Friday, March 29, 2002


I love the Osbournes, if you haven't seen it, it's on MTV on Tuesday nights at 10:30 pm after the Real World. It is so freakin funny, and I gotta say Jack Osbourne is my hero. He's so funny. I have never heard the f-word used with such love.

Friday, March 22, 2002


If you've been watching the news lately you've probably heard something about the dog mauling trial in L.A., it actually took place in San Francisco, Diane Whipple, a 33 year old was mauled to death by her neighbor's (Marjorie Knoller and Robert Noel) dog(s). They had two big dogs, that were mean, and had made 32 prior attempts at biting others. Anyway, Marjorie was found guilty of manslaughter and 2nd degree murder, and her husband Robert Noel was found guilty of Manslaughter. I don't know all the ins and outs of the case... I know that the prosecution alleged that after the dogs mauled Diane Whipple to death Marjorie Knoller stood there and did nothing. she says she threw herself on Diane, trying to fend off the dog, but there are conflicting reports about that from the police officers... anyway, if you've been watching then you probably noticed how cold the couple was regarding the whole incident. Charging that perhaps Diane's perfume agitated the dogs, never once showing any sorrow for the situation. Never once seeming apologetic, but almost even defiant and arrogant, and self righteous. This irritates me. I hope they have a long time to ponder their actions in prison.

The picture on the front of my site is Marjorie Knoller reacting to the verdict. I put it up there for two reasons... one because that's the only emotion she showed throughout the entire trial; and it's only when they found her guilty did she shed a tear. The other reason is, since I've been following the trial she has reminded me of someone, but no-one I could remember vividly. Finally today I realized, it's Wilma! Wilma, our neighborhood hooker (Lori and I named all of the homeless guys and hookers that frequent our street.) Wilma actually has no front teeth... upper or lower. She reminds me of Dopey the dwarf from Snow White, because she's really short, but kind of walks at a wierd pace, her upper body leaned over, and her feet shuffling quickly. Marjorie Knoller looks a lot like Wilma. Incidentally, Wilma is a crack addict, and God knows what else, but I never knew she was a hooker until someone told me. I thought hookers were supposed to wear makeup and attempt to look pretty, but Wilma shuffles up and down our street in a blue quilted coat and sweatpants, with her mousy brown hair pulled back into a messy ponytail. No makeup... no teeth. Just ... gross. Incidentally, I also read that there was evidence the couple practiced bestiality with their dogs... (bestiality is... well go to and type in bestiality spelled exactly that way... it's pronounced beastiality, but not spelled that way. The third definition down is the one I'm talking about.) But the judge ruled that that evidence was inadmissable because it did not pertain to the case directly. That is so GROSS!

By the way, I'm very proud of myself today, I changed my own headlight by myself! Yippee for me!

Saturday, March 16, 2002

Razor Blades

Well I went to the urologist yesterday. It would appear that the stone has moved towards my bladder, so they want me to wait 10 more days or so until we discuss further options. That sentence makes me cringe. Further options... I've read about some of the stuff they can do to 'retrieve' the wayward kidney stone. I don't want any of that shit done to me. I spent all last night in horrific pain AGAIN, as well as being nauseated and every time I peed it felt like I was peeing razor blades. Ever felt that? I really hope you haven't because it is absolutely indescribably the worst feeling in the world. Well at least it's among the top 3 worst feelings in the world.

Monday, March 11, 2002


Well, I had an awesome Friday night. Last Thursday, I came home in excruciating pain, and I was nervous because I had booked a room and bought tickets to see Janeane Garofalo live in Portland, Oregon. (She's been in such movies as Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion, The Truth About Cats And Dogs, Reality Bites, and was on Saturday Night Live for a while.) She's a cynical comic with acerbic wit, and I was totally stoked about going down there!!! Luckily I was without much pain on Friday so I picked up Jessica and Holly and we drove on down. We stayed at the Days Inn --49 bucks a night, and it was a decent place! Arge somebody from Battlebots opened for Janeane, and he was pretty good. Janeane herself was awesome, I will gladly pay to see her live again. We drove home the next day, when I attended my cousins baby shower, and promptly returned to kidney stone land, the home of pain. I will be eternally grateful though for the 24 hour reprieve I had to see my favorite comedian.

Sunday, March 10, 2002

Geeze Louise

I don't think I can effectively describe to you the AMOUNT OF FUCKING PAIN I HAVE BEEN IN FOR THE LAST ...13 HOURS. Kidney stones FUCKING SUCK.

Retraction: I was informed by someone that my friend "janice" actually didn't call Judge Judy, that they pulled the case from the Burien court. I gotta say though, I am not used to being called tacky and tasteless by someone who uses a fake email address so I can't write them back. That's guts! Criticize me all you want, but keep in mind that I started my own website so I could write about WHATEVER I want. You run the risk of being offended I guess by reading it. Thanks for the feedback though, maybe next time you could use an actual email address so when I hit reply it doesn't tell me you are not a known member.

