Friday, February 28, 2003


So the idiot here at work has put a sign up in his back window all confrontational and big that says "SUPPORT PRESIDENT BUSH AND OUR TROOPS." Now, on one hand I'm inclined to put up an anti-war, anti-Bush, anti-government sign in the back of MY car... though to be honest, I have no real opinion on this topic. It's kneejerk to take the polar opposite on whatever his stance is... and yes I know how immature that is, so don't start. I just can't stand him... are you feeling that vibe at all? Is my point coming across even a teensy tiny bit?

Today two customers that happened to walk in (and by the way, what is it with today... we've had more foot traffic in here today than we've had all month. Crikey.) Anyhoo, these customers come in (and both were his by the way) and said "who's car is that out there?" Now the first time it happened, I hadn't seen the sign in idiot's car, so I didn't understand when I responded and the customer made kind of a snort and shook his head with disdain. Then I saw the blaring Republican paraphernilia (sp?) and was immediately rubbed the wrong way. I've been nice to the idiot this week, though this morning I had to have a credit card run, so I am trying to hear the gal in our corporate office on the phone, and Idiot and his customer are yapping away loud as can be... and I mean loud, cackling and being all salesman like... the very quality in him I despise the most. He's apparently taken a new approach with me, and is killing me with kindness. Small talk, joking, asking for my help in a non-condescending way non-sexist way... can this effort warm my icy heart? Negative. Although, I have made a bit more of an effort to be less of a dick. Maybe that's why I am seeing a change.

Enough about dippyshit... IT'S FRIDAY!!! This means nothing because I HAVE HOMEWORK UP THE ASS! Well, not literally, but it might as well be for all the attention I've paid to it. I am also almost done packing up my bedroom. I am going to paint it within the month... I am just freakin itching to move out. And it's not that I am unhappy at home, I am JUST FREAKIN READY TO MOVE!!!! Patience is a virtue, yes I know. Fuck Patience. I want to move out. Now.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, February 25, 2003


I just realized I never commented on the Grammys... first and foremost, how FUCKING cool was it to have Simon and Garfunkel open the show? I love them. I got chills. I know that may make me a nerd in some of your eyes, but screw it... I was in S&G heaven to see them perform for the FIRST TIME IN TEN YEARS on the Grammys. I am listening the the best of S&G right now as a matter of fact.... they, my friends, are the prime examples of why I would love to learn how to play guitar or piano or both...

Ok. Enough gushing. I'm a fan. You get it.

As for the rest of the show... I taped it, but haven't watched it all yet. I started to last night, and fell asleep again... man, that doesn't say much for the folks behind the scenes does it? I have never dozed off during the VMA's or Mtv Movie Awards... hmmm... anyhoo, I have heard that Kylie Minogue is a sprite of a woman, (I believe she's only 4'11'') but standing next to Justin Timberlake, good God, he's either half giant, or she really is itsy bitsy.

I was in bed last night around 8ish I think... took a pain pill, as I still had that headache, and yes, I still feel little buzzings of pain up there today... though it's much more tolerable. I slept clear till about 10ish when Aaron got there. Basically slept through our conversations... it's all fuzzy. I just remember him grinning at me when I would open my eyes... I love that! He's got the best grin ever. And no, I am not biased, just a great judge of grins. Anyway, I digress... I had a little nightmare last night before he got there... I think it was the pain pill... I was living in this 3 story glass house, it was night time, and my sister and dad were there, and we were still living in the flight path (old habits die hard I guess)... anyway, we saw this huge jet coming towards us, and it nosedived behind the house, at the neighbor's place, but there was fire all around... we had a hell of time getting dad and everyone else (suddenly there were people around) out of the house... and I had that horribly panicky there was war going on or something. I woke up feeling scared and out of place... if that makes sense.

I had another strange dream this morning, I woke up around 3 or so and when I fell back asleep I dreamt I was homeless, and all I could take with me was my duffel bag, purse, and I think I had my cat carrier, with both cats smushed into it. (though that part is kind of fuzzy.) No one was offering to take me in, and even Aaron was there in my dream, so was my mom... both of them expressed sympathy for me, but neither one offered to put me up. I wouldn't ask either... it was wierd... and sad. But at least it wasn't a nightmare. God I hate those.

