Wednesday, July 31, 2002

Sooky Sooky Now

Man, I've been one busy girl. I guess I should begin by describing last Friday. It was a blast! Bobby, Lori and I went down to Pioneer Square, we met up with some friends of mine from Safeco, John and Christy. We had to walk about a mile into Downtown Seattle, as none of us were driving. I had blisters on my feet by the time we got there. But it was all good. We started out at Doc Maynard's, The Beatniks... Seattle's best band were playing there. We had a few cocktails, listened to some good music, then decided it was dancing time. We headed over to the Bohemian Cafe... I'd never been there before, and didn't know what to expect. We had to stand in line for a bit, but it was all good because we were all on the verge of being wasted. After entering, we had a few more cocktails, and started dancing. The best part about that place, was it wasn't too crowded when we arrived, but filled up pretty quickly. The music was all old school remixes... Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre, Bel Biv Devoe, Young MC, Tone Loc... you name it, they played it. John and Christy left shortly before 1 to catch the last ferry home, and we continued dancing until the place closed.

When we left, we realized we didn't have any money for cab fare. Being hammered didn't help our situation any, as we passed a mini mart on our quest to find an ATM. We ended up walking allthe way back to Safeco field, to the 76 station across the street. Lori took her shoes off and went most of the way completely barefoot. I could feel my blisters burning, but didn't much care. When we finally arrived, bobby couldn't remember his code for his card, and we had to try to help him remember. I think that was the only time I've ever seen him drunk. He's so funny. Luckily he remembered and we caught a cab home.

Saturday evening, I went to the Waterland Festival in Des Moines. It's an annual event around Seafair time... a carnival. Years ago, I sold balloons there as my summer job... and ever since I go because I ALWAYS see people I know. Sure enough, I ran into several old classmates, and a few old coworkers. It's always nice to catch up and say hello. That night Lori, Holly, Maria and I went to Louie's and sang karaoke. I didn't drink, as I was driving... and I SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN ALLOWED TO SING either. General rule of thumb is that if you are not a good singer, and not a confident singer... don't sing if you are sober. I always get up and do my thing when I've had at least one cocktail. This time I decided to try a rendition of 'Leader of the Pack'. I was all too aware of how my voice sounded, and it must've cracked about 5 or 6 times in the first line alone. I chock it up to nerves... NEVER AGAIN. If you care what you sound like, then forget it.

I ran into a classmate from Tyee at Waterland, and again that night at Louie's. Apparently he's seen our group there before, singing... making asses of ourselves I'm sure :-) but I've never seen him in there. How unobservant am I? The bar itself is pretty small, and I wouldn't think you'd be able to miss anyone in there... but apparently I have. We are planning another big Louie's blowout in a few weeks. A couple weekends ago we had over 20 of our friends in the bar... it was a total party.

So, I'm working on my book again. I am now editing what I have written... 46 pages thus far. Regular 8.5 by 11 pages, size 10 type, single spaced... I am wondering how many book pages that is... double? I have 22 chapters ... short ones, not sure exactly where I am going to end it... but the fact that I am reading through it now, is a BIG step. I couldn't get through it before without crying... my eyes tear up occasionally now, but I think I've finally passed the stage where I couldn't confront dad's stroke. I think I've finally accepted it. I can sit here and type about it without getting upset. Let's hope this trend continues. It's gotta get easier I would think. The last two years have been hell... it's time to start looking up again.

Holly and I are in the preliminary talks of possibly moving out together next spring. I really hope it works out, I trust Holly and vice versa. Plus I know she's not a psycho and vice versa...

Oh yeah, I got a raise at SAFECO! I now make a dollar fifty more per hour SERVING FRIES than I do at my 'real' job. Is that not the fucking saddest thing you've ever heard? Good God. Oh well, I can feel my sears card shrinking as we speak.

Friday, July 26, 2002


Thank the Good Lord it's finally Friday! Though I have no right to bitch, I thought yesterday was friday, and this week HAS gone by incredibly fast. I am so dang tired. I had some wierd dreams last night too; first one was about my cat Asa... dreamt he had shit all over the house. I was so mad in my dream, I didn't know what to do. Everywhere I turned there was cat shit. Then I woke up and fell back asleep only to dream that my sister was fighting with me...physically. Threatening to kill me and such. We were going to buy special donuts and she was being hideous. Finally I told her in the dream that if she didn't knock it off I was going to tell mom and it would break her heart to see her youngest daughter acting so nasty. Apparently that did it. She quit.

Well, I am four games into the homestand, only 9 more games to go. Only. It'll be good money though... am hoping to go back to being a blonde in August. Though there are a few goals I need to meet before then... so I'll be working on those pretty feverishly. Wish me luck... discipline is difficult.

This week has gone on with a few difficulties... fat bastard (my arch enemy and nemesis) has been on my back about anything and everything. I have firmly stood my ground though... Told him I'm not an idiot, so there's no reason to talk to me like one. He's such a nosy dick. Has to dip his fat fingers into everything. Drives me fucking nuts. GET A LIFE FAT BASTARD!

