Monday, February 25, 2002


Ok, I am completely on the Trading Spaces bandwagon. So much so, I was watching today, and started getting all stressed out when I saw the rooms the two designers were remodeling. One was a virtual porch, and the other was oblong... and I didn't recognize the designer... dez ryan. She was wierd, and though I ended up liking her room better then Gen's, I just was uncomfortable with her on the whole. She was big into lamps and nature... I don't want potted grass in my living room k? For once, I wasn't crazy about Gen's room, which is unusual, because usually I like just about everything she does. I am not a big fan of Laurie (she pronounces it wierd) I think she is fake too, my favorite designers are hilde and Genevieve. I like vern too; but Frank... he's a little bit out there... reminds me of christopher Lowell on public television. Ty ... one of the carpenters he is hilarious. He always has attitude, I saw the one over the weekend (in seattle I think) when he told Vern if he wanted to help him, he could quit asking him questions to begin with. I was laughing my ass off!

Anyhoo, I'm slowly rejoining the land of the living, but my throat is killing me, probably because every time I start coughing it goes on for days. Everything smells gross too... mom says that's a sign of a sinus infection. GGGGRRRRREEEEAAAATTTT!

Oooh yeah, have you seen the ads for the new dennis quaid movie? About a teacher who becomes a ball player... I gotta see that, it looks like a good one.

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