So I used a new shampoo, Sheer Blonde by John Frieda... it's supposed to take out the pollution stuff and chemicals that cause dulling of blonde hair. I gotta say, I kind of think my hair is blonder today... though that could just be the power of suggestion. But also, my hair is so freakin soft, I am totally impressed. I may even go buy the conditioner now.

Well, I have to get going, GO POST ON THE MESSAGE BOARDS!!!

Monday, February 24, 2003


I shouldn't be tired. But I am. I had a nice long relaxing weekend though... and despite the fact that this morning, I was amazed at how fast the weekend sped by, looking back I think it went by at a pretty good speed...

Friday, I went and visited Hollard, who was in the hospital. Luckily she was discharged on Sunday evening, and seems to be doing ok; Man what that girl won't do for attention! No, she was really sick, and I am just glad she is home now, and feeling better. After I left the hospital I went home and did a little homework... not enough mind you, but some. Aaron got off work early and we went to The Admiral Theater (you gotta love a place where for $14.50 you get two adult evening movie tickets, two big soda's and popcorn.) We saw My Big Fat Greek Wedding, I'd already seen it, but Aaron hadn't. We left and went to get his truck, we parked at the public parking lot next to Bartell's on 42nd. His truck was the only vehicle left there. We get in, pull up to the automated gate, put our ticket in the machine and... nothing. It still reads "Please insert ticket." Aaron continues to try and cancel the transaction, and get his ticket back, but the machine is not even acknowledging anything. I got out and tried pushing the button on the entrance side, to get a ticket and the entry arm to lift; but it must be based on the weight of your vehicle, because it wasn't working at all. We were somewhat amused by the situation; almost couldn't believe we had gotten ourselves locked into this garage. I went over to the Thriftway across the street to elicit help, but came back after I started having flashbacks from that movie The Vanishing... basically a movie where this chick gets kidnapped from a gas station... and... well, it's a hideous movie. So I freaked myself out and went back to the garage, where Aaron was searching around for old tickets to try. They were either unreadable or the total owed on them was like $73.00 or $110.00. Finally, we broke down and called Lori to come get us. She and Stephanie (our neighbor, and friend) got there in record time. They pulled forward and pushed the button and the entry arm of the gate went up and Aaron zipped right out of there. Thank GOD. We are forever indebted to them. :-) Moral of the story here? Never park in an unmanned garage... you CANNOT rely on machines to do the job of a human... there should be some sort of emergency override or something... some panic button where you can reach a live person who can help you out. Anyway...

We went to Kylie's birthday party on Saturday afternoon, she is a whopping 2 years old, and no I'm not being sarcastic; I can't freakin believe she's two already. She's such a little person. Man. I will be posting those pictures up on this site probably sometime later this week. Then, Aaron and I went to dinner with My cousins Lisa and Dwayne (the responsible party for introducing us). That was fun, we hadn't hung out in a while, seems like everyone's so busy these days... including me... so wierd to have a life now :-D. After dinner we went up to Club Broadway in Everett for Heather's birthday. Her favorite band - Chain Reaction was playing there. We had a great time, they play good music and it was nice seeing some of Heather's family, who I haven't seen in a loooong time.

Sunday Aaron and I bummed around in the morning, not doing much; I made muffins... woohoo! That afternoon we did some stuff at my storage unit, and then basically laid around the house that night. We fell asleep before Eminem's performance on the Grammy's dammit. Oh well, I taped it. I had a hideous headache last night, and am still feeling the effects of it this fine morning. What I would give to just go home and get a few more hours of sleep.

