Wednesday, November 27, 2002


It is so one of those days. I didn't make it to bed this morning until almost 4am. My grandpa was sick and my sister drove out to Auburn to take him to the emergency room around 6pm. At 10:30pm my mom and I arrived to relieve her; I was at that time tired, sore (I worked out a little too hard) and sweaty. Around midnight I noticed my already dwindling patience was gone... and I was no peach to be around. Actually, I think that statement is the completely underexaggerated... I was a fucking bitch to be around last night. I feel bad about this... I do. I don't like being like that, but it was almost out of my control... mom kept urging me to just lay down and sleep while we waited. I have slept in that fucking waiting room too many times already and it is uncomfortable, cold and ... it's not my bed, so I don't sleep for shit anyway. I was pissed because the 'on call' doctor was supposed to be on his way in at 10:30, and we were told it only took him 45 minutes to commute. His ass didn't roll in until 12:20... 2 HOURS LATER. I was pissed. Around 1 am, I told mom they should just quit dicking around and admit grandpa; but God forbid. Mom was as frustrated as I was; no one seemed to know what was going on... around 2 I was starving. We went up to Albertsons, so I could get something reasonably healthy to eat... I refused to eat anything out of the vending machine. I didn't sweat my ass off on the elyptical trainer and treadmill for an hour to eat a bag of m&m's. I was being snappy to mom, which I also feel bad about... I kept telling her I wasn't mad at her, and I wasn't... I was just frustrated at the entire situation. She was just the lucky one to get the brunt of it all shoved on her. I felt bad about snapping at her and being a jerk, which soured my mood even more. When we got back; I ate in the car and got to the point in my book that mom had warned me was hideous...violent... depressing... and just closed the book... I didn't want to read anymore. I sunk further into the dark after I read that chapter... almost wished I had never even picked up the damn book in the first place. Mom came out to the car and said that the hospital decided against releasing him like we were told and were now admitting him. He is being released today; but is still sick, so I anticipate a bumpy road ahead of us.

I got up around 8:30, dicked around for a while, got in the shower and made it into work by 10:30. I am wearing my new long sleeve tee from old navy that I got for 4 bucks... I love it. I like the way it looks on me and like that it is brown and not black. (most of my wardrobe is black) I was on the phone with mom this morning trying not to be bitchy when she was telling me about grandpa's night at the hospital... she had just woken up and was slurring her words to all get out and would say shit that didn't make sense... twice she mentioned him going to the veterinarean... I was like What the Fuck? As I am pleading with her to let me get off the phone so she can just call me back when she is coherent, I am leaning on my desk. After we hung up I noticed there was a post it stuck to my arm... not just any post it mind you, the very post it that I put my wad of Bazooka gum on... FUCKING MARVELOUS. I spent the next 20 minutes using ice to try and freeze the area so I could pick the gum off... which only succeeded in me getting little bits of gum every where else... so I slapped a piece of tape over the wad of gum and I will deal with it later.

Holly told me there is a product at Fred Meyers called 'goo be gone' that should take care of the offending mess... then we proceeded to have a conversation where I think she thought I was being pissy... I wasn't trying to, but she got off the phone rather quickly and I think now she's mad at me. Whatever. I don't have the freakin energy to deal with anything today.

Add onto it a conversation with my mother about me being a vegetarian... I won't eat the stuffing she is making because I don't eat meat, and she accused me of being obsessive. I don't think choosing not to eat stuffing that is COOKED INSIDE OF A DEAD ANIMAL (when I am a vegetarian) is being obsessive... And it's got bits of Turkey innard in it... don't get me wrong, I love stuffing. I do...especially my mom's ... but meat is meat is meat is meat and I can't do it. Do they even make vegetarian stuffing? I am going to pick up that goo be gone shit tonight and I will scour the shelves for some veggie friendly stovetop or something.

Something that makes me smile though... Lori hates christmas sweaters... I mean, really hates them. She gets angry when she sees people wearing them... as if there is nothing more vile in the world. I told her the other day "hey now, I had a christmas sweatshirt with snoopy on it when I was in high school." She just looked at me and I thought for a second and said "wow, that explains a lot doesn't it?" We both laughed. I saw a store when I was in the Alderwood Mall last week though that seemed to be all about the Christmas sweater... I think we'll start a new game. You'll get points for every sweater you spot and the more dangly shiny shit you see hanging off them, the more points you get. Walmart on friday should be in abundant supply of older ladies wearing their holiday best.

