Friday, December 20, 2002


Ok, I realize it's been a few days since I've updated... sorry! I have been uber busy... and uber happy as well. :-) First things first... I have now officially lost 80lbs. You can see my progress here. I have been really into Yoplait light and fat free yogurt in Berries and cream.... totally tastes like something you would have for dessert. It does have one downfall though... the blue berries totally remind me of rabbit turds. I'm serious. I have to really watch for them, because I get oh so grossed out if one slips through... my philosophy on yogurt is that it's not something YOU EVER have to chew. So I can do without those nasty little balls of grodiness.

I'm ashamed to admit this; but I am absolutely hooked on the new Avril Lavigne song...I'm with you. It's against everything I stand for (yeah right) to be a fan of hers (who am I kidding?) but man, that song just gets to me. Also on the obsession list is Family Portrait by Pink ... have you seen that video? That little girl makes me sad.

Well... It's 5 days till christmas and I'm still not done shopping. Soon my child, soon. I anticipate getting it all done next week. (you think?)

Well... I gotta jam, gotta get some stuff done; oh by the way... HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOLLARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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