Tuesday, December 24, 2002


The first one would be that I think I misspelled embarassing.... and am too frickin lazy to look it up to double check. The others would be that I am hooked on that Creed song they are overplaying right now... "I'm 6 feet from the edge and I'm thinking... maybe 6 feet ain't so far down" I hate Scott Stapp... not sure why, but when I see him singing on tv I get the uncontrollable urge to kick something. But the guitar riff in the beginning of that song is unbelievable. I love it.

I treated myself to a Christmas present this morning. I got a double non-fat iced mocha (with whipped cream---Merry Christmas to me!) and a blueberry muffin. What the hey; it's the eve of Jesus' birthday... I'm gonna allow myself a little caffeine and blueberry indulgence. :-)

I woke up with a stiff neck; I hate that!!! I woke up around 3 am when my sweetie left, (though he had planned on leaving at 130; we fell asleep and he ended up leaving a little late.) I couldn't fall asleep after that until like 4 or 430.... sucked! and now I have a bit of a stiff neck... not too bad though.

yes I realize I am kind of rambling this morning; must be the caffeine coursing through my veins... that and the ibuprofen for my toothache... did I mention that? I have had one mother of a toothache for the last 24 hours... it's getting old. Real old. Anyhoo; I am outta here, gotta be productive! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

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