Well, I'm off to take a tranquilizer... don't laugh, I could use one right about now. My nerves are freakin shot today. And have I mentioned that my eyes are burning? Squinting is not cute... that brings up another awesome observation... I have a wrinkle in my forehead. I am serious. Not like the time I thought I saw the beginnings of crows feet on my left eye either... there is a fucking wrinkle in my forehead. I think it is because I have been squinting a lot lately; I need to get glasses, the ones I have are pretty much strictly for reading, and I think I need some everyday use ones... I need to go pick up some Oil of Olay. Crikey... I'm getting old. I can feel the pre-birthday depression setting in as we speak... and I've got till April to deal with it... though it may just be pms... at this point I can't be sure.


Tuesday, November 26, 2002


Since my office is closed both Thursday and Friday, today is kind of like a Thursday. There really is no reason for me to tell you that; other than it signifies just how incredibly bored I am at this moment. It's been a long day and I am wasting time before I head out to the gym.

Gosh... what's been going on... Friday night we Holly and Lori and I had plans to go out to an Irish pub in downtown seattle; but plans changed and we ended up going to Louie's to sing some karaoke. We had a freakin blast... ended up calling a bunch of our friends, some actually came down. I was way more loaded than I realized and though it was the 'Allison, Holly, and Lisa Show' (as we were up singing constantly) I didn't remember singing Barbie Girl until I was rifling through my cd's looking for work out music and saw the Aqua cd staring up at me. That's when I had a flashback and realized me and Lisa had sang that on Friday night. I had completely forgotten... I've forgotten a lot about that night... vaguely remember singing Fancy by Reba Mcentire, though I hear I rocked it arena style... yikes. Gotta give a good show to the droves of fans don't ya know. I also sang a couple Dixie Chicks songs with Holly and Lisa, a few Madonna tunes... and of course my songs that I always sing... Johnny Angel and How Will I Know... I changed some of the words to that one... though at least it wasn't as bad as the time I was singing and pointing to people in the audience. Good God.

We had so much fun though; totally relaxing up until Holly spilled beer in my hair... don't know exactly how that happened... one minute I am sitting there talking to Melvin, and the next minute I have beer in my eye, rolling down my face. I was kinda pissed. From there I am told we went to Taco Bell... though I couldn't tell you because I had decided to take a little nap in the back seat.

I was so fucking hung over on Saturday... I think my head hurt more from the cigarettes I took drags off; nicotine is mine enemy. anyway, luckily the hangover cleared up before we got on the ferry and went to see SHED. I get so impressed when I see them play; probably because I worked with two of the members (cody and brady) at safeco... none of my friends have ever been able to play music like that, and it's way impressive. I just wish they'd get more gigs on this side of the water. :-)

Monday, November 18, 2002


Man, what a busy weekend... Thursday afternoon, Ashley flew in from Arizona for a couple days. She and Lori and I all went out to dinner to Huckleberry on Thursday night, then we went down to Broadway, and I picked up a new shirt. I love it; will wear it on Friday night when a bunch of us are going out to this Irish pub downtown. Anyhoo, the next night a bunch of us got together, and played games and had a few cocktails... it was a lot of fun. We ended that night with a late night trip to Denny's... Saturday morning found Holly and I shopping at the mall, capped off with a salad in the food court. From there I went home to spruce up and then attended Holly's Grandma's retirement dinner at Angelo's restaurant. That was fun; after that Lori and Ash and I saw 8 Mile (yeah, I've seen it twice now... so what?) Sunday morning I drove down to Tumwater to meet Emma; Robert and Michelle's new arrival. She is an angel... I love babies at that age, (she is only 2 weeks old) so tiny and sleepy and cuddly. The rest of the day was pretty slow.

Oh yeah, I ran into my old neighbors and daycare clientele... the oldest daughter (who I met when she was in kindergarten) is now 14... I wouldn't have recognized her if I fell over her in the street. Totally felt old.

Thursday, November 14, 2002


So, Lori and I went to a travel agency last night, I had been informed that I won a free trip to Vegas... 2 nights and 3 days. So all we had to do was go up and give them an hour of our time, and the trip was ours. I knew it was a gimmick; but we grilled the guy on the phone so thoroughly, and he swore that there was no catch. So we go up there, and they are 15 minutes late in calling us in for our 'appointment'. That pissed me off to begin with, and Lori was getting irritated because there was this one short dude who was walking around, with his nasty chest hair showing and a gold chain around his neck... he was gross. Mr. Rico Suave or something...Totally thought he was God's gift if you know what I mean. Well, we get called back by a big guy named Paul who is older and has a gnarly speech impediment. He makes some joke about how did he get lucky enough to get the two single women. By this point I just kind of wanted to go home, but a free trip is a free trip right?

