Monday, February 03, 2003


Man, I'm good. I gotta say, my alarm went off at 7:35 this morning, and I showered and did the makeup and hair thing, and still made it to work by 8:10. I just couldn't sleep last night, was wide awake at 1 am. I hate that. I thought I got over the whole 'Sunday night anticipation, sleep anxiety' thing. It's not even anxiety really; my mind just goes about a zillion miles an hour when I lay down. It's wierd.

I had a good weekend, a short one... but aren't they all? Didn't do too much, went to Aaron's friend's house with him on Saturday night. Unfortunately, I had a splitting headache after I just about knocked myself out at Safeway... I bent down to grab a water, and smacked my forehead on the refrigerated cooler there; the sound alone was embarassing, but not as much as doing that in front of Aaron...:-) he was like "oh my God, are you ok?" I was ok; dizzy at first, and a little sore, but then I felt ok; about an hour later though, the soreness from my forehead marched back towards the back of my head, and an all out headache ensued. I hate when that happens. :-D By now, you'd think they would've outfitted me with a helmet or something.

Sunday we watched Memento in the morning... man that is one fucked up movie. Aaron had to explain a little bit after it was over, but then a couple hours later even, when I was getting ready to go out to dinner with him, I was in the bathroom doing my makeup and he was in the living room watching a movie... I had kept asking different questions about the movie that he didnt know either, and finally after I think he thought I forgot about the whole thing, I yelled out to him "yeah, but how come Natalie wanted Leonard to kill Dodd in the first place?" Aaron's response? "How come you have to ask so many questions?" we laughed, and I proclaimed once again "man, that was a fucked up movie."

We went down to the Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner... I love that place. Great food, great service, GREAT PRICES. After that we went and bummed around Gameworks for a few minutes until it was time for our movie. We played Ms. Pacman, and I reinforced how much I suck at video games. :-) We saw Darkness Falls after we left gameworks. Man, THAT is one fucked up movie. Check out the movie reviews page for more thoughts on that. Then we came home, well; back to my home and vegged out to high fidelity... which is an ok movie... I don't like Jack black, but he is actually funny in that one. I'll probably write about it in the movie reviews too.

Well, not much going on this week; I get to pick up my student loan check either tomorrow or wednesday, and am hoping they didn't gank me... I need at least 1000 bucks for this quarter, but given the old Polenske luck, I have a hunch I'm gonna be kinda pissed when I go to pick it up; that is, if nothing else goes wrong like when I went to pick it up in January and the bastards deferred it for another month. Thanks man, that would've been nice to know before I spent AN HOUR looking for parking. Now I know just to parkin the staff lot and take my chances; at least then I can zip in and zip out; and hopefully the parking nazi's won't nail me.

Well, I'm outta here, time to go study some fucked up math... incidentally I'd like to find the fucker that initiated putting parenthasis (sp?) and letters in math problems and slash his tires. Seriously, I have enough of a task just balancing my freakin checkbook... let's not make life any more complicated than it needs to be.

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