Thursday, October 31, 2002


I am not going to write much about the tragic murder of Jam Master Jay... simply because there is enough being said on the news and everywhere else. It's so sad though... I don't really understand it.

Well, it's halloween... I went to the gym and got a good work out; they got new treadmills, and I'm stoked. Not only that, for the first time in over a month I am seeing improvements again... THANK YOU LORD!!! If I continue to plateau much more I am going to have a serious freak out.

So I am feeling really inspired today... as corny as this sounds, specifically by a song off the 8 mile soundtrack. It's called 8 mile, and my favorite passage in the song goes as follows:

Don't got a rep, my step
Don't got enough pep
The pressure's too much, man I'm just tryin' to do what's best
And I try
I sit alone and I cry
Yo I won't tell no lie
Not a moment goes by
That I don't pray to the sky
Please, I'm beggin you God
Please don't let me be pigeon holed in no regular job
Yo I hope you can hear me homie wherever you are
Yo I'm telling you dog I'm bailing this trailer tomorrow...

it goes on and on... I can relate. I've been in that situation before; actually it comes and goes for my situation now. Torn between doing what I want to do and doing what I know I need to do. Torn between being a slave to reality and chasing a dream...

Wednesday, October 30, 2002


Ok, before I gush about the 8 Mile Soundtrack... I have a small confession to make... I have REALLY only listened to the 5 tracks that Eminem himself appears on. I have listened to little bits of the other songs; but just wasn't interested as much in hearing someone named... Rakim sing a song called R.A.K.I.M. So shoot me; I'm biased. Anyhoo... onto my review....

The first track, is the one they've been playing on the radio; it's called Lose Yourself, and is the theme for the movie. Love it. Assuming you've already heard it, I'm going to move on... Track 2 is a song called Love Me by Obie Trice, 50 Cent and Eminem. I also really like this song; the hook is sang by a female who croons "I wanna love you for the rest of my life" and it goes on... very chill song. Track 3 would be the song 8 Mile by Eminem. Very fast paced; written from his character's point of view in the movie. Kind of rough; with a heavy hard core edge to it. Track 6 is called Rap Game by D12. I LOVE THIS SONG. Starts out with a pretty piano melody, then one of the guys from D12 starts in. This is probably my favorite song from the whole album. The last one on the album is called Rabbit run, also by Eminem. If you didn't know, his character in the movie is called 'rabbit' ... that's his stage name I guess. This song is angry, fast and also filled with a hardcore edge. Also written from his character's point of view.

Overall, a good album; too bad it has Macy Gray on it though. Loses a few points for that... much more hardcore and edgy than I anticipated... but it makes sense since the movie is about coming up in the rap game.

So I was reading on one of my many gossip websites yesterday that The Anna Nicole Smith Show has just been renewed for another season. Seriously folks... how sad is that? Have you seen that show? TRAINWRECK. It's almost as sad as it is irritating.

Well, I really don't have much to write about today... life is good and is getting better. Although I gotta say it would be a hell of a lot better if we didn't have daylight savings time. But maybe it'll work out; since I'm kind of a night owl anyway, maybe I'll get to bed at a decent hour, seeing as it feels like midnight at 8.

Tuesday, October 29, 2002


So, before I go on about the latest release from everyone's favorite Rap artist... I have a confession to make. I was at work this morning, listening to Jackie and Bender in the Morning... which is unusual because Jackie and Amy both have these annoying speech patterns... but that's really not the point. Anyhoo, I was listening and a song came on; with a familiar voice, and I couldn't place it right away. I started humming along to the song thinking to myself "I know I've heard this before..." I kinda liked the song and tried to remember who sang it. It's a female voice... kind of a husky, haunted voice in the beginning of the song. So I'm sitting there humming along, and then it get's to the chorus "... a moment like this..." all of a sudden I realize I actually like the American Idol; Kelly Clarkson's song. On principal; I refused to watch that show... and now, I am dismayed to admit... it's a catchy little tune. Oh the shame.

So, today is October 29th; which means you should drive yourself to your nearest music store, and pick up the soundtrack to the movie 8 mile. Oh would you look at that; as I write this, the song 'Lose Yourself' just came on the radio. It's a sign, I'm telling you. :-) But seriously; I advise you to pick it up. Besides having 3 new songs on it by Eminem himself; there are several other tracks from artists off of Shady Records, as well as some artists not affiliated. I will be purchasing this LONG AWAITED RELEASE (huh ash?) on my lunch break; you can expect a review this afternoon or tommorrow. If 'The Eminem Show' was any indication of where he is headed musically, I am sure I will not be disappointed.