Friday, February 21, 2003


Ok, so I only know of a handful of you who actually stop by my little site here to read my random rants and opinions...and sometimes I even get feedback... (I LOVE FAN MAIL) but for the most part, I have to rely on my counter to tell me how many of you lovely ladies and gents are stopping by. So I put up the notify list thingy and two... count em' TWO people signed up... my dad and Aaron... my own mother couldn't even be bothered, and I don't think my sister ever stops by here anymore. Man, I am just not feeling the love. I wanted to do something different so I put up a message board/forum you can go in there and for those of you not familiar with forums/message boards, it's kind of like an ongoing chat... just reply to a message or start a new topic, and soon I envisions tens of thousands of participants weighing in on whether or not meg ryan had collagen injections done! Ok, well it'd be cool if at least ten people if not tens of thousands participated. come on people, humor me. please?

Ok, done begging. The sonics traded Gary Payton. Do I really care? Kinda...not really, because I don't follow basketball, but from what I've heard on the radio and read and stuff it sounds like they treated him kinda shitty... though for the amount of money he's making, I think he can just suck it up, walk it off, and be a man about the whole thing. Criminy. I'll frickin move to Minneapolis for half of what he makes.

Man I'm glad it's friday. Hope you all have a great weekend... see you in the f forum!

Wednesday, February 19, 2003


Good God, I'm addicted to Ebay. I'm not joking. I spend ENTIRELY too much time there...just perusing the virtual aisles of crap... I have found a lot of interesting stuff on there though... seriously!!!! Aaron and I have been diligently searching for a retro 50's-ish kitchen set... we want our dining area to resemble a diner... pottery barn was selling an awesome set; but discontinued it. Bastards. We are going to put a little jukebox on the table... ideally we want to find a mini jukebox that plays mp3's... there's gotta be a company out there that makes those right? If I can dream it up, it has to exist. Here is a dining set we really like... I just hate the thought of spending that much money on something without physically seeing it... this one is really freakin cool... total diner feel. I actually have this Elvis Clock in Red that will go in our kitchen. We want to get a neon picture w/ marilyn monroe too.

Ok, enough about ebay... I need to vent for a sec. I vented to Aaron this morning about this cocksucker at work who I hate. I know, I know, hate is a strong word... but seriously... this guy gets under my skin like no one else.... so much so I sometimes think I am going to go crazy. He is completely lazy and incapable of doing shit on his own. Just last week he was in his office... which is located in THE BACK OF OUR BUILDING. I sit at a desk in the FRONT OF OUR BUILDING. The filing cabinets where we keep customer information is located about 6 feet from asshole's door, in the BACK OF THE BUILDING. He calls me from his office and asks me to go to the filing cabinet and get him a customer's phone number. I almost had a nervous breakdown. Granted, I get pissed when he asks me to do ANYTHING because he is a lazy fucking asshole.... so when another co worker came in, I asked him if I had any right to be pissed by this and he told me if jerk off asked me to do that again to tell him to do it "his goddamn self".

The amount of contempt I have for this guy is phenomenal... seriously. I haven't been this irritated by one person since... well I have no clue... I don't normally hate people. Yesterday he asked me to put these stupid labels on his batteries for some customer then proceeded to tell me this morning I didn't do it how he asked but it still worked anyway. Whatever man, as if I really fucking care. If I don't do it right, do it yourself. Then a few days ago he volunteered to take our trash out; we now have a can instead of a dumpster... there is a label on it that says "TRASH ONLY". Dippyshit takes the can out and wanders back up to my desk and says "so, what do you suppose the sign on the trash bin means?" I slowly take a breath and break my usual rule of no eye contact to stare at him, making my contempt obvious, squinting my eyes and say "what?" His forehead twitches it's usual grody way, and he says "The trash only sign... what do you suppose that means?" I pause for a moment, choosing my words carefully... "uh... probably that they don't want any recycling shit in there." His dimpled forehead twitches again, and he says "huh." turns and waddles back to his office where I hear him pick up the phone and call (I'm assuming) our everett shop to talk to the gal who ordered the can for us. Either that or he called the garbage company... to be honest as soon as I heard him ask whoever he was calling the same question, I tuned everything out... I was so irritated. When I hear him hang up the phone, I see him come towards my desk, he stops and looks at me and says "well, you were right. No recycling." I nod without breaking my eye contact with my computer screen. "oh yeah" he continues, "we also can't throw away television sets... the picture tube is hazardous material." I stop and close my eyes as walks away.... first I gotta say I'm a little amazed that he didn't ask me to call around to find out what "TRASH ONLY" meant... because I would have put my foot down on that one. He is famous for wasting time... my time, his time... anyone in between's time. It's heinous. And for RANDOM SHIT! When I told a coworker about that he just shook his head. And by the way, why would we even put a television into our little trash can? Where would we get one to throw away here at WORK? ARg.... maybe I'm too hard on him, and look for things to bug me... though if that kind of stuff didn't, the ass trumpeting he does in the bathroom would still send me over the edge.

