Friday, December 06, 2002


So I dragged Lori out of bed this morning at a quarter to six to do our favorite workout; it's Cindy Crawford's first tape (I think she's put out 3) Oddly enough I am not sore yet; but have felt energized all day... usually I'm ready for a nap when we're done.

I'm in a good mood today... sang my heart out in the car on the way to work today to "How Will I Know" By Whitney Houston "Amor Prohibido" By Selena (yes I know the words.... con unas locas qui averte hoy... espero say a momento en que escuche tue vos... yeah I mispelled that line sooooooooo bad... I can sing spanish, I can't spell it!) and I also sang to "Giving Him Something He Can Feel" By En Vogue. Though if you've ever heard me sing, you would liken it more to screeching along to the songs... but hey, I was enjoying myself so it's all good. :-)

I downloaded like 8 songs on my lunch break today; my mom finally broke down and got high speed internet, and I'm totally diggin it. It used to take days to get that many songs... they would end up timing out or cancelling before the files were finished. I downloaded a bunch of old Whitney Houston songs... am totally into her old stuff right now... I wanna dance with somebody, where do broken hearts go... be my baby tonight... I got em all :-) I'm gonna make a compilation disc of all crackhead's best stuff. Did you see her interview with Diane Sawyer? Yikes. Though I was impressed... she never started to sweat once. Ok, that was mean, but still have you seen homegirl perform? She should wear terry cloth on stage... or dress shields, I mean come on.

found another interesting site online today; check out Michael Jackson's Baby Dropping game It's in terrible taste, but absolutely hilarious. While you are at it; check out that one is kinda funny too.

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