Monday, January 21, 2002


Well, I needed a change. Whenever things are out of control in my life; and I simply can't do anything about it, I dye my hair. I dyed it brown this time and left a tiny little bit blonde in the front. I love it!

I didn't do a whole helluva lot this weekend, which is the best kind of weekend. I did a lot of crocheting, and watched a lot of movies. Grandpa came home from the hospital on Friday, he's doing better thank God. So we visited him, and basically just had kind of a laid back couple of days. I watched the Golden Globes last night... I always forget how HOT Dennis Quaid is... He is so HOT! Same with Robert Downey Junior. I love him.

Well, I am still waiting for my copy of Darrin's Dance Grooves. I have yet to get it, it's on backorder. I really wish it was sold in stores. That would alleviate my impatience all together.

Well, I gotta get to work, so I'll end it here, hope all is well with you... till next time...

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