Onto bigger and better topics... math is getting a little better... though I was stumped for a while last night on a word problem. (joy of fucking joys)... apparently I missed the memo that all angles in all triangles add up to 180 degrees... Fuck a duck, I didn't realize that shit was common knowledge. Perhaps I could've led a richer life if I had just known that one morsel of information. Maybe I could've been voted homecoming queen in high school, won the lottery and lived a charmed life if I had only realized that all angles in all triangles add up to 180 godforsaken degrees. I have math class tonight... you know I think I am missing the gene that helps people to understand math. I mean seriously.. the brilliant minds of the world have concluded that there are fat genes, and genes that make people more succeptable to certain illnesses based on heredity and such... so wouldn't you think if your parents suck at math, the odds are against you that you will too? Who knows. But there should be a pell grant for people like us. One notch above the short bus. ... well maybe two notches.

Hey who'da thought that duct tape could be a weapon against terror attacks? Should we really be worried or are they just playing on our fears? Drum up a little support for the war on Iraq... and by the way, how many idiots have gotten stuck/killed/lost up on Mt. Rainier in the past? Common sense would tell you to stay the hell off that mountain but noooo people still feel the need to look danger in the face. Man it sounds like I'm doing a lot of bitching today.... I'm actually in a really good mood... in love, happy... I swear!


Tuesday, February 18, 2003


Well, I had lots of things to discuss with you today, but wouldn't you know... I seem to have had a brain fart, and lost any and all motivation to write today about anything. I'll give it a whirl though, just for you.

I'm. tired.

I'm also behind in my math class, so I'll be spending this evening frantically attempting to work out problems like
if x-u=r.dy$$ then 8(tyr)*4568=2hg-8

ok, so that's not exactly a problem direct from my book... but you get my drift. I was supposed to work on it last night, but got caught up packing up my room in various boxes and stuff... am getting ready to clean out the old storage unit this weekend and put the boxes in there, and hopefully paint my room in a few weeks. Don't want to deal with that shit when I am in the process of moving. Then when I was done cleaning I got caught up in the Joe Millionaire Trainwreck... fuck a duck he looks like an ape. I'm serious. And the back of his head is so flat! I couldn't get over it. It was so cheesy... kinda cool that they got a million bucks, but you can bet that I will NOT be tuning in nextweek to see 'joe millionaire... the aftermath' or whatever the heck it is. I am just about off this reality bandwagon...I used to love it... maybe I'm just all realitied out. who knows. Who knows why I continue to ramble like this?

So, Valentines day... I had an AWESOME one. I did. For the first time EVER. I gotta say, this whole being in love thing rocks! I went to lunch with Aaron (who showed up at my work with a BEAUTIFUL bouquet of flowers. From there we went to our favorite little lunch spot, Donna's Diner, and proceeded to have a great lunch until panic ensued when Aaron mentioned that when we got back to my office I should see if the movie "So I Married An Axe Murderer" was on Dvd yet, and on sale at ebay or amazon. I panicked because that was one of his valentine's gifts, and if he purchased it in the few hours before I was to hand it to him, that would just not be good. I smiled and told him that I had already looked and it had only been released in region 2. (European dvd's... I think) He nodded and replied that we could probably program my dvd player to play it. I nodded, smiling, racking my brain trying to delay the inevitable. I smiled and said "hey, I have an idea; why don't we swing by my house on the way back and I'll give you one of your presents a little early." He was game for that, and I breathed a sigh of relief. When we got to my house and he opened the dvd, he was surprised and we both laughed, and I told him how nervous I was that he would have bought it before I had a chance to give it to him. Luckily he said he didn't have a clue that I had already bought it... whew! That was a close one. ;-P

