Tuesday, December 03, 2002


My back is killing me. Somehow I managed to wrench the heck out of it. I assume it was when I carried the 33lbs of cat litter around Costco yesterday. Intelligent she is, that Allison. So say a prayer that sleep will cure it. Sleep and a heating pad. Feels like it just needs to be cracked or something, but no matter what I can't seem to get the right angle to crack it. So everytime I take a breath I get a dull pain between my shoulder blades. MARVELOUS.

Thanksgiving was good; we had mom's side of the family, minus a few people over. It was peaceful to say the least, and that's the best part of the holidays in my opinion. Good food, good conversation, relaxing vibe... I was diggin it. Didn't do much Friday; did a little Christmas shopping.... had a really good weekend though, but it didn't feel like I was off for four days. I came back to work on Monday, in a good mood; even in the holiday spirit. I was thinking it would be tough to get in the mood to decorate this year, but I happily decorated our office tree and the front desk. Nothing spectacular, just a little red tinsel garland and of course the holiday cd's got dusted off. I had forgotten that I picked up a copy of 'Christmas with the Brady Bunch' last year... and of course you can't forget the ever popular South Park 'Mr. Hankey's Christmas Album'. The cds have been in heavy rotation since yesterday morning. I got up early today and went Christmas shopping before work... My sister is done and bought for. now just ma and pa ... and their stockings and I'll be done.

Ok, so normally I wouldn't admit this, but we're all family here, so ... I am totally hooked on that new Christina Aguilera song 'Beautiful'... it is a good song, and she is amazingly not 'in your face' in it. I can almost forgive the buttless chaps when I hear this song... if you didn't know better you would think it was an innocent young girl behind that voice... of course she stomps that image out with her spiked 'fredericks of hollywood' heels in her Dirrty video.

What else did I want to tell you...

I am sickened at the thought of war with Iraq... Seriously, Bush is just fucking itching to get us into a conflict over there... using scare tactics to rally support... makes me physically ill to think about it. Do I think Saddam is a threat? Yes. Do I think we should be cautious? Yes.... do I think anything he has done warrants us going over there and starting trouble? NO. Hello... doesn't it make you wonder why the U.N. was dragging their feet on pledging support behind Bush's proposal? Sure he's got the American public all riled up by tossing around words like nuclear war, atomic bombs... etc etc. What a bunch of bullshit...

sorry to get political; usually I try and keep my opinions to myself, but every time I log onto msnbc.com I see new headlines about the possiblity of war with Iraq. I just need to stop paying attention to the news, it either stresses me out or pisses me off; rarely is there a happy medium.

I am totally hooked on Yoplait light berries and cream... it's low cal and there's no fat (if you are obsessed about stuff like that like me) and it is SO FREAKIN GOOD! Tastes like a dessert more than a yogurt in my opinion.

Well, that's all for today; I am gonna go lay on my heating pad and cross my fingers that this pain will go away soon. Things could be a lot worse, at least life is good... if you check out my archives from this time or winter in general in the past and you can see that life was very different. I was in a darker place.... things are definitely looking up across the board. I can honestly say I'm happier today than I was at this time last year.... and I think with school and all, it'll continue to get better. :-)

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