Wednesday, April 24, 2002


AP stands for administrative professionals, as in formerly "Happy Secretaries Day!" I received a thoughtful gift from a co-worker yesterday. It made my day!

For anyone who has been following this page at all, I originally started this journal back in the day to post parts of my book. Well, I hadn't worked on my book in over a year and a half, just couldn't get myself to even think about it. Then I picked up Rosie's new book "Find Me", and was inspired. I noticed that she and Michael J. Fox wrote their books themselves. They probably had editors and the like, but THEY authored their books. (A lot of celebrity books are written with a ghost writer or whatever.) So the next day, a Saturday, I wrote 3 pages, and have continued writing whenever I can scrape together a little me time. I so far, have 36 full pages of size 10 type, single spaced. I need to have it edited when I am done, because I am sure that the punctuation and grammar errors are plentiful. But other than that, I am really excited to be working on it again. I am dying for a week off from the mariner's so I can devote my evenings to it. Wish me Luck!

Monday, April 22, 2002


I saw Robin Williams live on Saturday night. Man, what a show. What a madman. He works his ass off onstage. doesn't miss a beat, and doesn't stay on one topic too long. He did a lot of racy stuff, but it was all funny as hell. I just wonder how much was improvised... if any, it proves he's a genius. Not to mention he had no prompter or notes... I'm totally impressed. Obviously. Am getting ready to head to vegas... 8 more days till lift off!

Monday, April 15, 2002


Well, I had a really great weekend... Friday night, I went down to Pioneer Square, and danced to my favorite band: The Beatniks. Those guys put on a hell of a show. Holly, Lori, Karen, Aunt Nancy, Connor, and Corey were all there to help celebrate. Troy, my supposed best friend was supposed to meet us down there but for some reason didn't. This wouldn't bother me AS much, except that my sister spoke with him not even an hour before we left to tell him where to meet us and he said he'd be there. So, whatever. He hasn't even called to explain or anything. So whatever. Not to mention, we've been friends for years, and he never even remembers my birthday, which wouldn't bother me ... except that this year, not only did he forget the day, he dogged me ... Now that's Friendship! I spent Saturday shopping, and oh yeah, I saw THE SWEETEST THING, check out movie reviews for my opinion on that. Then I went over to Matt and Kelly's place with Lori that night, which is always kind of nice. It's cool to just hang out and chill, better than partying. That was followed by a marginally scary ride home, over the 520 bridge... winds were whipping us all over the place... the bridge is over water, it was a tense few minutes. Sunday was spent vegging out, I watched the entire first season of Sex and the City, followed by 4 episodes into the 2nd season. I love that show. I am so buying season 3 when it is released on DVD next month. anyhoo, that's all for me right now, gotta jam out and get some stuff done!

Thursday, April 11, 2002

Quarter of a Century

Ok, I'm 25 today... still look the same... still feel the same. This does not of course deny that I am getting older with each approaching day... not something I am trying to adjust to. More like fight against with every grain of my being. Anyway... hasn't been too bad of a day, though my one birthday wish didn't come true. I suppose I should have aimed lower like for world peace, or the healing of the ozone. Instead I wished that the ugly irritating troll with the twitch at work would just LEAVE ME ALONE! Of course that can't happen, in fact I was told today that he's been doing my job for a while, and that he was going to remedy that. Whatever peckerhead. Anyway, that's all I'm going to say about him right now otherwise I can feel my mood slipping.

Like the new look of the site? I am big into cherries right now, and needed a change. Eventually I would like to do a complete overhaul... but that's way into the future. When I actually have time!

Tuesday, April 09, 2002


Good God! I filled up my gas tank this morning, because I was well below empty, and in the 2 years I've had this car, I've been told that there is indeed a gas light that will alert me when I am in dire straits, yet I have never seen it. So I drove it until I was actually scared that I would run out of gas. Normally, or I guess lately in the past few months, filling my car up cost me about... 13 bucks. I paid 18.45 today... 18.45! I just about choked. It killed me to pay that much. I haven't paid that much to fill up my tank since I owned the Dodge Aspen. At least this car is a lot better on gas mileage... otherwise, I'd be checking out Metro.

Anyway, I just gotta say... I had kind of a surreal experience recently. Without getting too specific, I really hate it when I run into people I used to be good friends with and I find out that they have changed ... in a not so positive way. I bumped into someone I was good friends and almost inseperable with a few years ago, then our lives took opposite paths, neither being better or worse. And now I see this person, and try to have small talk and find something to connect on, and I find that I don't really enjoy their company any more... and what's worse, I don't see that they've even changed that much, maybe it's me... maybe I'm finally seeing them for the pompous ass that they are... I don't know. It's extremely disappointing to realize these kinds of things... I'd like to think I'm a good judge of character, but man... I am beginning to see that perhaps I've been too lenient. (Did I spell that right?) Anyhoo, enough talking shit.

I'm about to turn 25 on Thursday... I hate my birthday. I always get like this, and end up having fun. Right now, I'm dreading it... but Friday night when we go out I know I'll have a blast... but for now, I wish it was next week already. Anyhoo, I gotta run, peace out.