That night he picked me up and gave me my second present of the day (and keep in mind, besides the roses; I had gotten a vday present a week earlier when he gave me the heart shaped locket... which I don't have a good picture of me wearing it yet... anyway, I digress) so I open up this box shaped like a dice, and there is all this awesome lucky brand perfume scented stuff in it; like hair gel, lotion, the perfume, the concentrate... I hit the mother load baby. I love that stuff; my favorite scent of all time! We went to dinner at Cucina Cucina, and drew hearts and love messages on the paper tablecloth... which we later left in shreds when I insisted on ripping out the love notes for our memory box. :-) We went to Kirkland to Waldo's bar after that to see the my favorite seattle band play. We had a great time. When we got home I got my last gift, a red pajama set with little white hearts on the top. Very nice. I had a great Valentine's day... I think he did too. He seemed to really like the pocket watch I gave him. It was a great day. :-)

We had a low key weekend after that, was very relaxing... I wish they all could be like that.

Thursday, February 13, 2003


A few things to discuss with you this fine morning. I have been up for a while; woke up at 6am and couldn't go back to sleep. So I sit here burning a copy of 50 cent's new album... should I admit to that? Is there any legal action that 50 cent and Eminem can take against me for admitting to lifting his cd off the internet? No worries. I have a boyfriend now, and he'll kick both your asses. Oh yeah, that's right, I said it. (I'm sure Aaron doesn't mind me volunteering his services... )

Anyway I read
this article this morning about This dude who bought Southcenter mall last year wanting to 'improve' it. First of all, let me take issue with the fact that he took a perfectly respectable mall... and put pictures of Fergie up all over the damn place... as well as changed the name from a dignified 'Southcenter' to Westfield Shopping Town...uh.... let me be the first to point out that we are not living in the english country side, nor is the mall in any sort of upscale area where one might find a 'shopping town'... Southcenter mall is ghetto. Straight up ghetto. Don't get me wrong, I like the mall; enjoy shopping there, just picked up some stuff from there yesterday as a matter of fact. But I also don't mind the long lines behind 14 year old hoochies... and by hoochies I mean tight low rise jean wearing, thong peeking, half shirt, belly baring, hair slicked back, lipliner way too dark and way too thick, (and by the way, how hard is it to keep that shit INSIDE the lines of your lips?) cleavage glitter wearing, toe ring having, cell phone shouting, tongue and nose ring sporting 14 year old baby whores. Then you have your non speaking 100 year olds who wander aimlessly down the center of the walkway, about 15 steps slower than the flow of foot traffic. Of course you have your huge population of young men ... most of who's pants are hanging off their asses, giving you a view of their faded, (probably soiled) boxers... wearing bandana's on their heads, backwards baseball caps, upside down visors, sunglasses, AND MUCH TOO MUCH cheap ass cologne. They avert eye contact, to maintain their 'cool' demeanor, but don't cut in front of them at Journey's or the Foot Locker, or they might feel the need to bust a cap in your ass. Of course then you have the smaller groups... families, parents who don't watch their kids, and normal folks like me who just like to go there and spend money on shit they can't afford. Anyway, the point of this little diatribe is that no one I ever see there is anyone I would ever imagine finding shopping at a place called Westfield Shopping town. Myself included. Plus they have a mascot now, this gay ass kangaroo called Westy... it's just tacky in my opinion. Well now they want to add about 450,000 more square feet, pushing the total square footage to almost 2 million. Making Southcenter the largest shopping town in all of Seattle-shire. Wouldn't mind the theater they are planning, though I think the parking garages they are proposing will just FUCK EVERYTHING UP. The parking lot now is absolutely gargantuan, and the area traffic is bad enough with people exiting the mall in about 6 or 7 different outlets... the idea of them condensing that is nightmarish, especially at christmas time. Should be interesting though; a theater complex right there might be kind of nice.

