Wednesday, April 30, 2003


Man, is it just me or does Kirsten Dunst bug the shit out of you too? I don't know what it is about her, but she irritates the hell out of me.

My mouh hurts. I had a root canal on Monday, and I am sore as all hell. I came into work afterwards though; seems like I hurt worse the 2nd and 3rd day after rather than the day of. They had me flying high with the nitrus; I swear it was kicked up a notch higher than normal. I was so out of it. I actually fell asleep for a while during the procedure. But I'm not complaining!! I will say though, a few minutes on the nitrus, and my headphones turned all the way up; listening to 'Jukebox Hero' by Foreigner, and 'Cry Me A River' by Justin Timberlake--the 50 cent Remix... everything falls into place and life just makes sense... at least while the nitrus is still in effect. It's all crystal clear. Well, crystal clear with fuzzy edges anyway.

The Republican idiot I work with hit something when he was out at the airport yesterday; apparently he doesn't believe in turning his frickin head to see if there are other cars around when he is backing out. I have watched him do this before; and he just uses his mirrors; nothing else. So now the passenger door of his ugly ass intrepid is all bashed in. I have no sympathy for him, and wonder if this makes me a bad person. I didn't rejoice that he hit something and caused hundreds of dollars worth of damage to that ugly ass car... but I did laugh... not as much when one of his FREAK customers came in and after they stood in the lobby talking all loud and obnoxious... and incidentally let me interject here, how much I fucking love it when asshole breath and his customers stand there and jabber fucking jaw while I am working; so that when the phone rings I can't hear myself or the person on the phone at all. It's so fucking considerate of him, I almost can't believe it. Anway, back to the story; this George Carlin look alike; comes in, and first of all , dude was wearing a threadbare white dress shirt. Under it; he had some sort of flannel plaid nightmare on, and then over the white dress shirt a plaid tie. That alone caused a pause... as I tried to figure out what the fuck was wrong with his shirt. Then, he had a sort of english riding cap on, and a pony tail... you know when gross old men have that pony tail that forms a perfect ringlet? I hate that, I just want to cut it off... he had one of those. Anyway, this moron apparently had come in when I was on my break, and then came back to 'share some information' with the republican idiot. By the way, this 'information' they were sharing was about glue... what the relevance glue has to anything we do here... I don't know. But I digress... so then they start chit chatting about politics and unions, and "what a coincidence, I was in that union too; F-1234 blah blah fucking blah" and the republican idiot reaches his hand out to shake hands with the customer and the customer took a step back and put his hands up in the air "whoa whoa whoa, let's not do that, I'm not in the business of catching SARS." I almost spit the diet cherry coke out of my nose at that point. The republican idiot was dumbfounded to say the least, and I just couldn't believe this guy. I thought it was hilarious... he had more of a chance of catching that shit just standing there talking to the republican idiot for 20 minutes than he did from contact with a handshake. Aaron had stopped by my work, and turned his head towards me at that point and said quietly "Now, THAT'S fuckin funny" :-)

So we are 9 days away from moving day... I organized a lot of the boxes and shit that have been accumulating in my room. I still have some stuff to pack; namely the kitchen dishes and stuff; and some photo albums and dvds... other than that, I think we are pretty much ready to go. I am tired of being in transition; but cannot freakin wait to have my own place... it's so close I can taste it.


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