Thursday, June 06, 2002


Is it just me or is there a rise in kidnapping lately? 4 little girls in the past what... 4 months have been abducted? And those are only the ones reported on nationally. This is absolutely ridiculous and sickening. I don't understand what has to go wrong in someone's brain to think they can kidnap someone. I just don't get it. But obviously if I or anyone else did it would be a lot easier to find and prosecute or prevent these things from happening.

I saw the movie "The Rookie" last night, check out the movie reviews page for my thoughts on that and a few other cinematic experiences.

Not much is going on right now; just applied to Bellevue Community College... am looking forward to finally getting back into the swing of things as far as school goes. Wish me luck on the financial aid front... apparently the federal government thinks I'm independently wealthy and it may be difficult for me to get funding.

I hate change. I hate that friendships change, and people change... and sometimes the changes aren't condusive to a relationship anymore. I hate the idea of losing a friend simply because it takes 'effort' to be there for them. It takes effort to wake up in the morning, and effort to brush your teeth... these are things you do because you need to... I hate the idea that we 'outgrow' certain friendships. I think it's a copout. It should be like having a pet or a child, where as time grows, you love the person/pet more and more... you don't get tired of them and just decide to find a new one. More than that, I hate thinking about it,and writing about it... so I'll just stop.

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