Wednesday, December 04, 2002


Man, I keep forgetting to tell you about my lotion dilemma. There is nothing worse than smelling bad or funny or wierd... we all know this. Hello that's why we wear the lotions and perfumes. Well, my favorite lotion from Victoria's Secret is called 'Love Spell'. A year or so ago when we had a rat that died in our office, and was rotting behind some cupboards, there was this heinous odor...I sprayed my Love Spell body spray around to try and cover up the smell. Unfortunately, the guys I work with must've thought that it was an air freshener or part of the rat smell, because whenever I use the lotion now, they'll sniff and look puzzled for a second, then ask me if we have a dead rat again. NIIIIIIICCCCCCEEEE. Way to boost MY confidence. lol, and no they aren't joking, they are dead serious and concerned... then I put on some tangerine lotion from bath and body works the other day and my mom, my wonderful mother ... comes out into the living room and says "what smells like vomit?" I didn't know what she was talking about; as my tangerine lotion smells like TANGERINE. She goes "well, it's either vomit or diarrhea... is it somebody's lotion or something?" That's when I remember that I just put some lotion on. I was like "uh, my lotion DOES NOT smell like vomit OR diarrhea." she shook her head and said "could've fooled me". Now I'm all paranoid as to whether or not to use my favorite lotions and scents... I don't want to smell like rotting rat flesh or vomit/diarrhea. Of all the things I could deal with smelling like, those two are not options. crikey.

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