So I went out for a bit with Choni Zipple last night. I miss hanging out with her; when we worked at Southtown we hung out for a couple hours during nap time every day. I forgot how much we used to laugh over our 'family trials and tribulations' as well as just the good ol' gossip. We also comiserated (sp?) over the fact that we are indeed getting older... though she's 30 and I'm not! (haha toni :-)) Both of us have run into some of our former students at the daycare and they are driving... as well as smoking... good God man, you were 11 and a half it seems just yesterday! Perfect example... When I met Toni, her son devante' was in the toddler room, still a baby, still in diapers ... he's in the 4th grade now. Depressing. :-)

I saw an ad for a movie I think I want to see last night; It's a new George Clooney flick... it's called Solaris. The ad I saw touts it as a romantic movie... a man who loses the love of his life; and somehow she comes back from the dead... so I go to one of my favorite sites this morning... The Internet Movie Database and look up Solaris. I read the plotline and it sounds NOTHING LIKE A ROMANTIC MOVIE... so now I'm confused... here's what it said about the plot:

Upon arrival at the space station orbiting an ocean world called Solaris a psychologist discovers that the commander of an expedition to the planet has died mysteriously. Other strange events soon start happening as well, such as the appearance of old acquaintances of the crew, including some who are dead.

So ... I guess we'll see...the movie doesn't open for over a month, but I'll probably still go see it. Afterall, it does star Dr. Ross. :-) Well, I'm outta here... I'll be back later with more on Marshall's new Album ;-P

Monday, October 28, 2002


Lori and I went to the Paramount on Saturday night to see Janeane Garofalo perform. Seriously, she is probably my all time favorite stand up comedian. I don't agree with some of what she has to say; basically because I don't consider myself a 'liberal' at all. Though I'm sure my cousin Geary would disagree ;-P But her set is filled with intelligent, acerbic commentary on today's issues as well as a few hilarious comments on Mtv, and the new Christina Aguilera video, and the ever popular George W. I have seen her live twice now; and both times have had the urge upon leaving to broaden my vocabulary. I need to start incorporating better words and phrases... such as paradigm, mortal coil, willy-nilly and the like into my repertoire. Incidentally, for those of you keeping score at home, I may have just used the word repertoire incorrectly... but I digress. :-)

So anyway, the entire point of this entry is that if you have a chance to see Janeane Garofalo perfom live; I strongly suggest you do it. Not only will you walk away laughing, but you will also find yourself contemplating things in a different way...

Thursday, October 24, 2002


The pic on the front of this page is Matt being goofy. He was putting dishes away and I was making fun of him, because I'd never ACTUALLY seen him lift a finger to do anything ;-) So he took the knife out and was being a dork; until my mom told him he was going to put someone's eye out, lol ahhh no matter how old we get, there are still people there to watch over us.

So, I started taking a multivitamin... does this mean I'm getting old?! I was actually concerned that I am not getting all my necessary nutrients and minerals and whatever, so I bought a bottle of one a day vitamins for chicks. Well, the bottle says for women, but women are... grown ups and adults, so I prefer to think of myself as a chick... not a kid and not a woman... a chick. Maybe my new theme song should be that song by Britney Spears ... Not a girl, not yet a woman... but if I'm not a woman at age 25, what makes you think I'm going to feel like one at 30? (which is a mere 4 and a half years away)

This weekend Lori and I are going to see Janeane Garofalo at the Paramount. I am stoked; even though I have a nasty cold, and will basically be trying to stifle coughs during her show; but I don't care. Wild boars couldn't keep me from going :-) Besides, I dropped a lot of dough on those tix... that's my grandpa E. coming out in me... gotta get my money's worth. ;-P

Monday, October 21, 2002


What a long weekend; went to Creston/Wilbur for a memorial service this weekend. Spent about 12 hours in the car between Saturday and Sunday... was VERY glad to come home last night.

On the upside I got to see Kylie this weekend, she is getting so big. tomorrow she will be 20 months old. she is big into mimicking (I think I spelled that wrong...) and imitating. Matt's middle name is Vernon (he hates it) so I got her to say Vern a lot; which was actually pretty funny. :-) I can't wait until she's speaking in phrases and such.

Well I am actually really tired today; so I am not going to put in much effort this morning... I'll write more later on this week.

Sunday, October 13, 2002


What a weekend... another jam packed couple of days. I sit here as I write this on Sunday evening around 9:45 pm ... tired tired tired :-) But in a good way. Friday night I went to see 'Sweet Home Alabama' ... see the movie reviews for my thoughts, I also met Holly and Stephanie and Lori for dinner at Red Robin. We hung out at Steph's house afterwards, and made it to work at Husky the next day on 3 hours of sleep.

