Monday, January 21, 2002


Well, I needed a change. Whenever things are out of control in my life; and I simply can't do anything about it, I dye my hair. I dyed it brown this time and left a tiny little bit blonde in the front. I love it!

I didn't do a whole helluva lot this weekend, which is the best kind of weekend. I did a lot of crocheting, and watched a lot of movies. Grandpa came home from the hospital on Friday, he's doing better thank God. So we visited him, and basically just had kind of a laid back couple of days. I watched the Golden Globes last night... I always forget how HOT Dennis Quaid is... He is so HOT! Same with Robert Downey Junior. I love him.

Well, I am still waiting for my copy of Darrin's Dance Grooves. I have yet to get it, it's on backorder. I really wish it was sold in stores. That would alleviate my impatience all together.

Well, I gotta get to work, so I'll end it here, hope all is well with you... till next time...

Tuesday, January 15, 2002


Well, if you noticed, on my front page is a split picture of Yasmine Bleeth from about 3 years ago and now... what the hell... I can't believe how hideous she looks now. And the pic on the right is actually not as bad as some I've seen. I noticed when she was on Titans last year that her nose had virtually disappeared, but now with the bags under her eyes and everything else... she just looks whooped. She paid someone to do that to her face... how sad.

Anyhoo... Life sucks. Grandpa is in the hospital... not doing as well as we'd like. Please say some prayers. Grandma will have been gone 3 months next Wednesday... don't have much to say other than it sucks to be me or anyone in my family right now. I don't have much to say, and it sure isn't positive, so I will write more when things change...

Monday, January 07, 2002


Well, I finally broke down and ordered my own personal copy of Darrin's Dance Groove's. You know, that obnoxious commercial that comes on Mtv about every 3 minutes, with this dude Darrin, who breaks down the moves to Bye Bye Bye, Give it to you, and Crazy (Nsync, Jordan Knight, and Britney Spears) I'm gonna be the best dancer ever! No hate mail about what an ass I am ok? Besides, Jealousy is not becoming.

Hmmmmmm.... what did I do this weekend, not a whole helluva lot. Actually a lot; but not a lot of fun, ran an insane amount of errands. Bought a new littler box for my boys; it's a layered one. I was going to break the bank and spend the hundred bucks for the litter maid box; the one where it automatically dumps the clumps... but Holly said her aunt had a few that all broke right away. So I bought one with a sort of filter... you lift the filter up and the sand goes into the tray and the clumps stay on the filter. (INGENIUS!!!) I was stoked. I am stoked. Can't wait to try it out tonight. Also went to Joanne's Etc. and stocked up on yarn (like I'll ever run out at this point) I have some stuff that needs to be crocheted asap.

Well I guess that's all for now; but I dont' really have much to say today...

Friday, January 04, 2002


I love that word. Encapsulate. It just rolls off the tongue so nicely. I first noticed this word; as I had heard it, but never took note of it; in Good Will Hunting, when Sean (played extraordinarily by Robin Williams) tells Will (Matt Damon) that he'd read Oliver Twist but he doesn't propose to know what it's like being an orphan. Then he asks "does that encapsulate you?" Its the way he says it; totally does the word justice.

Anyway, well New year's eve did suck, as usual; so at least I wasn't disappointed. ba-dum-bum ccchh! (Ok, this proves what a dork I am; I just wrote out the sound of a drum response to a joke... this is really sad, since my number one new years resolution was to not be such an ass... lol, anyhoo; Lori and I watched Finding Forrester, then after the new year we basically all went to bed. I just don't care about it; it's not an important holiday to me.

I did go shopping on January 1st though, spent about 50 bucks on make up at the Benefit counter at The Bon. Which means I got like 3 things... man, I gotta lay off that stuff... but it's so hard! Look for more on that in my favorite stuff page. Returned my other dvd player and got a nicer one; the one I wanted but was out of stock the Day after Christmas.

It smells like something died in my car; something that had shit on it. Lol, I'm serious, it freakin reeks and I can't figure out where it's coming from. I broke down and bought the Boyz II men Legacy cd; of their greatest hits... that is a damn fine cd, although there are two songs not on there that I really wish were.

Bobby's coming out this summer!!!! He will be here on June 3, and I am hoping he decides to stay well on into september; but we'll see.