Well, right as dude is going into his schpeel, rico suave himself comes up and interrupts our sales guy, saying "Ladies, if I told you today about a great promotion could you afford to spend a thousand bucks?" I was like "uh, no." he responds with "how about 900?" and Lori interjected "um, even if I had a thousand bucks, I wouldn't give it to you." ok... awkward momentS of silence follow, finding me sitting there looking down, unable to make eye contact with anyone. Rico Suave looks perplexed and says "why not?" Lori says "because I don't know you, or what your company is..." he interrupts her by saying "Well I would tell you all about our company and the travel opportunities we offer." Lori just stared at him (I think; my panic system was in full swing so I don't remember all the details) Then dude proceeds to talk down to us and tell us that why doesn't he spare us the boring presentation and get us our free gifts, so he doesn't waste our time. He walks away and Lori was pissed.

Actually, I feel the proper term would be 'twitchin pissed'. she starts hissing at me "how DARE he assume we don't have the money just because we are young and female... how DARE he dismiss us like that and interrupt out salesman. What a dick!" I am laughing nervously at this point and Lori tells me that she is going to have to break it down for him and explain where he went wrong. Mr. Cocky comes back and sits down he gives us our vegas trip claim, and this free dinner/limo thing, and proceeds to explain both gifts to us, all the while looking at other customers and being rude. I thank him when he's done and Lori goes "I have a problem." He looked a little surprised for a second and then with the utmost attitude gives her the head shake and eye stare and says "Oh you do, do you?"

I should note at this time I have never felt more ghetto in my life. I applaud Lori for her balls, because this dick is the one who made us feel that way... she starts in by telling him that interrupting our salesman was rude and unacceptable, and how dare he assume we don't have the money, she could have a thousand bucks in her purse for all he knows. I think he was taken a little off guard and he apologized a few times. Then he asked Lori if she was interested in hearing the presentation and she fired back with "not now, I am not spending any of my money here." I was looking at the floor at this time trying to breathe calmly and white lighting the pain from my ulcer. Dude tells us that he was trying to do us a favor by sparing us a presentation that we weren't interested in, and Lori told him that we were interested until he walked up and was rude. He apologized again and then we left. yikes. My sister is scrappy, yo. :-)

Did you watch the J.Lo interview last night? Sadly, I must admit... I did. Let's all celebrate the joys of being rich and pretty! Life is good for Miss Thing, which gee... if I was engaged to Ben Affleck and a gazillionaire, with a body to die for... I bet I'd be pretty fuckin happy too. I don't even dislike her... I am just irritated with the glorification of her life being thrown in everyone's faces all the time... ok; I know, I made the choice to tune in... who's side are you on anyway?

And lastly... a few of you may remember that I had a few dreams earlier this year in which I found myself dating Bill Cosby... I had another strange dream last night. I dreamt I was meeting someone off the net to date and they decided after three dates they didn't want to see me anymore because I wouldn't give it up... oh wait... no, THAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED, lol my dream was better than that actually. ;-P I dreamt that I was going to meet a dude named Joe, turned out to be Mr. Joe Perry of Aerosmith fame... dude, he's hot... way too skinny, but hot... and he's a little older than me... ok, so he's more than twice my age... BUT IT'S JOE FREAKIN PERRY! Apparently we hit it off, and he kissed me in it...Anyway, I am not gonna go into the details of the dream because it get's wierd, JLO makes a cameo as an undercover cop and my grandma runs an auto chop shop in the dream... totally wierd... but at least I can say I've kissed JOE FREAKIN PERRY!

Wednesday, November 13, 2002


Dude, I am so going to marry Kid Rock... I wouldn't even make him cut his hair. But he would have to walk around with a mic in his hand. You know what's funny though, watching him on stage, with his loads of stage presence and confidence... (Or as Lori would say... "he's a cocky little fucker isn't he?) He looks like his name should be Kid Rock...then to see him on TRL and stuff and be referred to as "Bob" (real name is Bob Ritchie) it's kinda funny.

Lori and I rocked out to Foreigner on the way to the concert... Jukebox Hero is our favorite Foreigner song, and let's just admit it, one of the greatest songs ever written. (Don't front, you know you like it) We had nosebleed seats, so the excitement level wasn't as high as it could have been, but it was a great show nonetheless. Kid Rock focused mainly on southern rock; though he did do his best stuff... Bawitdaba, Cowboy... when he started Only God Knows Why he held up a lighter, and there were so many lighters held up in the audience, that the light projected from them was pretty bright. Lori and I were in awe.

Aerosmith came out shortly thereafter and rocked the house... I feel like I have been to an honest to God rock concert now. Granted, I just saw Guns and Roses, and they are nothing if they are not rock, but these guys are icons... and so impressive... they started in on one song; and as soon as it ended they went right into the next one, never missing a beat, and not half assing it at all... I wish I had that much energy. I mean, shit, Steven Tyler is almost 55 and Joe Perry is right behind him... and by the way, Joe Perry is freakin Hot. Especially for his age... a little too skinny, but fuck man... what a hottie.

