Tuesday, April 09, 2002


Good God! I filled up my gas tank this morning, because I was well below empty, and in the 2 years I've had this car, I've been told that there is indeed a gas light that will alert me when I am in dire straits, yet I have never seen it. So I drove it until I was actually scared that I would run out of gas. Normally, or I guess lately in the past few months, filling my car up cost me about... 13 bucks. I paid 18.45 today... 18.45! I just about choked. It killed me to pay that much. I haven't paid that much to fill up my tank since I owned the Dodge Aspen. At least this car is a lot better on gas mileage... otherwise, I'd be checking out Metro.

Anyway, I just gotta say... I had kind of a surreal experience recently. Without getting too specific, I really hate it when I run into people I used to be good friends with and I find out that they have changed ... in a not so positive way. I bumped into someone I was good friends and almost inseperable with a few years ago, then our lives took opposite paths, neither being better or worse. And now I see this person, and try to have small talk and find something to connect on, and I find that I don't really enjoy their company any more... and what's worse, I don't see that they've even changed that much, maybe it's me... maybe I'm finally seeing them for the pompous ass that they are... I don't know. It's extremely disappointing to realize these kinds of things... I'd like to think I'm a good judge of character, but man... I am beginning to see that perhaps I've been too lenient. (Did I spell that right?) Anyhoo, enough talking shit.

I'm about to turn 25 on Thursday... I hate my birthday. I always get like this, and end up having fun. Right now, I'm dreading it... but Friday night when we go out I know I'll have a blast... but for now, I wish it was next week already. Anyhoo, I gotta run, peace out.

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