Tuesday, December 24, 2002


The first one would be that I think I misspelled embarassing.... and am too frickin lazy to look it up to double check. The others would be that I am hooked on that Creed song they are overplaying right now... "I'm 6 feet from the edge and I'm thinking... maybe 6 feet ain't so far down" I hate Scott Stapp... not sure why, but when I see him singing on tv I get the uncontrollable urge to kick something. But the guitar riff in the beginning of that song is unbelievable. I love it.

I treated myself to a Christmas present this morning. I got a double non-fat iced mocha (with whipped cream---Merry Christmas to me!) and a blueberry muffin. What the hey; it's the eve of Jesus' birthday... I'm gonna allow myself a little caffeine and blueberry indulgence. :-)

I woke up with a stiff neck; I hate that!!! I woke up around 3 am when my sweetie left, (though he had planned on leaving at 130; we fell asleep and he ended up leaving a little late.) I couldn't fall asleep after that until like 4 or 430.... sucked! and now I have a bit of a stiff neck... not too bad though.

yes I realize I am kind of rambling this morning; must be the caffeine coursing through my veins... that and the ibuprofen for my toothache... did I mention that? I have had one mother of a toothache for the last 24 hours... it's getting old. Real old. Anyhoo; I am outta here, gotta be productive! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Friday, December 20, 2002


Ok, I realize it's been a few days since I've updated... sorry! I have been uber busy... and uber happy as well. :-) First things first... I have now officially lost 80lbs. You can see my progress here. I have been really into Yoplait light and fat free yogurt in Berries and cream.... totally tastes like something you would have for dessert. It does have one downfall though... the blue berries totally remind me of rabbit turds. I'm serious. I have to really watch for them, because I get oh so grossed out if one slips through... my philosophy on yogurt is that it's not something YOU EVER have to chew. So I can do without those nasty little balls of grodiness.

I'm ashamed to admit this; but I am absolutely hooked on the new Avril Lavigne song...I'm with you. It's against everything I stand for (yeah right) to be a fan of hers (who am I kidding?) but man, that song just gets to me. Also on the obsession list is Family Portrait by Pink ... have you seen that video? That little girl makes me sad.

Well... It's 5 days till christmas and I'm still not done shopping. Soon my child, soon. I anticipate getting it all done next week. (you think?)

Well... I gotta jam, gotta get some stuff done; oh by the way... HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOLLARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 16, 2002


Good God I can't believe Christmas is less than 9 days away... I haven't really even begun to go shopping yet. This weekend should be fun :-) I had a great weekend by the way; the pic on the front of this page is my cousin Lisa and I braving the rain and wind for a good photo op. :-) We went up to the mountains to go four wheeling, and had a blast. The whole weekend was awesome... but went by way too fast... I just wish this week would do the same. :-)

Tuesday, December 10, 2002


Ok... so I am usually a pretty chill person. By chill I mean that I fall somewhere in between serious and laid back ... I am not by nature a perky, bubbly person... though that's not to say I am a negative and dark person either.... I just don't smile 24-7... even when I am totally happy, I have been told I look pissed. (I am working on this though.) So this morning when I came into the office .... humming to myself (a little Whitney Houston ditty) I got a strange look from one of my coworkers, and another one asked me if I was ok. I didn't realize he was even talking to me; and when he asked again I looked at him surprised and smiled "Yeah, I'm great... why?" he cackled to himself and said "I've never seen you in this good of mood before; singing to yourself..." I just shrugged my shoulders and hummed all the way back to my desk. He chalked it up to Christmas time... but I am in a good mood, and it doesn't have anything to do with Christmas... but I'm not going to discuss it here EITHER... because with my luck it would jinx me, and you know; I'm not willing to risk it. :-D I will say though, that life is good. I've got perma grin, and the giggles and life is good.

Friday, December 06, 2002


So I dragged Lori out of bed this morning at a quarter to six to do our favorite workout; it's Cindy Crawford's first tape (I think she's put out 3) Oddly enough I am not sore yet; but have felt energized all day... usually I'm ready for a nap when we're done.

I'm in a good mood today... sang my heart out in the car on the way to work today to "How Will I Know" By Whitney Houston "Amor Prohibido" By Selena (yes I know the words.... con unas locas qui averte hoy... espero say a momento en que escuche tue vos... yeah I mispelled that line sooooooooo bad... I can sing spanish, I can't spell it!) and I also sang to "Giving Him Something He Can Feel" By En Vogue. Though if you've ever heard me sing, you would liken it more to screeching along to the songs... but hey, I was enjoying myself so it's all good. :-)

I downloaded like 8 songs on my lunch break today; my mom finally broke down and got high speed internet, and I'm totally diggin it. It used to take days to get that many songs... they would end up timing out or cancelling before the files were finished. I downloaded a bunch of old Whitney Houston songs... am totally into her old stuff right now... I wanna dance with somebody, where do broken hearts go... be my baby tonight... I got em all :-) I'm gonna make a compilation disc of all crackhead's best stuff. Did you see her interview with Diane Sawyer? Yikes. Though I was impressed... she never started to sweat once. Ok, that was mean, but still have you seen homegirl perform? She should wear terry cloth on stage... or dress shields, I mean come on.

found another interesting site online today; check out Michael Jackson's Baby Dropping game It's in terrible taste, but absolutely hilarious. While you are at it; check out monkeymofo.com that one is kinda funny too.