I also found this article which proves that IT IS NOT A GOOD IDEA TO LICK SPACE SHUTTLE DEBRIS. You should read it, it's kina interesting.

Math class was a phenomenal exercise in blinking back tears and fighting feelings of suicide. I never feel like as big of an idiot as when I am trying to do my math. It's hideous... I just have the hardest time processing and figuring it all out. What's sad is even the stuff I knew, I was struggling with... and this is an introduction to math here kids... I got at least two more classes to take, and I am not sure I'm not gonna have to repeat this class. Luckily the teacher is fairly patient and kind and doesn't make me feel stupid...I do that all on my own.

I'm going to bake some cookies tonight; using my cousin's recipe... they are Aaron's favorites. He said she makes the best cookies in the world. no pressure. As long as they're edible I'll be happy.

Wednesday, February 12, 2003


So I am taking a break from my math book. When you spend an hour on one problem, working it from every angle to get the right answer... and you come to that point where you just don't fucking care anymore... it's time to take a break. see if you can make this equation equal the fraction 17 / 2


maybe now you can understand why I think pursuit of any sort of technical degree by me is a fucking hopeless ass situation. I want to take this math text and shove it sideways up the ass of whoever deems this shit necessary to get a goddamn degree in psychology. I'm serious. Show me one psychologist who can do this shit or does this shit on a daily or even part time basis... and I'll shut up and find a different degree more suitable to my intellect... like... hell I don't know, the sad thing is this shit isn't even college level. I'm freaked about passing this fucking class to get to my next special ed math class and I still have to pass college level math... it's looking grim folks.

On a brighter note, I went to the gym last night!!!! Hiatus 2003 is now officially over. The other brighter note is that I haven't gained any weight since not going, I was at a loss of 79lbs at Christmas and I am now at a loss of 83lbs. At Thanksgiving I was at a loss of 74lbs, so I have lost 9lbs since Thanksgiving and 4lbs since Christmas... not bad considering I haven't worked out or been on any sort of regimen, nor have I been in diet mode. I am officially feeling better and back on the horse again. The main problem was that I was so freakin sick for so long. I was so sweaty and gross when I left the gym, it felt great. I feel like I was ridding myself of all those toxins. My nose did run, however, the ENTIRE time I was on the elyptical trainer, and that kinda sucked. But I did a half hour on that, 15 min (1.33 miles) on the treadmill and burned a total of 496 calories. Was going to do some situps, but it was crowded in that area, and I like to have my space, so maybe tonight. My endurance is still pretty damn good if I do say so myself. I can't wait till I can run a full mile. I ran almost a quarter of a mile straight last night and surprised myself in the process. Maybe by this summer I'll be able to do it.

Aaron and I are gonna go biking when it gets nicer out. I am going to get myself a mountain bike; I think we are gonna buy my cousin's old one. I guess it's pretty nice (I don't know much about that stuff) of course, nothing compares to my old huffy desert rose. With the big handlebars, and banana seat... I was just reminiscing about that bike last night. Aaaah, the memories. Hopefully I'll have better luck with this bike than I did with the old H.D.R., and won't skin my knee(s) on every outing. Not looking forward to wearing a damn bike helmet though; I look like one of Jerry's kids, at least according to Tatum anyway. :-)

I am back into my orange kick. I love oranges. Love, Love, LOVE them. I have been eating them for breakfast this week; and I gotta say, they have moved past bananas in the favorite fruit category. No reason for sharing that, just thought I would is all. :-)

Well, I should go; gotta get back to the math torture. Why I even bother is beyond me.