We were all set to decorate Melvin's car with toilet paper and shaving cream, because loser called and told us he was going in early, but he parked someplace different than where he normally does. Holly was really disappointed. :-)

Work on Saturday was good... probably the best yet.

After we left Husky, Holly and Ryan and I stopped at the Burien Oktoberfest thing... had a drink in the beer garden, and discussed some of the shit that has been going on lately. We met up with Tatum at Louie's later on that evening, and settled in for a night of karaoke assault. I signed Tatum and I up for 'Daydream Believer' little did she know... but we did a good job. I sang my usuals, as did Holly. Maria and Lauren and Ryan all ended up coming down that night and we had a blast. My sister, the angel came and picked our drunk asses up and even took us to Taco Bell.

When we got home, we all crashed and slept until about 730 or so. We went to Breakfast at Huckleberry Square, served to us by our favorite surly waitress... :-) and I spent the rest of the day vegging out... Although I did clean my room, and it is now liveable.. thank you lord. Anyhoo, I am beat so I am going to drag my ass to bed and have sweet dreams... not like last week when I dreamt that flea from the red hot chilli peppers stabbed me in the lower back 7 times... but that's a whole other journal topic. :-)

Monday, October 07, 2002


Man... the last two weeks have been so ... eventful. Nothing I really want to delve into right now; but work is going good... enjoying husky stadium more each game I work. Am hooked on an old weezer song right now; a friend recommended I listen to it... below are the lyrics. Very climatic song... and fulled with Weezer's trademark guitar skills.

"Only In Dreams"

You can't resist her
She's in your bones
She is your marrow
And your ride home
You can't avoid her
She's in the air (in the air)
In between molecules
Of oxygen and carbon dioxide

Only in dreams
We see what it means
Reach out our hands
Hold on to hers
But when we wake
It's all been erased
And so it seems
Only in dreams

You walk up to her
Ask her to dance
She says, 'Hey baby
I just might take the chance'
You say, 'It's a good thing
That you float in the air (in the air)
That way there's no way
I will crush your pretty
Toenails into a thousand pieces.'

Only in dreams
We see what it means
Reach out our hands
Hold on to hers
But when we wake
It's all been erased
And so it seems
Only in dreams

Only in dreams...
Only in dreams...
Only in dreams...
Only in dreams...
Only in dreams...
Only in dreams...

Friday, October 04, 2002


Lori and I just got tickets to see Guns and Roses at the Tacoma Dome on november 8th!!! I am going to have to break out the acid washed jeans, and keds... don't forget the scrunch socks and can of aqua net yo.

Seriously though, I am stoked... I bet it'll be an awesome concert; if only in terms of stage presence and audience excitement. I hope Axl's voice is stronger than it was at the vma's but even if it ain't it'll be all good.

Wednesday, October 02, 2002


I must apologize to the 2 or 3 faithful readers of this journal, I know I haven't posted anything in a while, but that's only because I've been busy... and social! Though not as social as I'd like ie: what's it take to get a date around these parts?! But don't get me started on that, you can ask Tatum about my little 'tangents'.

Anyhoo, well the Mariners sealed the deal and my nights and weekends at Safeco Field are now over, at least until next season; though I am undecided if I will return. It was kind of sad to say goodbye to all of my cronies there... Cody, Brady, Snakebite (John), Christy, Vincent, Roy, Shelly, Melvin, hell I'll even miss Pedro. Maybe. I will still see some of them... I hauled my cookies all the way to Bremerton last Saturday night to see SHED play at the Empire Night Club... that's Cody and Brady's band... though Brady was sure to call twice that day and make sure we were going, he failed to call that evening before we left to tell us it had been canceled at the last minute. Oh well... there are worse places to be on a Saturday night then riding the ferry back to Seattle... though Lori was kinda pissed that we missed our chance to see Vanilla Ice performing at Jillians in Tacoma.

Let's see... what else has been going on... oh yeah, since Safeco ended, Holly, and I are working at hell on earth; aka Husky Stadium... it's like serving clam chowder while you are camping. In the woods. A complete bare bones operation AND IT FUCKING SUCKS!!! Hollard spilled clam chowder all down the front of herself last time, and earned the nickname chowderpants... which she hates...that and when we lean in and go "dude, you smell like clams."

Some new pics... if you want to see a pic of a group of girls I went to high school with, click here. From the left it is Cathy, Me, Chloe, Quyen and Sara with Jessica in the middle front. We got together for a potluck; as we try to do a couple times a year. And here is a closeup of my new hairdo.