Tuesday, March 05, 2002


Well, I have a few announcements to make... Kylie turned 1 Yr old on Feb. 22, and I attended her birthday party last weekend, she is absolutely adorable. She made mine and Lori's day when she came to us immediately when we put our arms out. :-) Auntie Ruth was in town for the party, and also for the big announcement... Matt and Kelly are engaged! They have set the date for next summer, so we had a party Saturday night to celebrate. It's so wierd when your childhood friends start getting married; the wierdest was when my friend Heather got married, back in 1998... that was definite affirmation that we weren't kids anymore. I am really excited though, because I love weddings! It's gonna be a great party as well, and they are so happy. :-)

Well, I woke up Sunday morning after the party and felt pretty shitty. I had a stomach ache from hell, and was soo tired. I hadn't even drank that much, so I didn't think it could be a hangover. About an hour after I woke up; my lower back and right side started hurting as well as my lower stomach. I'm talking... major pain... mind numbing pain. I couldn't sit still; stand still... couldn't lie down, I was nauseous (sp?) I actually laid down on the cold tile in my bathroom, but had to get up because I just couldn't get comfortable. This went on for about 4-5 hours. I did a lot of pacing and kicked around the idea of going to the emergency room, I thought it was a bad case of indigestion or something. Finally I was able to get some releif by laying on a heating pad. That was the only thing that made moving or staying still tolerable. The pain eventually subsided and I was able to take a nap. Later on in the day, the pain came back, but on a lesser grade. I thought maybe it was appendicitis, and looked it up online, but only to find that I didn't have the symptoms. The symptoms I did have were that of kidney stones. I was like grrrreat! The next morning, I still felt uncomfortable; and was aware of the dull ache on my right side, so I made a doctor's appt. Lo and behold, I made the right diagnosis. I had to go up to Providence hospital though to get a catscan to find out how big it was. Turns out it's 2mm big... small enough to pass they say. So now I lay in wait for the pain to come back, because it probably will before I'm done trying to rid myself of this tiny nuisance. Oh and I have to drink more water then I've ever imagined. Should be a fun week. :-)~

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