Monday, February 10, 2003


Man.. at first today was just flying, and now it's creeping slower than molasses in January. My driver's side door was being a real dick this morning. Well, not the whole door; to be fair, it was just the lock. Bastardo. Frozen. I could turn it in the direction to lock the door, but not to unlock. I even squirted some of my window de icer in it to try and help it... upon reflection, I realize that may not have been the wisest of choices.... damn. So after crawling over all my stuff in the passenger seat I managed to get in, and lo and behold by the time I got to work the door had thawed enough to unlock. Thank God, I was beginning to think I'd need the jaws of life to get my ass out of that car. Of course I could've just crawled back over the passenger seat, but I didn't really feel like it.

Hey, have you heard that song by 112? Talking about being in a club, their drop top is in the parking lot ...etc etc... not a bad song, then they break out with "if you're sexy and you know it clap your hands.... if you're sexy and you know it clap your hands"... WHAT THE HELL? I hate it when people take children's songs and ... dirty them up... but more than that they just sound like a couple of idiots singing that song. Irritating! :-) By the way, if you haven't gotten the new FITTY CENT (50 CENT for you non-ebonics speaking folks) cd, you should... I haven't yet, but I intend to... I hear it's da bomb. :-P

The picture on the front of the page is one of the portraits Aaron and I just had taken yesterday. I think that one is my favorite pose. Plus I just like the way we look; we went to this place in Tacoma and the B & I Marketplace. Reasonable prices, and fast service. I gotta say. We also went out to Pioneer Square on Saturday night, I'll be posting pics from that outing next week along with some pics from Lisa's birthday as well as four wheeling this weekend. Should be fun. :-)

I have been working on my philosophy stuff pretty diligently lately... man is that shit the most boring ever or what. Seriously, you want to be so bored that you claw your own eyes out for entertainment go here and read some of the meditations by this dude named Marcus Aurelius (if I remember correctly)... I had to read them, and pick three passages and make my own meditations... oh the horror. Anyway, I'm outta here, have a great day!

Friday, February 07, 2003


My mom's scanner is a piece of crap; if I don't say so myself. I can afford the right to say this, because my sister and I bought it for her; for christmas 2001. If you don't believe it's a piece of S-H-I-T, look at the picture on the front of this website. I scanned in the cover of XXL, because it's got two of the best rappers of all time on it, and my new favorite ghetto ass rapper too. The quality of the picture just sucks... and I don't understand why; it is completely evident that this picture is scanned in, I hate that!!!! Anyway, enough ranting about that...

I feel gross today; and a little stressed out. I am getting my hair done tomorrow; and I always have anxiety about that... plus Aaron and I are possibly getting our pictures done on Sunday... but I am worried that my hair will be jacked and I don't have anything to wear, and I feel gross in general today which is stressing me out about it anyway. Arg.

On the upside, today is Mine and Aaron's two month milestone... am I a dork for noting this? I don't care, the last two months have been the happiest I've ever been, so I don't care if celebrating it makes me a nerd. :-) We are going to lunch today; I bought him the movie 'The Blue Lagoon' as a little anniversary gift. With Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins. If you don't know what movie I am talking about, you can read about it
First of all, let me preface this by saying I've seen this movie about a dozen times when it was on cable. They cut a lot of shit out of that movie to air it on TBS. Can you say Frontal Nudity... on THE GUY? Aaron and I were a little surprised... considering that Brooke Shields was like 15 and I guess dude was 19... there is A LOT OF NUDITY in this movie... waaaaayyyyy more than I ever knew. It was kinda funny though; all the nerdy innuendo as well; this movie is almost soft core I swear. They play up the 'innocence' (I know I probably misspelled that) so much, that it's almost funny. I have always loved this movie though... I was just a little surprised at how un-subtle it was. :-)

Well, that's about all I have for today; I'll be checkin in with you on Monday... have a great weekend, and be safe!!

Wednesday, February 05, 2003


Ok, what is it about Eminem's new protege 50 cent that won't let me stop humming the base line from 'in da club'? I think it's the way he mumbles his way through the song... that and it sounds so incredibly ghetto you just can't help but love it. :-) I'm serious, there's an underground sort of street flavor to the song, and yes I know that since it's rap, I should say flava, but you're gonna make fun of me for liking that song period, so I might as well break it down.

