Monday, December 10, 2001

Pedal to the Metal

Well I had a bit of a scare on Friday. After driving out to pick up my friend Holly w/ my sister Lori, we were headed to the southcenter area to go shopping, get a bite to eat and go see Ocean's 11. Well, we were getting ready to make a left onto military to head down Southcenter hill... if you have ever seen this hill; you know it is freaking steep. It's huge; whenever it's slightly icy, they close it down. I am uncomfortable driving up it when it rains; just not a nice hill. Anyway, right as I'm stopping to wait for the light, my brakes all of a sudden go out. My foot slips all the way down to the floor; and we are rolling. Panic ensues. I started freaking out; and immediately pulled the ebrake. (almost sounds like an internet company huh? Ebrake.) anyway, I digress. After calling home, and putting fluid in the master cylinder, I still had barely any brake power. So, I parked the car at Holly's and we took her car. Didn't let it mess with our plans, though we weren't able to go shopping, we just went and got dinner at Azteca and then saw the movie. (Which I LOVED!) At the end of the evening, I decided to take the car home; I didn't want to leave it there; and it was late. A drive that normally takes me 10 minutes took 40; I don't think we went over 20 mph more than once or twice.

Luckily, I have great family members, and my cousin Danny was able to fix it for me on Saturday. Of course, not until after I waste time by being a complete and total idiot. We went up to Schucks looking for a Left rear brake hose for an 81 or 85 honda civic hatchback. I couldn't remember if it was an 81 or 85. Noone would answer the phone at home, so we turned back and decided to call around; it seemed that noone had the part. We got back and looked on the door panel and saw that it was manufactured in September of 1981; so we continue to call around for a 1981 honda civic hatchback. Then my dad comes into the living room; and overhears me say 1981 and he's like "it's a 1982." I said "no, the door said 1981", dad said it was manufactured then; but released as an 82. I felt so dumb; then about 10 minutes later; he had to correct me again; because I drive an accord not a civic. I felt so damn stupid. I don't know why I ALWAYS think it's a freakin civic; but I had wasted a good hour of our time by then. I felt bad for Danny, but he was a good sport. Finally Napa autoparts had the part, and they are now my favorite auto store.

I am leaving here (work) today at 1pm, we are going to a local television show; Northwest Afternoon. My mom and aunt are hoping to talk to the psychic that will be on there. He specializes in speaking to the dead. Wish us luck!

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