Monday, December 31, 2001

NEW YEAR'S SUCKS You know, I have never had a good New Year's. Not since I was a kid anyway; I usually just stay home; and when I do go out; it's always been a bust. I've given up, it's almost easier to accept that New Year's just sucks. Have you ever seen that movie 200 Cigarettes? It's one of my favorites, and it's about New Years Eve 1980, and how it takes 15-20 different people all over New York City; and they end up at this one party; and no-one leaves the party with who they came with. It's a great little flick; my favorite person in the movie is Martha Plimpton; only because her character is throwing the party; and is feeling immense pressure about having a good turnout. She is hilarious. The film also stars Paul Rudd, Courtney Love, Janeane Garofalo, Christina Ricci, Casey Affleck, Ben Affleck, Gaby Hoffman, Kate Hudson, Jay Mohr, and Dave Chappelle. It's really funny; and Elvis Costello even makes a cameo.

I am so hooked on that old song "End of the Road" by Boyz II Men. Every once in a while; I'll start listening to old cd's and sometimes I just get hooked... a few months ago it was "Be my Lover" by La Bouche.

I have to say, I was really productive this weekend. I cleaned Friday night, and spent most of Saturday running errands. Then on Sunday I completely cleaned out my storage unit. I probably threw away half of what was in there. A LOT of magazines... probably over 100 issues... don't know why I was saving them anyway. Some misc. stuffed animals, a lot of old cooking stuff that is so old and rusty now; it'll just get thrown out when I finally move into my own place anyway. I have a lower unit; so I hit my head twice; really hard, the second one prompting me to start screaming "MOTHERFUCKER!" over and over until the ringing in my ears stopped. Then as I was looking through a crate, I stepped wrong and my flip flop broke; leaving me with one shoe. It was a great day. I finally got everything packed back in there, I still have room for more stuff thank God; my rolly cart, and a few trunks from my room hopefully. I went outside to start throwing away my garbage ( I had two huge sacks full and about 12 boxes full of trash; not to mention the stacks of magazines and shit) There is always a lock on the garbage can... why, I don't know; because you have to have a code to get into the storage lot, and that's where the dumpster and recycle bin is. So I noticed the recycle bin wasn't locked and thought Screw it, I pay a lot of money for storage here, and they lock the trash can? Plus I was only wearing one sandal; I looked straight up welfare, and didn't want to go into the rental office and ask for a key like that. so I started chucking everything into the recycle bin. (I don't feel good about that; I know one piece garbage can ruin a dumpster full of recycling, but I figured if I fill it with trash, it'll be ruined; not by just one piece...) I was about 80% done when the owner comes out of his office running and waving his arms. (Seriously) telling me that was the recycling only. (I wondered 'why does he care?' then it occurred to me he probalby gets a fine or something if it's filled with garbage) so he jumps into the bin and starts pulling all of my shit out of there; I in turn, start filling the dumpster he unlocked for me. I filled it; in fact it was overflowing, and he starts making comments like it's a courtesy; not a dumping ground. I was like "dude, I've been a paying customer here for like 4 years. If I want to clean out my storage unit once every couple years and fill the freakin dumpster, I don't think that's a lot to ask."

When I got home I completely cleaned my room; and spent the rest of the evening watching movies and crocheting. It was a nice night. I got a lot more done yesterday than I had planned, so now, by the end of january: i want the rest of my stuff from my cedar chest and my closet packed up and put into storage, then I'm going to prime and sand my walls. I'd like to be ready to paint by February 1st. Maybe I'll post pictures from my room so you can see the progress I'm making... it will surely be a huge difference when I'm done. Right now, my room is sponge painted teal and has light lavender splatters all over the wall (those are what I need to sand) I have these standard apartment issue white vertical blinds that are just friggin ugly; and my closet doors are an atrocity. I will be painting my room a dark purple, and then my drapes and furniture will all be an antiqued looking Olive Green. I am going to get a new mirror for when I do my makeup and I am going to get a strip of beauty lights to go above it; like in movie star's dressing rooms. I am going to have a lot of shelves as well; I used to have my room plastered with photographs; I was big into painting my own frames. I packed all of those away; it was just getting old you know? I need to get an olive colored duvet now, and some new sheets. I am really excited about changing my room; I haven't had a big project in sooooo long. Lori is going to change her room too; she's painting it pink and purple. Well folks, that's all for today... Oh yeah, one more thing; I will take pictures of my autograph wall and put them on this site. I have a small wall I painted light blue and most of my friends have signed it at one time or another... maybe I'll do that this weekend.... I don't think I'm going to paint over that; I like it too much. Have a great new Year!!!

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