Monday, May 26, 2003


Man, four day weekends fucking rock! I highly reccomend them. Incidentally, I am aware that I probably misspelled reccomend... I can never remember if it's two c's one m or one c two m's, or if it's two of both. So screw it. It's Monday morning, the last day of my four day weekend, I sit here in my living room with my sweetheart, in our jammies watching Home Alone, and scouring several photographs I've taken over the past few days, trying to organize and plan out which I want to have printed.

It's been an eventful couple of days, and I gotta say; the next chance I have at a long weekend like this, I'm going to snap it up. Thursday night after I got off work; my sister came over and I made us macaroni and cheese, and we played the PS2 game "Mary Kate and Ashley's Sweet Sixteen"... shut up. It's a fun game. :-) Then when Aaron got home that night, we decided to go to Denny's for some late night breakfast. Except I had cheese fries, and he had breakfast. It was kinda fun; eating at the local Denny's at midnight.

Friday morning I went and got my nails done, and we cleaned up the apartment a bit, played a few rounds of 'The Simpson's Road Rage' on PS2. I LOVE THAT GAME!!!! I love it and I loathe it... I get so freakin worked up sometimes I have to walk away from the game before I start throwing things. But other than that I play it every chance I get. Anyhoo, we left and went to Walmart and Best Buy to pick up some stuff, then went to lunch at Applebees. After that we hit a few furniture stores before finally finding what we were looking for at IKEA. God I love that place. Everything is so damn affordable. We got a chair, and coffee table for under a hundred bucks. Of course we ended up spending a little over two hundred bucks, so you know we found some good stuff. Then we came back home and put stuff together and got our gear together for camping.

The next morning we got up bright and early and headed out to Port Townsend to attend the wedding of an old friend of mine. I would love to post photos here, but I am going to restrain myself, because though it was a beautiful wedding, it was not MY wedding, and I don't think they would want a ton of their photos on my site. Privacy yo, I'm going to respect it. (for once.) :-) Aaron and I got into town a few hours early, and spent a bit of time exploring it. We had lunch at the 'Burrito Depot' and then wandered around a farmer's market set up nearby. We met up with Jessica and Mike once they made it into town; and went back to their motel and got ready for the wedding. The weather had been all nice and beautiful that morning, then had turned pretty windy and gusty as we walked around. By the time we left the motel for the wedding it was outright raining. I wondered what was going through the bride's mind... they had the park all set up for an outdoor wedding, I would have been freaking out. When we got to the park, there were dudes in tuxes, alerting everyone that the wedding had been transferred to a chapel near the site of the reception. So all ended well.. it was a beautiful ceremony, done in such a way, that you saw exactly what kind of people the bride and groom are. They are so in love, and such nice wonderful people... I am so happy they found each other, and am thrilled that everything went smoothly for them.

After the ceremony we made our way to the reception, had some awesome food, and spirits and spent a couple of hours just having a blast. Jessica and I saw some people we hadn't seen since high school, and spent a lot of time reminiscing. The red velvet cake that the groom's mom made was ABSOLUTELY awesome; probably my new favorite kind of cake. I even got to be swirled around the dance floor by Aaron before we had to leave. It was a great day. :-) It was our first wedding together, and our first dance together.

When we left we were about to embark on our first camping trip together as well. We drove down to Belfair to meet my cousins who were already camping there. By the time we made it down there; it was about 930ish... we drove around till about midnight looking for them, before we said "FUCK IT" and went home. We were freakin exhausted and I was nauseous as all get out. I think I had been in the car for too long. So we stopped at a safeway and used the facilities there before heading back... we grabbed bottles of water and a couple salmon salad sandwiches... which by the way totally hit the spot. We made it home by 2am and promptly fell asleep.

Sunday we lazed around for most of the day; watching movies, and I messed with my laptop... we took a nap and then got up to go grocery shopping and get chinese food before we went to the drive in. We saw Bruce Almighty and Just Married. We made a big comfy bed in the back of my little hatchback, and I fell asleep and missed about 90 percent of both movies... oh well. I was just so damn comfortable and warm... I was out. Even Aaron fell asleep during Just Married... but we had seen it once already, so it wasn't too big of a deal.

Today the plans are to PUT THE SCREENS IN THE WINDOWS before I got nutso.... I need fresh air!!! Other than that it's a lazy lovely day, and a great way to begin the week. Sorry this entry is so long... and BOOOOORRRRRING. I gotta go clean the catbox now.

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