... and I had to resist the overpowering urge to lean over and ask question after question. It was killing me, but I know that it's a pet peeve of most people, and since Aaron really wanted to see this movie, I didn't want him to have to explain everything to me... but the more I paid attention the more I wondered "What is Zion?" "Are they humans?" "What are those black holes on their bodies?" "What's with the tribal themes?" "Why is Keanu reeves wearing a dress?" "What do they mean when they call him the one?" "If this is taking place on earth, why are they traveling in cyborg looking spaceships?" "When does this take place in time?" "How can that guy morph into all those other guys?" And so on... you get the picture. I did ask a few short questions, but nothing Aaron said could really explain much. So I decided to be content to just sit back and and soak it all in, and attempt to follow the plot. Dude, before I forget... Carrie Ann Moss.. woof. I swear she is part spaniel... good Lord. And you think for all the millions they spent on this film they would have spent 6 bucks on some Max Factor foundation to plug up the pock marks on Laurence Fishburne's face. That's who played Morpheus right? I think it was him. Anyhoo, The dress that Keanu wore was apparently supposed to be a coat, but it looked really cool when it flared out like a cheerleader's skirt when he swung around and did his fancy little kicks and stuff. The fight scenes were a little long, but were exhausting to watch as well... all that blocking... looked like an elaborate patty cake game. I remember I made Aaron laugh near the end when Trinity has blood on her face and NOTICEABLY in her MOUTH, and Keanu full on kisses her, and I made a gagging sound and said "um, ew. She has blood in her mouth." Aaron kinda laughed and I said "fucking grody." As the credits rolled I began to ask some of the questions that I had, and as he tried to explain that when they plug that funnel looking thing into the back of their heads, they are actually inside the computer. I was like "what? inside a computer? How big is that thing anyway?" Obviously I was missing some vital point here. He likened it to the internet..."you know kinda like the world wide web?" I shook my head "Yeah I don't really get that either." He just laughed and kissed my forehead. I don't know, I don't get the movie, but it wasn't bad. Lori said the last one had some major homoerotic themes, and as far as I could tell the major themes of this one was the whole tribal thing... during one scene involving dancing and drums, I swear to God I could almost hear the theme of Survivor getting ready to be played. Oh yeah, I told Aaron we should name our first son "Morpheus Martin"... it's got a ring to it.

Incidentally, I read thisarticle yesterday and just about died at the phrase "pigment challenged"... just fucking say albino... gah!

Have I mentioned how much I hate the republican idiot I work with this week? NO? Yes? Well you all know... ass breath got up in my grill this morning and I had to turn into superbitch. he's such a freakin nag I seriously can't stand it sometimes. Not only will he leave notes on my desk He'll tell me the exact information AFTER HE'S ALERTED ME OF THE ALL IMPORTANT NOTE ON MY DESK two or three times! Then come back to make sure I've done it! This morning it was about referencing the work order number ... which he insists on calling a 'service work order' ...( same difference fock) on the repair tag. Um, can you say unnecessary and redundant? They are already linked by the description and serial number. He asked that I please start doing this for future reference.. yeah, right. He just has to have his hand in everything... I HATE HIM!!! Then he's all "and if you could get right on that" I interrupted him to say "YEAH. I SAID I'D TAKE CARE OF IT DIDN'T I?" he thanked me and walked away. NAG NAG NAG. I fucking hate him. I don't hate him in the sense where I want bad things to happen to him... like whenever anyone here at work dreams of the possibility that he may ever be fired (yeah right) I always get a pang of guilt... I don't want bad things to happen to him, I just don't ever want to see or talk to him again. That's all. When he went through his little shpeel on referencing the work order number on the tags I outright rolled my eyes and said "whatever dude." I ooze professionalism I swear. I just can't help it. The fucker is in my business all the time and is the most demanding little fock I've ever worked with. I want to kick him square in the nuts if he has any. ARG! Anything to have the last word... he is always making these friggin suggestions. "perhaps we should print everything out of the laser printer, as it looks more professional. (work orders and blank forms) um... no. That's WHY WE HAVE A COPY MACHINE ass. Arg. I need to go find a happy place.


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