Monday, February 25, 2002


Ok, I am completely on the Trading Spaces bandwagon. So much so, I was watching today, and started getting all stressed out when I saw the rooms the two designers were remodeling. One was a virtual porch, and the other was oblong... and I didn't recognize the designer... dez ryan. She was wierd, and though I ended up liking her room better then Gen's, I just was uncomfortable with her on the whole. She was big into lamps and nature... I don't want potted grass in my living room k? For once, I wasn't crazy about Gen's room, which is unusual, because usually I like just about everything she does. I am not a big fan of Laurie (she pronounces it wierd) I think she is fake too, my favorite designers are hilde and Genevieve. I like vern too; but Frank... he's a little bit out there... reminds me of christopher Lowell on public television. Ty ... one of the carpenters he is hilarious. He always has attitude, I saw the one over the weekend (in seattle I think) when he told Vern if he wanted to help him, he could quit asking him questions to begin with. I was laughing my ass off!

Anyhoo, I'm slowly rejoining the land of the living, but my throat is killing me, probably because every time I start coughing it goes on for days. Everything smells gross too... mom says that's a sign of a sinus infection. GGGGRRRRREEEEAAAATTTT!

Oooh yeah, have you seen the ads for the new dennis quaid movie? About a teacher who becomes a ball player... I gotta see that, it looks like a good one.

Saturday, February 23, 2002


Sorry this has to be so short, but I am sick as a freakin dog. Bad, bad, bad, bad, bad cold. Maybe the flu... I just feel like horse shit right now.

I must say though, I was really happy that michelle kwan (aka snott face) didn't get the gold the other night. I don't like that snooty little bee-atch. I was glad to see someone spirited like Sarah Hughes get it, though I'm not diggin her hair. anyhoo; will write more soon, when I feel better.

Friday, February 15, 2002


Man, I get way to emotionally involved in the Olympics. Specifically, Figure Skating. I won't go on and on, but the Canadian pair should have won the gold. Hands down, they got robbed. It's really sad, to work that hard, for so long to reach your goal, skate a near perfect performance, and lose the gold to people who not only didn't execute as well as you, but fought harder and made it obvious on most of their landings. That said, I also think Timothy Goebel (sp?) should have taken the silver in the men's program. He was awesome... More opinions to come later I'm sure when it's the women's turn. I will say this, I am not familiar with everyone who is competing, as I have been out of the figure skating loop for some time, but I DO NOT want Michelle Kwan to win... I just don't like her. She talks wierd, and most of all... she just bugs me. I cannot be impartial on this...

If you've seen the front page of the site, you will notice (if you've ever been to my home) that our bathroom looks drastically different. Lori and I couldn't take it anymore, and decided to give it a makeover. It only took about 6 hours from start to finish, including cleaning and taping and all that fun stuff. I love it, after we were finally done, I looked at Lori and said "I kinda wish I could sleep in here" It's so pretty.

Valentines day! Normally a dull and drab day that is of the norm, but this year was ok. I had a few nice moments in the day that brought a smile to my face, none of which I particularly feel like writing here. Sorry! Then Lori and I went to Huckleberry Square for dinner (was there ever any doubt?) and made fun of the couples sharing the "sweetheart dinner for two". There was an older lady about late 50s or so sitting next to us by herself, and that made me sad. At least Lori and I had each other to visit with, but she sat there reading her book. I felt bad for her.

When we came home we were surprised to find that the Valentine Fairy had visited, leaving us a great big balloon with a teddy bear inside with tissue paper and ribbons. It was so cool!!! Our Valentine Fairy was none other than Ashley, thanks man! You made my day! Mom gave me the movie "the cutting edge" on dvd, which is funny because ever since the Olympics started, I have been itching to watch it. I was OBSESSED with that movie in high school... I have probably seen it over 50 times... I know for a fact I viewed it over 40 times my junior and senior year of high school because my friends and I kept a tally; we loved it! (sad, sad, sad) I used to know every word of dialogue as well. I don't know why I am admitting to this...

Well, I should be going, gotta get back to work; time flies when you're having fun!

Friday, February 01, 2002


Well, I must apologize... to anyone who happens to read this journal, I know I have been horrible at keeping it up. I just haven't had the motivation to write lately. I have however, been working on my book. Originally it started out on the day of Dad's stroke, but I have decided to give it 3 parts.... life before the stroke, the stroke, and life after it. I am currently working on life before the stroke... but it's more of an account of everything that happened when I worked w/ details... so I'm not sure what way I'm going to go.