Wednesday, April 24, 2002


AP stands for administrative professionals, as in formerly "Happy Secretaries Day!" I received a thoughtful gift from a co-worker yesterday. It made my day!

For anyone who has been following this page at all, I originally started this journal back in the day to post parts of my book. Well, I hadn't worked on my book in over a year and a half, just couldn't get myself to even think about it. Then I picked up Rosie's new book "Find Me", and was inspired. I noticed that she and Michael J. Fox wrote their books themselves. They probably had editors and the like, but THEY authored their books. (A lot of celebrity books are written with a ghost writer or whatever.) So the next day, a Saturday, I wrote 3 pages, and have continued writing whenever I can scrape together a little me time. I so far, have 36 full pages of size 10 type, single spaced. I need to have it edited when I am done, because I am sure that the punctuation and grammar errors are plentiful. But other than that, I am really excited to be working on it again. I am dying for a week off from the mariner's so I can devote my evenings to it. Wish me Luck!

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