Tuesday, March 05, 2002


Well, I have a few announcements to make... Kylie turned 1 Yr old on Feb. 22, and I attended her birthday party last weekend, she is absolutely adorable. She made mine and Lori's day when she came to us immediately when we put our arms out. :-) Auntie Ruth was in town for the party, and also for the big announcement... Matt and Kelly are engaged! They have set the date for next summer, so we had a party Saturday night to celebrate. It's so wierd when your childhood friends start getting married; the wierdest was when my friend Heather got married, back in 1998... that was definite affirmation that we weren't kids anymore. I am really excited though, because I love weddings! It's gonna be a great party as well, and they are so happy. :-)

Well, I woke up Sunday morning after the party and felt pretty shitty. I had a stomach ache from hell, and was soo tired. I hadn't even drank that much, so I didn't think it could be a hangover. About an hour after I woke up; my lower back and right side started hurting as well as my lower stomach. I'm talking... major pain... mind numbing pain. I couldn't sit still; stand still... couldn't lie down, I was nauseous (sp?) I actually laid down on the cold tile in my bathroom, but had to get up because I just couldn't get comfortable. This went on for about 4-5 hours. I did a lot of pacing and kicked around the idea of going to the emergency room, I thought it was a bad case of indigestion or something. Finally I was able to get some releif by laying on a heating pad. That was the only thing that made moving or staying still tolerable. The pain eventually subsided and I was able to take a nap. Later on in the day, the pain came back, but on a lesser grade. I thought maybe it was appendicitis, and looked it up online, but only to find that I didn't have the symptoms. The symptoms I did have were that of kidney stones. I was like grrrreat! The next morning, I still felt uncomfortable; and was aware of the dull ache on my right side, so I made a doctor's appt. Lo and behold, I made the right diagnosis. I had to go up to Providence hospital though to get a catscan to find out how big it was. Turns out it's 2mm big... small enough to pass they say. So now I lay in wait for the pain to come back, because it probably will before I'm done trying to rid myself of this tiny nuisance. Oh and I have to drink more water then I've ever imagined. Should be a fun week. :-)~

Saturday, March 02, 2002


Before I go on to the meat and grit of this story, I want to comment on Moulin Rouge. I am watching it right now for the first time, and I must say, what a show. It is quite good, but so sad, and tragic. I am going to have to get the soundtrack. The lavish sets and plotlines are amazing... the amount of thought and detail that went into this film is astounding. I gotta say, I regret not seeing it in a theater on the big screen, where it is clearly perfect.

Ok, onto the grit... Because one of the people I am about to tell you about can be deemed... unnecessarily litigious (I hope I spelled that right,) I will change the names slightly. Most of you already know who I am talking about anyway. So, in my circle of friends, There are two chicks, one is one of my best friends... we'll call her Molly. lol, anyway she had a best friend of like 13 years named... Janice. Well, everyone in our circle gets along, and some people are closer to each other than others. I was not as close to Janice as Molly... Janice kept herself somewhat guarded, often moody and too quick to jump to conclusions and be defensive. She doesn't know how to disagree without having it escalate to uncomfortable proportions. Anyway, we have had our own problems over the years. I won't go into all that, gotta save something for my tell all book when I'm big and famous.

Anyway, so Molly and Janice lived together, hung out together, even worked together once in a while. They were inseperable, a package deal. A situation some of us in the circle came to learn to deal with. For the most part Janice was likeable. We eventually all melded into a strong unit of friendship. Well, over the last year or so, everytime we as a group would go out and party, at the end of the night there would usually be tears and an altercation involving Janice. Usually she instigated a fight with Molly. It got to the point where we would sort of joke about it but still it would end up happening. Eventually it got to the point where she was mad at me for being drunk and loud in the cab on the way home from pioneer square. Molly stuck up for me, and by the time we got back to their house, Janice was in a full blown rage and ended up trying to lock Molly and I out of the apartment. Molly put her foot in the door, and Janice shoved her. She went over the line that time. But Molly, not wanting to have a big messy fight, dealt with it delicately. Unfortunately, Janice doesn't respond to delicacy.

This brings us to Thanksgiving weekend. I should mention that Janice's family backround isn't very stellar, and thus since she and Molly were always inseperable, she became a fixture at Molly's family gatherings. Well, every year at Thanksgiving, Molly and her mom and siblings and Janice would go out of town to a cabin, and celebrate the holiday there. This particular turkey day, some friends of Molly's mom went along for the trip and they were all enjoying cocktails and a hot tub that Friday night. Molly thought she would be funny and decided to lock the door to the cabin, as a joke. Janice didn't find it so funny, though for the most part was laughing and playing along. All of a sudden Molly heard Janice say "If she doesn't open the door soon, I'm going to beat her ass." Molly would tell me later that she wasn't about to open the door when she heard that. I told her that spoke volumes about their relationship. Anyway, to make an excruciatingly long story short, Molly finally let Janice in only after she attempted to climb up some rockery on the other side of the cabin to the terrace, and fell about 7 feet. Janice was pissed. Understandably, but it doesn't end there. Molly was inside when Janice came in, grumbling about the whole situation, flinging insults and being a big freakin crybaby. Molly told her to knock it off, cry me a river etc, etc. Then Molly was outside standing with her back to the sliding door. She was talking to her mom and their friend who were both in the hot tub. Molly heard the door behind her open and all of a sudden there was shouting and Janice hauled off and punched her in the face. Molly's mom jumped out of the hot tub and slammed Janice to the ground. (who by the way was still holding onto and stretching out Molly's shirt.) She was in attack mode and was doing her best to kick, claw, hit, punch and scratch Molly. Molly's mom tried to calm Janice down, but she was freaking out. Screaming that Molly had hit her in the house and hit her at other times in the past... completely out of control. Finally when she was subdued, she got up and packed up her stuff and took off. Not before ruining a few articles of clothing of Molly's. Anyway, Janice paid a cab to drive her all the way back to Seattle (about 200 miles). Molly and Janice have still not spoken since that night, and Janice has gone around telling people that while Molly's mom held her down, Molly kicked her repeatedly in the crotch.

I've said it before and I've said it again, there are many things I can believe about people, but Molly kicking her in the crotch is not one of them. Anyway, most of us have cut our ties with Janice, because she truly is an unbalanced and unstable person, and this episode just confirms it. The funny part is though, now that Molly is moved out and has cut all ties, Janice is trying to sue Molly on Judge Judy. How trashy and sad can you be. Good lord, people never cease to amaze me.