Monday, May 12, 2003


Well, we did it. We are moved... the months of anxiety and anticipation were finally put to rest Friday night. Thank you LORD! It's kinda wierd, and I don't think it really sunk in that I don't live at home anymore... I was sweatin' the move big time thursday and Friday. Especially when I couldn't find two screws that were an intricate part of putting the couch together... I searched high and low for those fuckers on Thursday night... until finally Aaron was able to talk me down off the proverbial ledge, and make me watch the rest of ER... which I didn't even get anyway, because I was all wrapped up in finding those fucking screws, and missed the beginning. INCIDENTALLY, I gotta hand it to Aaron's friend Willie... he came through for us in a big way; with a flat bed trailer that we piled all of our worldly possessions on, between Aaron, Willie, Dwayne and my cousin Cassie they had the apartment loaded within an hour or so. They got down to business and fast. Thanks to my cousin Lisa (also Dwayn'es wife) who helped me sift through all of the boxes for my kitchen stuff, and to Lori and Troy who took the helm and put our bedroom together. Everyone who helped is so appreciated. I don't know what we would have done without them.

Cassie's twin sister Cori was supposed to come help too; but she was feeling pretty sick, so I think we'll have them over for a sleep over pretty soon. They turn 13 in June, and my God I can't believe they are that old already! I was their age when they were born! They just got accepted to be in the All City Band, which is a BIG HONOR, considering they'll probably be among the youngest there. It is a marching band, comprised of mostly high school students picked from different schools in the different districts all over seattle. They march in a lot of parades and events throughout the summer, and it's a big deal to be in it. I AM SO PROUD OF THEM!!!

We spent all day Saturday putting shit together, and making our space look like a home. That night I went to see Rick Springfield in concert at the Emerald Queen Casino, with my parents and sister. A mother's day gift. I am not a huge Springfield fan, but he puts on a good show and he played a few songs that I really like. I brought the cats home on Saturday night after the concert and as of this morning it looks as if they are finally coming out of hiding. They were banned from our bedroom because they were so freaked they wouldn't come out from under the bed, and I didn't trust the little bastards (mainly BEN) not to piss under there. Once we flushed them out from under there, they took cover behind the big screen tv and entertainment units. Occasionally coming out to cry and look at us in bewilderment.

We spent Mother's day morning putting up more pictures and unpacking a little here, and a little there. Then we attended a barbecue at my Aunt and Uncle's place, the pic on the front page is Aaron and I having a good ol' time in the backyard. It was a fun time in all seriousness, I enjoyed seeing everyone and talking and basically just chilling out. The salad I made was a hit; it consisted of a bazillion cut up chunks of apple, about 8 snickerbars all cut up and some fat free cool whip to even it all out.

Then last night we went grocery shopping and came home, plugged in the movie 'Fried Green Tomatoes" and promptly passed out. Aaron woke me up and we went to bed; I looked at the clock and laughed. "It's only 9:45 and we're going to bed... how OLD are we?" He laughed too; especially when, in my daze I turned the light off in the bathroom while he was still brushing his teeth, and I didn't even notice. Aaahhh, the side effects of exhaustion.

this morning I was woken up to the lovely high pitched wails of Asa, as well as his fucking knobby little paw jammed under the door, and wiggling the door for all it was worth. That and the occasional body slam against the door. I guess he wanted in. Upon entering the living room I noticed that ben had drug the new chenille afghan off the back of the couch and mated with it; that was a lovely sight to behold. I guess this means they are coming out of their funk eh?

keep your eyes on this site for a few days; I'll be posting pics of the new home, and some random shots at the mother's day barbecue.


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