Friday, December 07, 2001


I am soooo glad that today is the weekend! You have no idea! I am finally feeling better today; so much better that I even put on makeup and did my hair. (wow, I know) I think I was scaring the guys at work with my 'au naturel' approach. I just didn't give a shit. Anyway, I was driving to work this morning, listening to Howard Stern, and he was bitching about the quality of the recording he was playing, it was an audio clip of Jim Carrey on Oprah; needless to say they were making fun of it. But at one point he says "what, is it NOT 2001?" and I started smiling, totally thinking of a time when I embarrassed my friend choni at the movies. We used to go see a movie every Monday night; it was our ritual; our "escape from southtown" (the daycare we worked at). Well, we were usually a little late; in fact I have never seen the beginning to a great many films, we were either obscenely early or totally late. Anyway, that day we would have been early had the atm machines at the theater been working properly. I of course, never carry cash; I am a check person. I don't like using my visa; but I do on occasion and this time was one of them. Well the attendant told me that their debit lines were down, so they were only able to accept cash. I asked if I could go ahead and use the atm machine inside and the guy said it was down too. Then I asked if they accepted debit at the snack counter and he said no. I was frustrated, and semi pissed, so I look at Toni and go" I'm sorry, my bad, I THOUGHT this was the year 2000, clearly I was mistaken. Jesus, we were supposed to be riding in flying cars at this friggin point, and we can't even use our atm cards to buy a damn ticket. Marvelous!" This sends Choni into barrells of laughter, and we ended up going a few blocks away to Drug Emporium to use their debit machine. So now, that has become my favorite line to use on people when something simple can't happen; particularly if it's a technical problem... "I'm sorry, I thought this was the year 2001, the 'space age'."

Anyway, well; I work with a psycho. I hope he doesn't know I have this website; otherwise this could get tricky. He's usually really happy go lucky; and really nice. Not to mention super f@!#ing annoying. I usually give him the cold shoulder just so he'll leave my area and shut up, and it's never been an issue. He thinks I'm a bitch, and then goes away. I'm ok with that. Well then out of nowhere about 2 weeks ago he accuses me of laughing at him and 'finding him amusing'. As if I was making fun of him, and he's really pissed off and militant about it. I was like whatever, and I've been ignoring him. We were the only two people in the office when it happened, if anyone else had been here; I might have told him to shove it; and quit talking to me that way, but like I said, he seems a little unhinged, and I make it a policy not to provoke anyone who's one cheeseburger short of a happy meal. Well he was pissy for about 3 days, and now he's back to his old self; all happy and smiley and acting like nothings wrong. I'm still pissed off about it, so I don't acknowledge his presence unless necessary; and today he got pissy with me when I told him something. He only gets this way when everyone else is out of the office... I looked his name up on google to make sure he doesn't have any bad stuff on him, you'd be surprised what you can find when you look people up on there. I put my own name in and came up with my site, plus my ancestry and an old mssg. board entry from a few years ago. But he seems clean...

I am going to see Ocean's 11 tonight. Can't wait. I don't usually like movies like this one is supposed to be, but something's drawing me to it. Have you seen the ALI previews? Whoever put those together did a great job. They are so upbeat and energetic; that music just makes you want to go see it. I am also anticipating Vanilla Sky and Not Another Teen Movie. "Well you better BRRRRRring it" "Oh it's already be BRRRRroughten" I love that! I wasn't going to see Vanilla sky, because I cannot stand Penelope Cruz. She drives me up the wall; listening to her talk makes me want to choke something. And I think Tom Cruise is a Dick. But it does look like a good film, and Cameron Crowe doesn't usually disappoint.

I am so not in the christmas spirit this year. If it was up to me we wouldn't even get a tree. It seems like a big ol' pain in the ass this year. My heart is just not in it.

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