Tuesday, December 18, 2001

Hardy Har Har

It seems like my new favorite thing to do is quote movie commercials; only the really strange lines though; my sister and I go back and forth on them... yes we're dorks, but it's fun. My favorite this year was from the movie: 'the others' "You're mad, I am your daughter" (in a childlike voice laden with a heavy english accent) or in Domestic Disturbance with John Travolta when his pubescent son screams "DAD!" and his voice cracks like 10 times in that one word. Then there was Freddy Got Fingered "daddy would you like some sausage". Who can forget Don't Say a Word with Michael Douglas and Brittany Murphy "I'll never tell". Then of course the bring it on reference in Not Another Teen Movie " Then you better Brrring it" " Oh! It's already been broughten!" and now, Vanilla sky " There...is..no.. MURDER!" It's too easy; to laugh at and make fun of.

Just random thoughts today I guess, lol.

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