Wednesday, December 04, 2002


Man, I keep forgetting to tell you about my lotion dilemma. There is nothing worse than smelling bad or funny or wierd... we all know this. Hello that's why we wear the lotions and perfumes. Well, my favorite lotion from Victoria's Secret is called 'Love Spell'. A year or so ago when we had a rat that died in our office, and was rotting behind some cupboards, there was this heinous odor...I sprayed my Love Spell body spray around to try and cover up the smell. Unfortunately, the guys I work with must've thought that it was an air freshener or part of the rat smell, because whenever I use the lotion now, they'll sniff and look puzzled for a second, then ask me if we have a dead rat again. NIIIIIIICCCCCCEEEE. Way to boost MY confidence. lol, and no they aren't joking, they are dead serious and concerned... then I put on some tangerine lotion from bath and body works the other day and my mom, my wonderful mother ... comes out into the living room and says "what smells like vomit?" I didn't know what she was talking about; as my tangerine lotion smells like TANGERINE. She goes "well, it's either vomit or diarrhea... is it somebody's lotion or something?" That's when I remember that I just put some lotion on. I was like "uh, my lotion DOES NOT smell like vomit OR diarrhea." she shook her head and said "could've fooled me". Now I'm all paranoid as to whether or not to use my favorite lotions and scents... I don't want to smell like rotting rat flesh or vomit/diarrhea. Of all the things I could deal with smelling like, those two are not options. crikey.

By the way, if you are into reading online journals and stuff there are some great sites that offer interesting views on pop culture and current events. pamie.com is my current favorite. Then there's tomatonation.com which is another great source of entertainment. And lastly, but not least hissyfit.com most of these writers on these sites also contribute to a site that writes hilarious recaps of the shows you love to hate. you should check em all out.

I am in a good mood this fine Wednesday morning... even though it's freezing, and raining and my back still hurts. As I was getting ready this morning though; I had a flashback to high school... sophomore year in choir class... Tatum and I in a mini ... VERY mini production of 'West Side Story'. By mini, I mean there were like 8 of us girls who dressed up as young puerto rican peasant girls, and acted out and danced to a few of the main songs from the movie/play. "See the pretty girl in that mirror there... who can that attractive girl bee-ee-eeee.... such a pretty face, such a pretty smile... such a pretty me! I feel charming, oh so charming, it's alarming... how charming I feeeeeeeeeeel! and so pretty that I hardly can believe I'm real." lol, if I would have had more time this morning I could've scanned in some pictures from that performance... me in this hideous yellow skirt and red peasant shirt, tatum in purple and pink... both of us prancing around the stage with a fan in hand, singing our hearts out. What a wierd memory to come out of nowhere, I remember how much fun we had with that though. Aaahhh, the good ol days. What I would give to get my hands on a video of that performance.

If you haven't been listening to kiss 106.1 in the mornings lately, they are running this contest called 'What would you eat for the meet and greet'... Matchbox Twenty is going to be in their studio sometime soon, and if you go in and eat something disgusting, they will give you tickets to come in and be there for the interview and private performance. They've had these psychos come in and eat cat vomit.... booger toast.... and some stuff that's just gross after you eat a lot of it... like a dozen of the big cinnabons in an hour, 5 slurpees in 5 minutes... a wasabi sandwich.... 3 packages of raw hot dogs... drinking their own urine... You know I have had a few small celebrity obsessions.... (read entries in this journal in October and November to see what I mean) but I wouldn't eat ANYTHING crazy to meet anyone... not even Eminem... not only that, but even if I was so crazy in love or obsessed with a celebrity I wouldn't eat something like cat vomit to meet them... how do you think they look at you when they meet you? Hi, I'm the girl who choked down booger toast, and I'm your biggest fan... I can see Rob Thomas' agent standing there ready to jump in between when she tries to shake his hand... don't do it Rob! Think of where it's been... she had to harvest the topping for that toast man. So gross. If I was in Matchbox Twenty I think I'd be a little insulted. They've sold millions of albums, toured the world... made a buttload of money (and for those of you playing the home game, buttload is A LOT) and they now get to promote their latest album by doing small studio sessions and radio interviews, and have to do so in the presence of crazy people. No quick movements or urine boy'll blow. yikes.