The picture on the front of the website is an old picture of my cat
Asa, I was looking for a new pic to put up on the site; I wanted to put a pic of the new XXL cover with Eminem, Dr Dre and 50 cent; but couldn't find any online that were decent size. So I'll have to buy it and scan it in. Anyway, I ran across this pic on a disk and it made me laugh, so that's why it's up there.

What's new... not much, I bought a coat at Old Navy yesterday for 3.97 ... so I'm lovin that; I bought some underwear yesterday too; only to find out that it's too big... wish I would have know that before I put them on. It's a great thing that I am in smaller sizes, it just get's to be a little bit of a pain when I'm buying stuff; and I'm either in between sizes, or the stuff fits for a month and gets too big. Although I gotta say it's a great feeling to go to the store and try on SIZE 12 PANTS... oh yeah baby, I can't tell you the level of elation that puts me at. Considering that in May of 2001 I was wearing a size 24.

Well kids, I'm outta here; got stuff to do, places to be, you know how it is. By the way, Happy birthday to karen today!

Monday, February 03, 2003


I forgot to mention that today is Cathy's Birthday and it's also Matt's birthday, so Happy birthday dudes!

Man, I'm good. I gotta say, my alarm went off at 7:35 this morning, and I showered and did the makeup and hair thing, and still made it to work by 8:10. I just couldn't sleep last night, was wide awake at 1 am. I hate that. I thought I got over the whole 'Sunday night anticipation, sleep anxiety' thing. It's not even anxiety really; my mind just goes about a zillion miles an hour when I lay down. It's wierd.

I had a good weekend, a short one... but aren't they all? Didn't do too much, went to Aaron's friend's house with him on Saturday night. Unfortunately, I had a splitting headache after I just about knocked myself out at Safeway... I bent down to grab a water, and smacked my forehead on the refrigerated cooler there; the sound alone was embarassing, but not as much as doing that in front of Aaron...:-) he was like "oh my God, are you ok?" I was ok; dizzy at first, and a little sore, but then I felt ok; about an hour later though, the soreness from my forehead marched back towards the back of my head, and an all out headache ensued. I hate when that happens. :-D By now, you'd think they would've outfitted me with a helmet or something.

Sunday we watched Memento in the morning... man that is one fucked up movie. Aaron had to explain a little bit after it was over, but then a couple hours later even, when I was getting ready to go out to dinner with him, I was in the bathroom doing my makeup and he was in the living room watching a movie... I had kept asking different questions about the movie that he didnt know either, and finally after I think he thought I forgot about the whole thing, I yelled out to him "yeah, but how come Natalie wanted Leonard to kill Dodd in the first place?" Aaron's response? "How come you have to ask so many questions?" we laughed, and I proclaimed once again "man, that was a fucked up movie."

We went down to the Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner... I love that place. Great food, great service, GREAT PRICES. After that we went and bummed around Gameworks for a few minutes until it was time for our movie. We played Ms. Pacman, and I reinforced how much I suck at video games. :-) We saw Darkness Falls after we left gameworks. Man, THAT is one fucked up movie. Check out the movie reviews page for more thoughts on that. Then we came home, well; back to my home and vegged out to high fidelity... which is an ok movie... I don't like Jack black, but he is actually funny in that one. I'll probably write about it in the movie reviews too.

Well, not much going on this week; I get to pick up my student loan check either tomorrow or wednesday, and am hoping they didn't gank me... I need at least 1000 bucks for this quarter, but given the old Polenske luck, I have a hunch I'm gonna be kinda pissed when I go to pick it up; that is, if nothing else goes wrong like when I went to pick it up in January and the bastards deferred it for another month. Thanks man, that would've been nice to know before I spent AN HOUR looking for parking. Now I know just to parkin the staff lot and take my chances; at least then I can zip in and zip out; and hopefully the parking nazi's won't nail me.

Well, I'm outta here, time to go study some fucked up math... incidentally I'd like to find the fucker that initiated putting parenthasis (sp?) and letters in math problems and slash his tires. Seriously, I have enough of a task just balancing my freakin checkbook... let's not make life any more complicated than it needs to be.