Monday, July 22, 2002


I hate people. I hate dealing with people who I hate. My asshole oral surgeon's office neglected to do a thorough enough inquiry into my benefits and quoted me at 280 bucks. I got a bill for 558 bucks. I'M A LITTLE BIT PISSED. I spent the morning on the phone with Dr. Chan's office, and Regence Blue Shield. Oh by the way, did I tell you that REGENCE BLUE SHIELD SUCKS? I swear to God, I should just move to Canada so I don't have to worry about insurance. I have to call the financial aid office at BCC today, and I am putting it off a little because I am getting the vibes that this just isn't my day. Although, I gotta say I am having a great hair day. Too bad hair doesn't pay the bills.

Monday, July 15, 2002


Man, what a weekend. I feel 19 again. :-) There is nothing like hanging out with your friends and laughing till your stomach hurts to make you feel years younger. Friday night, I went and worked out with Holly, Lori, and Troy. (I LOVE that we all belong to the same gym!) Anyway, after I pulled a hip muscle, and they were tired of lifting weights, we decided to go to Target and pick up some stuff. Lori and I bought a wedding gift for some friends of ours who are tying the knot this coming Saturday. We dicked around in Target for a while, before realizing we were all starving, and it was almost 10pm. We hurried through the rest of our shopping and tried to make it to Huckleberry (our favorite restaurant) before they closed. We made it with 2 minutes to spare, but they had already shut down.

We looked disgusting. Sweaty hair, workout clothes.. Mine was a trashy vegas tee, lori was wearing a Tyee High School tee with holes in the front, Holly's purple tee had stains on it. No makeup... icky pants... we looked like shit. The only place to go (as we didn't want fast food) was Azteca. I rationalized we probably wouldn't see anyone we knew; it was friday night; we should just go sit in the bar, out of the way, get dinner and it would all be good. Unfortunately I was wrong. I forgot about Karaoke Fridays. The bar was pretty busy, but we managed to snag a booth... but not before noticing I knew a few people who were mingling there. Kevin, a guy I used to work with was there with 3 chicks. (BIG surprise...not), a few parents of daycare kids from back in the day, and the random familiar face. Throughout dinner Holly would laugh out loud, because of our appearance.

Saturday, Holly came over at 10 am, we were going to head down to watch her sister Justine play in the Seattle All City Band in the John Stanford Parade. I couldn't find my wallet or checkbook. I ripped our house apart looking for them for about an hour. Finally I accepted that I must've dropped it in our parking lot the night before, and went to the dmv to get a new license, and the bank to cancel my visa. I was still holding on to the possibility that one of my neighbors might have picked it up. On our way down to the parade, mom called and a neighbor did indeed find it and returned it. (I am going to bake them cookies as a thank you tonight.) We enjoyed the parade, screamed our lungs out for Justine, she did really well. :-)

Saturday night we went down to pioneer square. That's the picture on the front of this website; Me, Holly, and Lori all dolled up ready to cut a rug. Troy drove my dad's wheelchair van with all of us in it; in true ghetto style, we didn't want to pay for cabs, so we drove the mystery machine downtown. the music sucked at every venue, but it was still fun. Laughing at poor Aaron laying drunk off his ass on the pavement was entertainment for everyone.

Sunday I hung out with my sister, and Matt and his soon to be brother in law Eric. That was nice too; we walked the waterfront and drove to alki. We used to do stuff like that all the time, I forgot how funny he is.

It was nice to be reminded of how much fun it is to just kick it with your friends.

Tuesday, July 09, 2002


Man, my ass and my inner thighs and my biceps are all sore today. I have been working out a lot lately; doing my Cindy Crawford workout tape in the mornings, and going to the gym at night. I love that tape though; it totally works you out, and makes you sore each time. I like to know that I'm working hard, so I take the sore muscles with happiness. But I do not particularly enjoy the 'tennis balls of pain' that I have right now. Seriously, feels like my musles are tight like a ball and when I move a certain way, it feels absolutely hideous. But I'll be down at the gym tonight, getting my walk on; gotta love those treadmills.

Royal Tenenbaums comes out on DVD today; you gotta see it. Awesome, awesome flick. Highly recomended that you see it. I am enjoying my 2nd day off (of a total of 15) from safeco. Though I kinda wish we were still on the homestand, I was having fun during the last one.

well, that's all for today; just an update, will write more later.

Saturday, July 06, 2002


Man, It's like 1pm on Saturday and I think I'm still a little hammered from last night :-) A bunch of us went to Louies and had a FREAKIN BLAST! Between me and Holly, we sang : Somethin to Talk about, Downtown, Like a Virgin, Heartbreaker, I love rock and roll... and I think that's all we sang together, then I sang I'm the only one with Maria and then I gave a solo performance of Johnny angel... I was dancing up there, getting into it. It was a lot of fun. Pics to be posted soon.