Ok, so I have to rant a little.... I really hate those radio commercials for T-mobile... with Catherine Zeta Jones. I don't mind the ones on Tv too much; though I don't see those a lot because I have cut my tube time down dramatically. But the radio ones just irritate the hell out of me... those and the ones for Wilson's Leather... with the "vice president in charge of saying the word sale"... ugggghhh. I hate it! that lady's voice just kills me. I am also running thin on the J-Lo love... I actually hate that song 'Jenny From the Block' and just about died laughing when Tatum referred to her as a 'ghetto ass whore', lol ahhh we are both fans of Mr. Affleck...and we are both in agreement that he is indeed one of the world's Sexiest Men Alive... but he is losing major points daily due to the little fairytale between him and Jenny from the block. So trite. So trite.

I am totally hooked on that song 'Disease' by Matchbox Twenty... and yes, I probably should have mentioned this back in the previous area when I was discussing them before, but oh well. My favorite line is "you left a stain on every one of my good days" way to paint a picture man. Lovin it.

I am hoping to go up and get my books and stuff for school today; I'm giddy with anticipation. Those of you who know me personally know my attachment to office supplies... pens and notebooks in particular. It's a sickness really... I remember when I was going to HCC like 2 years ago, and every morning I would buy myself a pen or two (ok, like 3 or 4) and after a while I realized that the cashier in the student store must think I was special. I am serious... EVERY morning I would go in there, spend a few minutes browsing over some of the items I had no intention on buying, then casually walk to the glorious pen section... so big and colorful...they had just about ever kind of pen you could ever imagine. I would pick out a couple and buy them... after the first few times I couldn't even look the chick in the face as she rung them up. lol, I knew that I would think I was a little special kid if I was her... and I was ok with that, as long as I got my pens. Luckily I am over that obsession... rarely buy pens anymore... though I have a hunch I may be adding to my collection today. I've been good, I deserve them! Don't judge me. :-)

HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 03, 2002


My back is killing me. Somehow I managed to wrench the heck out of it. I assume it was when I carried the 33lbs of cat litter around Costco yesterday. Intelligent she is, that Allison. So say a prayer that sleep will cure it. Sleep and a heating pad. Feels like it just needs to be cracked or something, but no matter what I can't seem to get the right angle to crack it. So everytime I take a breath I get a dull pain between my shoulder blades. MARVELOUS.

Thanksgiving was good; we had mom's side of the family, minus a few people over. It was peaceful to say the least, and that's the best part of the holidays in my opinion. Good food, good conversation, relaxing vibe... I was diggin it. Didn't do much Friday; did a little Christmas shopping.... had a really good weekend though, but it didn't feel like I was off for four days. I came back to work on Monday, in a good mood; even in the holiday spirit. I was thinking it would be tough to get in the mood to decorate this year, but I happily decorated our office tree and the front desk. Nothing spectacular, just a little red tinsel garland and of course the holiday cd's got dusted off. I had forgotten that I picked up a copy of 'Christmas with the Brady Bunch' last year... and of course you can't forget the ever popular South Park 'Mr. Hankey's Christmas Album'. The cds have been in heavy rotation since yesterday morning. I got up early today and went Christmas shopping before work... My sister is done and bought for. now just ma and pa ... and their stockings and I'll be done.

Ok, so normally I wouldn't admit this, but we're all family here, so ... I am totally hooked on that new Christina Aguilera song 'Beautiful'... it is a good song, and she is amazingly not 'in your face' in it. I can almost forgive the buttless chaps when I hear this song... if you didn't know better you would think it was an innocent young girl behind that voice... of course she stomps that image out with her spiked 'fredericks of hollywood' heels in her Dirrty video.

What else did I want to tell you...

I am sickened at the thought of war with Iraq... Seriously, Bush is just fucking itching to get us into a conflict over there... using scare tactics to rally support... makes me physically ill to think about it. Do I think Saddam is a threat? Yes. Do I think we should be cautious? Yes.... do I think anything he has done warrants us going over there and starting trouble? NO. Hello... doesn't it make you wonder why the U.N. was dragging their feet on pledging support behind Bush's proposal? Sure he's got the American public all riled up by tossing around words like nuclear war, atomic bombs... etc etc. What a bunch of bullshit...

sorry to get political; usually I try and keep my opinions to myself, but every time I log onto msnbc.com I see new headlines about the possiblity of war with Iraq. I just need to stop paying attention to the news, it either stresses me out or pisses me off; rarely is there a happy medium.

I am totally hooked on Yoplait light berries and cream... it's low cal and there's no fat (if you are obsessed about stuff like that like me) and it is SO FREAKIN GOOD! Tastes like a dessert more than a yogurt in my opinion.

Well, that's all for today; I am gonna go lay on my heating pad and cross my fingers that this pain will go away soon. Things could be a lot worse, at least life is good... if you check out my archives from this time or winter in general in the past and you can see that life was very different. I was in a darker place.... things are definitely looking up across the board. I can honestly say I'm happier today than I was at this time last year.... and I think with school and all, it'll continue to get better. :-)