I've never been to a concert when so many chicks jumped up on stage and had to be carried off; security was all over that business. Totally worth it though... I am totally hooked on this song by kid rock and sheryl crow now, it's called Picture. You gotta hear it. So good.

Monday, November 11, 2002


Ok, so I was not so excited to see Guns and Roses on Friday night after Lori and I stood outside in the cold, and the rain for an hour... well, longer actually, because the concert was an hour late... anyhoo, after we went inside and tried to clean up (we looked like drowned rats,) we claimed a spot by the barricade and settled in for the concert. CKY was the first act... and though their music wasn't bad, one of the guitarists was an absolute idiot and ruined the show... he was annoying and stupid... I hated him almost as much as I hate scott stapp (that asshole from creed).

Mixmaster Mike was next (and when I told a friend about him the next day; I mistakenly called him Mixmaster Dave... I don't know why, lol, but felt like a real ass... completely dated myself... I guess I am not the young hip music lover I thought I was. ;-P) He was pretty good; but the excitement level was slowly deteriorating the longer we had to wait. Finally when they did take the show, and the opening riff of 'Welcome To The Jungle' filled the Tacoma Dome... the excitement was palpable. Axl wailed for about 2 hours... performing a small handful of new songs, but mainly performing all the old hits... Sweet child of Mine, November Rain, Patience, My Michelle, Live and Let Die... finally ending with an encore of Paradise City. It was awesome. No it was FUCKING AWESOME. Best concert yet. Totally worth every penny, and I would see them again in a heartbeat. I would say they were a ton better than they were on the MTV Video Music Awards. So much better than I even anticipated.

After the concert, Lori and I joined our cousin and some of his friends down at Hell's Kitchen; a bar in Tacoma, to see some live bands on the Jagermeister Tour. That was pretty fun, I love alternative music...and these bands were screamers.

Saturday I worked at Husky Stadium; it was our last game, and probably the best. I spent the entire game bullshitting in the back, cooking hot dogs with my friends... and getting paid for it. I can think of worse ways to spend a Saturday. :-)

I went and saw 8 mile Saturday night... see the movie reviews for my thoughts on it... though I will say I AM IN LOVE. Lol, me and every other girl who saw that movie. God he's hot

Thursday, November 07, 2002


I love it when someone is shitty to you first thing in the morning, then doesn't bother to apologize, but instead acts like nothing is wrong afterwards. It's great.

Wednesday, November 06, 2002


Man, I've had the best couple of days. I don't really know why either. Even though it was raining and yucky out today; I just feel glad to be alive. :-)

The never ending pursuit of the unattainable is still on and a nagging presence... though I'm becoming more confident that if I want something I can have it; I just have to figure out what needs to be done to get it. For that I have to thank my friends; sometimes I feel so lucky when I look around and see the people I call friends... I can honestly say that they are all in my life for a reason; especially those close to me. Yes, I know I am getting mushy and sentimental; but I mean it. I can't imagine what my life would be like without them. Even when we are irritated with each other, I know in the end it will all work out and things will be fine. I've managed to weed out those who are not worth my time and effort; yet my circle of friends is large, and growing. I love that everyone knows each other and when we get together in a group; it's comfortable and familiar and most of all fun.

I am working down at Safeco field tonight for a soccer thing; Saturday is our last husky game and that's gonna be so sad. For me anyway; I will kind of be glad to take my weekends back from Ivars, but still... it's bittersweet :-)

I need to work on my shyness... I feel like I used to be a lot more outgoing; and though I don't hesitate to speak my mind on some things; I feel like I hold back around certain people and I don't want to do that anymore. So that's what's up with me at the moment, and thanks for asking. :-)

Oh yeah, don't be too dismayed, but I am going to pick up a copy of Justin Timberlake's new album... it's too poppy to pass up. Don't judge me! :-D

Tuesday, November 05, 2002


Ok, you all know what Friday is... I know I don't have to remind you. THE MOVIE to see comes out; that's right the long wait is over. So take your ass out and go see 8 mile. I will be going to see it on Saturday night, and will of course be updating the movie reviews page sometime after that to fill you in on the details. I went to see Barbershop last night, and the trailer for 8 Mile came on... I had yet to see it in the theater, and let me tell you, Lori dissolved into giggles when I just about choked on my piece of licorice. I told Lori that from here on out, Eminem will now be referred to as "My Baby Daddy." Yes, I know it's ghetto. No, I don't care. Ashley, you feel me dogg right?

Oh yeah, if you would like to catch a pretty cool band, SHED is playing on the 23rd of November in Bremerton... Lori and I are going, if you'd like to go with us; email me. :-)